SPC2015 Proceeding

Atomic Physics, Quantum Physics, Molecular and Chemical Physics

Phase structure and microstructure of CaZrO3 powder prepared by molten salt method

pages ATO 1-4

W. Hiransit, M. Kamnoy, C. Suksri, S. Eitssayeam


Four Level Dynamic in Rubidium-85 Magneto-Opical Trap

pages ATO 5-7

R. Kaewuam, N. Chattrapiban, W. Anukool


Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology

Some Recent Developments in Statistical Mechanical Description of Galaxy Clustering

pages AST 1-3

M. A. Malik


On the role of short period Cataclysmic Variables from Catalina Sky Survey

pages AST 4-7

S. Arjyotha, A. Aungwerojwit


Particle's Trajectory Around Static and Spherically Symmetric black hole in Massive Gravity Theory

pages AST 8-10

S. Saelue, P. Karndumri, P. Wongjun


Photometric Observation and Analysis of Hot Uranus Exoplanet GJ3470b by Transit Method

pages AST 11-14

S. Pichadee, S. Komonjinda, S. Awiphan, E. Kerins, W. Rujopakarn, S. Poshyachinda


Influence of Magnetospheric Plasma on Aurora at Magnetic Footprints of Io

pages AST 15-17

T. Promfu, S. Wannawichian, John T. Clarke, Jonathan D. Nichols, U. Sawangwit


Photometric Monitoring of Active Galactic Nuclei using the Thai Robotic Telescope in Chile

pages AST 18-21

B. Vijarnwannaluk, M. Schramm, W. Rujopakarn


The properties of Traversable Wormholes

pages AST 22-25

N. Kamma, P. Wongjun, S. Wannawichian


Overcoming the Seeing Limitations at 2.4-m Thai National Telescope with Lucky Imaging Technique

pages AST 26-27

R. Tekavong, S. Poshyachinda, C. Go, T. Santikunaporn, W. Rujopakarn


Pulsar navigation using Doppler Effect

pages AST 28-30

J. Wongpheauxsorn, P. Jaroenjittichai, S. Komonjinda

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Analysis of Peculiar Dips Changed of SDSS J102102.25+174439.9 Light Curve

pages AST 31-34

K. Chantorn, N. Sanguansak, P. Irawati, V. Dhillon, T. R. Marsh


Follow-up Photometry of New Eclipsing PCEBs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: SDSS J214140.43+050730.0

pages AST 35-38

K. Wangnok, N. Sanguansak, P. Irawati, V. Dhillon, T. R. Marsh


Study and analysis of the new eclipsing PCEB system: SDSS J074548.63+263123.4

pages AST 39-42

N. Hemha, N. Sanguansak, P. Irawati, V. Dhillon, T. R. Marsh

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A galaxy rotation curve from a modified Newtonian model based on Mach’s principle

pages AST 43-44

R. Chitchamnong, M. A. Allen, A. Sáiz


TNT Photometric Reverberation Mapping campaign of High-z Quasars

pages AST 45-47

G. Pongsupa, U. Sawangwit, and S. Wannawichian


Star Formation and Age-Metallicity Relation in a Galaxy Group NGC 4065

pages AST 48-50

O. Tasuya, W. Kriwattanawong, and U. Sawangwit


Magnetic Field Line Random Walk in Isotropic Turbulence at Very High Kubo Number

pages AST 51-53

W. Sonsrettee, P. Subedi, D. Ruffolo, W. H. Matthaeus, A. P. Snodin, P. Wongpan, P. Chuychai


A Study of Star Formation of Galaxies in a Nearby Galaxy Group

pages AST 54-56

P. Poojon, U. Sawangwit, W. Kriwattanawong


Optics, Non-linear optics, Laser Physics, Ultrafast Phenomena

Measurement of linear thermal expansion by using fiber optic displacement sensor method

