PWG2-RSN AnalysisTrain


This is a how-to for preparing and running an analysis train on the GRID using the RsnMini package. At the end of the page information is given on the current setup of the train. The files mentioned here can be found in the Attachments (example of a train analysis for Phi).

Necessary files

  • runPlugin.C
  • SetupPlugin.C
  • AnalysisSetupRsnMini.C
  • config_pbpb/
  • PWG2resonances.par
  • AddTaskEventplane1.C
  • AliEPSelectionTask1.cxx
  • AliEPSelectionTask1.h
  • sum.root

This is the script that automates the submission of the train on the GRID. Here the user can modify the following options:

  • Name of the job (field)
  • Number of events to be mixed (nmix)
  • Options to be passed on the macros (options - aod/esd, data/mc, pbpb/pp)
  • Additional libraries to be used (addLibs)
  • Additional parameters (addPars)
  • Additional Task to be used during runtime (addTaskRuntime)
  • Maximum number of files per job (split)
  • Number of subjobs to be merged (nmerge)
  • Path where the analysis configuration macros are (macroPath)
  • Maximum number of runs per masterjob (runsPerMaster)
  • Path where the data/mc files are on the GRID (alienRunPath)
  • Prefix for the runs (000 for data, nothing for MC) (alienRunPrefix)
  • Pattern for the runs to be used e.g. pass2, AOD049 etc. (alienRunPattern)
  • Run numbers on the list

To submit the train (after obtaining a token):

./ full
When the train is done, to merge the results (the user needs to run this command as many times as necessary depending on the nmerge number set on the script)
./ terminate


This macro gets all the parameters specified on the script. The only thing that the user needs to change here is the ROOT and AliRoot version that wants to use:

  • PluginSetup::rootVersion (line 76)
  • PluginSetup::aliVersion (line 77)


This macro sets up the alien plugin (for running on the GRID). Nothing to be changed here (all the parameters are passed by the runPlugin.C macro).


This macro sets up the analysis. The user can do the following:

  • Add the RSNMini monitoring task (set addMonitorTracks to 1)
  • Use the Tender task - for ESD only (to do so add the option TENDER in the script in the place where the options for data type are, e.g. ESD_DATA_PBPB_TENDER)
  • Skip V0 information (to do so add the option TENDER in the script in the place where the options for data type are, e.g. ESD_DATA_PBPB_NOV0)

Also this macro calls the following macros (from the ANALYSIS/macros directory of the AliRoot installation):

  • AddTaskCentrality.C
  • AddTaskPIDResponse.C
  • AddTaskPIDqa.C (Optional)


In this directory the user can put all the different config files that he/she wishes to run on the train (e.g. containing different PID cuts). All the config files are included in the AddAnalysisTaskRsnMini.C macro (in the same directory). The description of the AddAnalysisTaskRsnMini.C macro follows (instructions on how to create a config file can be found on Alberto's description of the RSNMini package):

  • Set the rapidity cut of the pair (ymax)
  • Options for the event mixing:
    • Difference in z vertex (SetMaxDiffVz)
    • Difference in centrality/multiplicity (SetMaxDiffMult)
    • Difference in angle (SetMaxDiffAngle)
  • Set the primary vertex (follow the comments on the macro)
  • Add the different configs (e.g.):
        gROOT->LoadMacro(Form("%s/ConfigPhiPbPb_onlyTPC2sigma.C", path));
        if (!ConfigPhiPbPb_onlyTPC2sigma(task, isMC, isESD, "TPC2sigma", cutsPair)) return 0x0;


To create the par file (after sourcing the environment):

make PWG2resonances.par

and then move the par file to the directory where the train is (where the e.g. the script is).

Additional files for use of the EventPlane

To get access to the EventPlane the following files are necessary (this is a temporary fix):

  • AddTaskEventplane1.C
  • AliEPSelectionTask1.cxx
  • AliEPSelectionTask1.h
  • sum.root

More details to follow, once the EventPlane gets implemented into the RSNMini package.

Major Updates: LeonidasXaplanteris - 09 December 2011

Responsible: LeonidasXaplanteris

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