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Pre-approval comments v1

One One One Two One Three
Two Two Two Three
Three One Three Three

1. Fill in the StatComm questionnaire: http://cern.ch/cms-stat-questionnaire


2. Datacards should be checked and approved by the combination group


3. Fill in the HIG Muon questionnaire: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/TWikiHIG-MUO


4. For all the plots: add theory predictions

A line indicating the SM prediction is added to all the plots concerning combinations of differential cross sections. The 2D coupling scans already had SM predictions.

The normalization of the SM line is set to the YR4 N3LO cross section for gluon fusion: 48.52 fb.

pT, for smH and ggH+xH (split):

twoPanel_pthSpectrum.png twoPanel_pth_ggH_Spectrum.png

nJets, pT_jet and rapidity:

twoPanel_nJetsSpectrum.png twoPanel_ptjetSpectrum.png twoPanel_rapiditySpectrum.png

The uncertainty denoted by the vertical line corresponds to the full uncertainty (statistical and systematic), whereas the filled area denotes only the statistical uncertainty (the total uncertainty is dominated by the statistical uncertainty; see Question 5).

5. For all the plots: add systematic error uncertainty in the plots

The uncertainties previously calculated concerned the combined uncertainty of statistical and systematic uncertainties. In order to calculate only the statistical uncertainties, the scans were repeated freezing all the nuisance parameters to their best-fit-value. An example for the difference between stat+syst en stat-only is shown here for the pT combination:

Stat. + syst.: parabolas_smH_PTH_combination.png Stat. only: parabolas_smH_PTH_combination_statonly.png

The contribution of the statistical uncertainty to the total uncertainty dominates the systematic contribution. The statistical uncertainties are also plotted in the shapes shown in Question 4.

A full set of scans is here: http://tklijnsm.web.cern.ch/tklijnsm/differentials2017/ptCombination_v3/preapp/statsyst_scans/ . In the majority of these scans, the systematic uncertainty is very small with respect to the statistical uncertainty.

6. Include tables with numerical values of cross-sections & uncertainties in the paper draft, including separation of systematics and statistics. Correlation matrix to be released as well (


7. Total XS: separate also here syst stat


8. Cross checks for the BR: BR vs pt, BR using the Njets categorisation

Fitted it for totalXS, and all the observables Agree within uncertainties

9. For kb vs kc, kt vs kg, kb vs kt: add also the 95% CL from the 1D scan

A 2-sigma line is included in the plot; note that 2-sigma (95.45%) differs slightly from the asked 95% CL. Also the numerical result is printed in a more clear way.


oneKappaScan_kappab_Scan_Yukawa_Feb07_combined_oneKappa_kappab.png oneKappaScan_kappac_Scan_Yukawa_Feb07_combined_oneKappa_kappac.png


oneKappaScan_kappab_Scan_Yukawa_Feb07_combined_oneKappa_kappab_asimov.png oneKappaScan_kappac_Scan_Yukawa_Feb07_combined_oneKappa_kappac_asimov.png

10. Add additional deformation of the kc,kb spectrum going in other directions (closer to 0,0)


<<<< TODAY:

11. For supplementary material: when modifying the BR for kb,kc add a third fit floating also the overall normalisation

Redo with proper ws

12. kt vs kg: check the constraints that we get using only shape, floating also the overall normalisation

For both kb vs. kc and kt vs. kg, a scan is performed floating the overall normalisation.

13. Possible for supplementary material: include also the variation of the BR also for kt,kg and check also here the constraints only from shape floating the overall normalisation



14. Find a new name for kg which has a different parametrisation wrt couplings combination

Probably "cg"

15. Most notably: boosted ggH(bb) needs to be added in the pt spectrum and in the kt,kg interpretation. Preliminary list of discussed checks: compare the theory predictions currently used for boosted ggHbb vs HRES, ggHbb team should provide the datacards as soon as possible, consider to add an additional theory uncertainty for the mtop treatment above 350 GeV

Need Vs ws.

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