pages OPT 1-3

P. Phanpanich, R. Chitaree, and K. Arayathanitkul


An optical surface measurement for laser removal of graffiti

pages OPT 4-7

P. Kittiboonanan, J. Rattanarojpan, A. Ratanavis


Arc Discharge Drawing Silica Nanowires

pages OPT 8-11

R. Kowong, W. Putchana, A. Ratanavis


An application of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to measure sucrose concentrations

pages OPT 12-15

S. Ouiganon, C. Thammakhet, P. Thavarungkul, P. Kanatharana, C. Buranachai


Statistical and Theoretical Physics

High Energy and Particle Physics

Unitarity and the Higgs Bosons

pages HEP 1-4

B. Grinstein, C. W. Murphy, D. Pirtskhalava, P. Uttayarat


Development of Charm quark Tagger at the CMS Detector

pages HEP 5-7

Please send the document in word to the committee

Effect of water vapour on neutron detection of cosmic rays

pages HEP 8-10

S. Kittipadakul, K. Kulthamrongsri, W. Sangpho, T. Sudjai, D. Ruffolo


Photon generation in a one dimensional oscillating cavity with a uniform magnetic field

pages HEP 11-14

K. Aimsamer, E. Hirunsirisawat, M. Tanasittikosol


Dynamical Casimir Effect in an Oscillatory Cylindrical Cavity on a Magnetized Background

pages HEP 15-18

E. Hirunsirisawat


Search for the standard model Higgs boson produced in vector boson fusion and decaying to bottom quarks

pages HEP 19-22

G. Singh, B. Asavapibhop, N. Suwonjandee


Ion and Plasma Physics

Development of MeV Carbon-ion PIXE

pages PLA 1-6

C. Chaiwai1, L.D. Yu, U. Tippawan


Cold atmospheric pressure plasma diagnostics using an UV-absorption spectroscopy

pages PLA 7-9

Y. Thana, A. Ngamjarurojana, D. Boonyawan


Characterization of Plasma Conditions for Reactive Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering System

pages PLA 10-13

P. Waruriya, P. Thamboon, D. Boonyawan


Synthesis and Characterization of amorphous carbon film for potential application in cell culture

pages PLA 14-17

W. Intatue, D. Boonyawan


Condensed Matter Physics

Structural phase transition of binary compounds of TlX (X = N, P and As) under high pressure: An ab-initio Study

pages CON 1-4

K. Limchuchua, K. Kotmool, P. Jimlim, P. Tsuppayakorn-aek, T. Bovornratanaraks


Nuclear and Radiation Physics

Accelerators and Synchrotron Radiations

Study on Effect of Asymmetric RF-gun on Electron Beam Properties

pages ACC 1-4

W. Thongpakdi, S. Rimjeam


Design of a C-shape Dipole Electromagnet for 6 MeV Electron Beam

pages ACC 5-8

N. Sudloy, S. Rimjaem


Study and Development of Current Transformers for Measuring of Electron Beam Pulse Current

pages ACC 9-12

P. Naboonmee, S. Rimjaem


Simulation on Transverse Emittance Measurement of the Thermionic RF Electron Gun

pages ACC 13-16

K. Kosaentor, S. Rimjaem


Study of a 270-degree non-dispersive bending system

pages ACC 17-20

P. Udomsanti, C. Thongbai


Biological Physics and Biomedical Engineering

AChE/agarose gel Coated on ISFET for Methyl-Parathion Sensors

pages BIO 1-4

S. Sasipongpana, Y. Rayanasukha, N. Houngkamhang, S. Pratontep, S. Prichanont, P. Sritongkam


Free human Chorionic Gonadotropin beta (hCGβ) detection of The Triple Test for Down’s syndrome screening in maternal serum using Surface Plasmon Resonance Technique (SPR)

pages BIO 5-8

P. Khomkrachang, N. Houngkamhang, T. Wangkam, A. Wongsakulyanonta, V. Praphanphoj, B. Sutapun, P. Panburana, T. Srikhirin


