• To do for Approval Meeting( goal: before April 12)

  1. refit acceptance using weighted $p_{T}$ spectrum instead of flat result in each $p_{T}$ bin; evaluate yield change. Add revised acceptance in fig. 18 or replace flat version?
  2. Come up with revised fitting technique. Use histogram with fit option "I"? This will exclued asymmetric errors.
    Already being performed using a more general technique from TGraphAsymmErrors
  3. Fit CB or CB convolved with Gaussian to lineshape in sample $p_{T}$ bins.
  4. Plot lineshape, (CB fit?) and MC mass distribution for each pt bin.
  5. Do the $\mid\eta(\mu)\mid$ restriction to illustrate how the $\zeta$ distribution changes in various $p_{T}$ bins (Done)
  6. Give $\chi^{2}$ values for the mass fits in each $p_{T}$ bin. Do we want to quote the full region or a subset localized around the signals?
  7. do unbinned extended ML fits for highest pt bins and document changes in yields
  8. get an estimate of the rho parameter from the single muon triggers.

  • To do for Pre-Approval Meeting(22 March)

    1. Evaluate Fraction of events with >1 candidate for Y(1S), Y(2S) and Y(3S) mass regions (in progress)
      • Create 2D mass plot of best candidate vs. second best (in progress)
    1. Updates plots to CMS standards (what exactly has to be done here?)
      • See the guidlines listed here.
      • Plots where colors are used to distinguish components need to have other features, such dashing and different line styles added so the plots can be read in black and white
      • Add "CMS Preliminary" to plots
      • Remove full page figures
    2. Abundance of events with single muon triggers fired, and fraction of single muon triggering events with dimuon triggers

    1. Account for events lost due to multiple muon cut: a) for events with 3 muons, plot mass difference vs mass for best vtx prob and other pairing. b) for all multiple muon events plot the mass distribution of the pair with best vtx prob.

  • Additional studies to be included in final version

    1. Extend rapidity range to include a second bin from 0.6-1.2
      • Change analysis code to include the plots for all $P_{T}$ bins in the next rapidity bin (code changed, just update)
    2. Validate rho factor in data (some preliminary steps completed)
      • found some single mu triggers to use to check the ghost-busting features of the dimuon trigger
    3. Plot the vertex probability for 1,2,3,... candidates seperately
    4. Generate larger MC sample for computing acceptance, generator level mass spectrum, etc.
    5. Are the muon selections (TMOneStationTight & pixelLayersWithMeasurement>1) implemented correctly for the Bs2MuMu ntuples
    6. Max DCA cut in Bs2MuMu ntuple making?
    7. cross section "unfolding fit"

  • Additional Information to Document

    1. Make twiki page for PHOTOS extrapolation with general fitting code for mass distributions
    2. Document analysis workflow and usage, and upload code to CVS

  • Clean Up

    • Move Bs2MuMu ntuples somewhere other than cmu03 (eos/Purdue)

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