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  • Resistive Plate Chambers chapter in Muon TDR
    • Barrel
      • Physics requirements demand that in each station the strips, running always along the beam direction, be divided into two parts for stations MB1, MB3 and MB4. Station MB2, which represents a special case for the trigger algorithm, will have strips divided into three parts.
      • For each double-gap 96 strips will be read out.
    • Endcap

(sw) Geometry

  • Visualization Offline Guide
  • http://cmslxr.fnal.gov/lxr/source/DetectorDescription/Parser/test/dumpDDCompactView.cpp
  • RPCDetId.h
    • Region id:
      • 0 for Barrel
      • +/-1 For +/- Endcap
    • Ring id:
      • Barrel: Wheel number from -2 to +2
      • Endcap: Ring Number from 1 to 3
      • Ring has a different meaning in Barrel and Endcap! In Barrel it is wheel, in Endcap it is the physical ring located on a disk (a disk contains three rings). In Endcap the ring is the group of chambers with same r (distance of beam axis) and increasing phi
    • Station id :
      • Barrel: the 4 groups of chambers at same r (distance from beam axis) and increasing phi
      • Endcap: the 3 groups of chambers at same z (distance from interaction point), i.e. the disk
    • Sector id:
      • the group of chambers at same phi (and increasing r)
    • Layer id: each station can have two layers of chambers: layer 1 is the inner chamber and layer 2 is the outer chamber (when present). Only in Barrel: RB1 and RB2.
    • SubSector id : some sectors are divided along the phi direction in subsectors
      • Barrel: from 1 to 4
      • Endcap: from 1 to 6
    • Roll (also known as eta partition) id: each chamber is divided along the strip direction in
      • Barrel: 2 or 3 parts (rolls)
      • Endcap: 2,  3 or 4 parts

  • Each LB reads 96 strips of one η partition (1 roll = half RPC)

Geant4 and GDML

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