The Synthesization of biocomposite materials of Hydroxyapatite/beta-tricalcium phosphate/biopolymer scaffold for bone tissue regeneration

pages BIO 9-13

C. Chaijirawiwat, M. Trikasemmart, T. Naphatthrathorn


Carbon screen-printed electrode/Graphene-PEDOT:PSS/Prussian blue/PEDOT-AuNPs for electrochemical immunosensor application

pages BIO 14-17

Z. Kwanyuen, A. Sereemaspun, K. Patarakul, S. Prichanont


Acetylcholinesterase/gold nanoparticle/mesocellular foam silica biosensor for pesticide detection in real samples

pages BIO 18-21

N. Thananukool, A. Phongphut, C. Thanachayanont, P. Sritongkham, S. Pratontep, S. Prichanont


Enhancement of oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) by Magnetically treated Water

pages BIO 22-25

S. Naprasit, S. Uaysin, N. Jampa, P. Kongchana, C. Sudsiri


Determination of Unconjugated Estriol by Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Biosensor

pages BIO 26-29

K. Boonperm, P. Khomkrachang, S. Yodmongkol, N. Houngkamhang, T. Wangkam, S. Satjabundarnjai, V. Praphanphoj, B. Sutapun, R. Amarit, A. Somboonkaew, T. Srikhirin


Environmental Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Geophysics and Renewable Energy

Estimation Density and Viscosity of Ethyl-Biodiesel from Saponification Number and Iodine Value

pages ENV 1-3

S. Phankosol, K. Sudaprasert, K. Krisnangkura


Instrumentation, Metrology and Standards

Controlling output signal of frequency generator for NMR

pages INS 1-3

K. Yubonmhat, W. Youngdee


Development of AC High Voltage Measurement System with Digital Technique at NIMT

pages INS 4-6

C. Kurupakorn, D. Pattakijkul


Using relative gravimeter to determine vertical gravity gradients at NIMT

pages INS 7-10

T. Priruenrom, N. Woradet


Development of a shear-wave generator for shallow seismic investigation

pages INS 11-14

S. Yordkayhun, K. Wattanasen, J. Na Suwan


Influence of form deviation to diameter measurement of cylindrical master

pages INS 15-17

N. Chanthawong, J. Buajarern, Y. Moukngam


Classification of arabica by electronic tongue

pages INS 18-21

A. Phatthara-aneksin, V. Yuwaphan, T. Chodjarusawad, K. Lopetcharat, F. Kulapichitr, I. Suppavorasatit, C. Borompichaichartkul, S. Pratontep


Electronic Tongue as an Alternative Tool for Classifying Oil-Based Products

pages INS 22-25

V. Yuwaphan, A. Phatthara-aneksin, T. Chodjarusawad, A. Seeda, R. Maolanon, C. Barompichaichartkul, S. Pratontep


Preliminary Study for the Establishment of Oscillation-Type Density Meter Calibration at NIMT

pages INS 26-29

C. Hirunyapruk, N. Plaindith, R. Sukhon


Determination of Density According to Test Method A1 (Two Different Reference Weights Weighed in Air) of OIML R111-1, 2004(E)

pages INS 30-33

W. Laopornpichayanuwat, R. Sukhon, M. Mitaree


Material Physics, Nanoscale Physics and Nanotechnology

Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium Oxide Film by Sparking Method for Thermochromic Application

pages MAT 1-4

W. Thongpan, P. Singjai


Photocatalytic Properties of Hydrogenated Titanium Dioxide Thin Films Prepared by Sparking Method

pages MAT 5-8

P. Pooseekheaw, P. Singjai


Lifetime Span Comparison of Self-Cleaning Glass Annealed by Laser and Furnace Heat Treatments

pages MAT 9-12

A. Pantawan, W. Thongsuwan, P. Singjai


Sonochemical Synthesis of ZnO Nanospheroid

pages MAT 13-16

C. Pholnak, M. Lertworapreecha, S. Suwanboon


Dielectric properties of 0.3BaZr0.25Ti0.75O3-0.7SrFe0.5Nb0.5O3 ceramics

pages MAT 17-20

L. Tawee, G. Rujijanagul


Fabrication and Characteristic of BaTiO${}_3$ Based Ceramic by Molten Salt Synthesis

