ROD Expert Manual

Expert Mailing List

  • atlas-larg-geneva(at)

Usage of Expert Phone

Other Experts and Phone Numbers

  • read-out, TTC, ROS, fibers: Guy.Perrot(at) (16-3999)
  • read-out, software: Henric.Wilkens(at) (16-3845)
  • cooling: Carsten.Houd(at) (16-5173)
  • crates and power supplies (ESS): Paul.Harwood(at) (16-5094)
  • DCS: Sergey.Chekulaev(at) (16-4664)
  • Larg Online software: Fatih.Bellachia(at) (+33(0); Alain.Bazan(at) (+33(0)
  • EMF: 70797

ROD Work Links

Spare parts and repair material

* ROD_material_170907.xls: ROD spare material list
* in Arno's office (32-2-A10):

  • screws and nuts for rack
  • filler panels
  • screws and plastic holders for filler panels
  • grey power connector for electrical distribution in racks (on flat cable)
  • connectors for water cooling pipes
  • joints for cooling pipes
  • o-rings for power-supply cooling connectors
  • CANbus cable for last EMEC crate
  • CANbus terminators (50 Ohm), for crate side (single connector) and Kvaser interface side (double connector)
  • temperature probes with long cable for power supply
  • teflon band
  • multimeter
  • ATLAS labels for crates, power supplies, fan trays
  • transport paper (transfer slip, fiches de transfer)
  • documentation for VME crates and cooling station

* in EMF:

  • spare crate (in hall in front of EMF)
  • spare boards (ROD, CP3 backplanes)
  • cooling pipes for power supplies
  • 220V cables for power supplies
  • tools

Replacement of ROD boards

* check that ROD crate is not in use and can be turned off
* switch off ROD crate
* note ROD serial number and slot
* note the optical fiber numbers and the position of the ROD link to which they are connected
* disconnect fibers and water cooling pipes
* remove ROD board and replace with new ROD
* note new ROD serial number and slot
* reconnect fibers and cooling pipes
* power-up the crate
* verify that front LEDs turn on:

  • red/green VME LEDs should be off
  • red 2x2 event-sent LEDs should be off
  • red 2x2 link-out LEDs should be off, but may be on if TBMs are not connected to ROS or link not up
  • red 8 link-err LEDs should be off, but may be on if front-end link is not connected
  • red TTC LED should be on
  • red temperature LED should be off; if it's on check the water cooling
  • red busy LED should be on
  • red IRQ LED is usually off
* make an entry in ELOG USA15
* update the information in the Rack Wizard

* ROD crate with ROD, TBM, VP110:
DSC03664.JPG DSC03665.JPG
* Be careful that the cooling connectors do not pull on the optical fibers!

Replacement of power supplies

The list of all power supplies is available here.

* check that ROD crate is not in use and can be turned off
* switch off ROD crate from front panel
* open power supply door on the back of the rack
* fix door with metal bar
* switch off crate on green power switch
* CAREFULLY remove temperature probe cable (black small cable)
* remove power cable (orange)
* remove cooling pipes (beware: the cooling water is black and dirty!)
* push metal buttons on top and bottom of power supply and move red handle
* remove power supply (beware: the power supply weights 10-15 kg!)
* note power supply serial number and crate position
* note serial number of new power supply
* install new power supply

  • follow removal actions in reverse order
  • when closing the power supply door arrange carefully the power cables, temperature cables and cooling pipes
* do entry in ELOG USA15 and Rack Wizard
* when a power supply is re-connected to 220V the fuse may jump off, because the capacitors are still charged; wait a little while and then restart the fuse on the top of the ROD rack

* Power supply door closed:
* Power supply door open and fixed with bar:
* Power cable and temperature probe:
* Power supply cooling pipes and green power switch:
* Power supply red opening/closing handle:
* Power supply sliding rails:
* Power supply cables - open:
* Power supply cables closed:
DSC03698.JPG The picture is not fully correct any more: the cooling pipes now run in the gap behind the power supply door!
* Top of rack with fuse switch-board:

ROD cooling station

* Maintenance of the ROD cooling station is done by CERN TS/CV group
* Contact person: Carsten.Houd(at) (phone 165173)
* Start of cooling system, change of settings and repairs on cooling station and manifold are done by TS/CV
* Information on the status are displayed on the PLC control panel in USA15 1st floor (leave the elevator, go straight to the door on the on other end of the USA15 hall; behind the door is the cooling room; the PLC panel is installed in the grey rack on the right side at the end of the room)
* ROD cooling steering panel in USA15 1st floor:

Slow control terminal

* pull out terminal screen in rack Y.12-16.A2
* on terminal switch select the proper input PC by pushing the numbered buttons
* login: lardcs
* start PVSS slow control application (if not yet running)
* you now have access to the VME crate control and the ROD cooling station
* ROD rack with terminal console:
* Terminal console and keyboard:
* from outside USA15 you can connected via Windows terminal server and Windows remote desktop connection to CERNTSATLDCS01 and then to PCATLLARROD (CERN login name lardcs).
* the corresponding Linux command is "rdesktop"

Cooling drawers

* The cooling drawers are 1U components installed on top of each crate above the heat exchangers
* On the front, they have up to 4 outlet and 4 return water connectors (Legris quick connectors)
* The quick connectors are drop-less and can be removed any time

* On the back side of the rack the cooling drawers are connected to inlet and return manifolds
* The metal connectors are also of quick-connection type
* The cooling drawer is closed with a wind-shield panel on the back
* On the bottom of each rack there are two hand-valves to close the water supply (inlet and return)

* When removing a drawer follow the steps:

  • disconnect supply connectors on the back of the rack
  • disconnect connectors from all RODs
  • remove wind-shield panel (press sides together and turn/pull out the panel)
  • remove screws
  • remove the drawer VERY CAREFULLY: the ROD connectors get usually stuck on the optical fibers! the drawer has sharp edges and should not touch or cut any fiber! the metal pipes and connectors should not get stuck on S-link fibers on the back!
* Installation is done in reverse order of removal operation

* ROD cooling drawer:
* ROD cooling drawer - back side connector and manifold:
* ROD cooling drawer - wind shield:

Power Supply Firmware Upgrade

* The firmware version can be checked with PVSS by chosing the corresponding crate panel and by displaying the "Details" of the General Status
* The current version is 2.18
* The upgrade software tool UEP6util and the firmware file MUH6000.218.bin are provided by Wiener and they are available from
* If you need to upgrade do the following:

  • copy the new firmware (.bin) file to the ATLLARROD PC to C:\WienerTools
  • connect to ATLLARROD and start the PVSS main panel
  • turn off the power in the crate (either by hand or remotely with the PVSS framework panel)
  • in PVSS stop the OPC client process
  • start the UEP6util program from the ATLLARROD desktop
  • scan the CANbus (line 0, 1, 2 or 3), select the correct baud rate (line 0,1,2: 1 Mbaud; line 3: 500 kbaud)
  • verify that the crates show the firmware versions you expect (probably the old one)
  • upload the new firmware into the UEP6util program (Top Menu -> File -> New Firmware)
  • select one crate and upload new firmware
  • scan the CANbus again; the new firmware version should appear (the fan tray version usually stays empty)
  • repeat the upload for all crates you want to update
  • if you want to update crates from several CANbus lines it may be necessary to restart UEP6util for each line again
  • close the UEP6util
  • restart the OPC client process in PVSS
  • turn the crate on again (manually or with PVSS; it may even be needed to disconnect the mains so that the firmware is correctly loaded from the flash memory; check behaviour of the crate: voltages, currents, temperatures)
  • after the alarms are acknowledged you will find the new firmware version displayed in the "Details" of the PVSS General Status of the crate

Wiener Crate Operation

* the SYSRESET button on the front panel only does a VME sysreset; it does not reset the crate! push the button gently and only with a non-metallic object!

CANbus cabling

* The ROD crates are connected via CANbus to the Kvaser interface card of the ATLLARROD PC in rack Y.10-16.A2.
* There are 4 CANbus lines with the following addresses:

CAN line #1 CAN line #2 CAN line #3 CAN line #4
EMB-A1 = 1 EMEC-A1 = 1 FCAL/HEC A = 1 TTC EMEC = 1
EMB-A2 = 2 EMEC-A2 = 2 FCAL/HEC C = 2 TTC HEC/FCAL = 2
EMB-A3 = 3 EMEC-A3 = 3 INJECTOR = 3 TTC LTPI = 3
EMB-A4 = 4 EMEC-C1 = 4 TTC EMB = 4
EMB-C1 = 5 EMEC-C2 = 5
EMB-C2 = 6 EMEC-C3 = 6
EMB-C3 = 7
EMB-C4 = 8
* The physical cabling is however done this way
CAN line #1 CAN line #2 CAN line #3 CAN line #4
* CANbus connector on fan-tray front panel:
* The CANbus address is set on the fan-tray front panel of each crate:
* select the CANBUS address with the "mode select" switch and change it with the "addr" switch

Readout Documentation Links

Company Links

-- ArnoStraessner - 06 Feb 2007

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