pages MAT 21-24

M. Kamnoy, W. Hiransit, C. Suksri, P. Parjansri, U. Intatha, S. Eitssayeam


Effects of Temperature on Electrical Properties of BaCeO${}_3$ Ceramics

pages MAT 25-28

N. Boothrawong, G. Rujijanagul


Gamma-ray Shielding and Structural Properties of P${}_2$O${}_5$-BaO-Bi${}_2$O${}_3$ Glass System

pages MAT 29-33

S. Sainet, R. Laopaiboon, J. Laopaiboon, C. Bootjomchai, C. Yenchai


The role of ZnO dopant on the kinetic trapping parameters of thermoluminescence Thai commercial window glass

pages MAT 34-36

T. Thumsa-ard, R. Laopaiboon , J. Laopaiboon


Phase Formation and Microstructure of Sodium Niobate Powder Synthesized Using Molten-salt Technique

pages MAT 37-39

C. Suksri, M. Kamnoy, W. Hirunsit, P. Parjansri, U. Intatha, S. Eitssayeam


Mie Scattering by Small Sphere Particles

pages MAT 40-43

I. Theppabut, M. Tanasittikosol, A. Wisitsorasak


Production of Biodiesel through Transesterification of Palm Oil Using Waste Eggshells Catalyst

pages MAT 44-46

J. Inthanont, P. Limsuwan, E. Hoonnivathana, W. Kaewwiset, K. Naemchanthara


Effects of Zn Substituted on the Structure of Hydroxyapatite Synthesized from Waste Chicken Eggshells

pages MAT 47-49

C. Paikaew, P. Limsuwan, E. Hoonnivathana, W. Kaewwiset, K. Naemchanthara


Influence of LiSbO${}_3$ on Microstructure and Electrical Properties of Bi${}_{0.5}$(Na${}_{0.80}$K${}_{0.20}$)${}_{0.5}$TiO${}_3$ Ceramics

pages MAT 50-53

P. Wannasut, P. Jaita, A. Watcharapasorn, S. Jiansirisomboon


Synthesis and Characterization of Cu${}_{2-x}$Te Quantum Dot on ZnO Nanoparticles

pages MAT 54-56

A. Boonti, P. Ruankham, D. Wongratanaphisan, A. Gardchareon, S. Choopun, S. Phadungdhitidhada


Effect of Sintering Temperature on Behavior of Grain Shape and Grain Growth of Zn${}_{0.97}$Cu${}_{0.01}$V${}_{0.02}$O Ceramics

pages MAT 57-59

M. Beusa, P. Kongrattana, P. Kessaratikoon, N. Choosiri


Dielectric Properties of 0-3 Barium Zirconate Titanate˗Portland Cement Composites at 40% BZT Content with Carbon Addition

pages MAT 60-62

R. Potong, R. Rianyoi, A. Chaipanich


Formation and Structure of ZrO${}_2$ Added Hydroxyapatite Synthesized from Waste Eggshells

pages MAT 63-66

A. Sangmala, P. Limsuwan, E. Hoonnivathana, W. Kaewwiset, K. Naemchanthara


Preparation and Characterization Chitosan/Hydroxyapatite Composites from Waste for Bio-applications

pages MAT 67-70

C. Boonpratum, P. Limsuwan, E. Hoonnivathana, W. Kaewwiset, K. Naemchanthara


Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Rattan Fiber–reinforced/Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Resin Composites by Alkaline Treatment Method

pages MAT 71-74

P. Pattanakitkaset, W. Thamjaree, W. Nhuapeng


CdS/CdSe co-sensitized on different TiO2 morphologies and its application to quantum dot-sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs)

pages MAT 75-78

N. Buatong, W. Montha, W. Pon-On


Crystallization and Dielectric Properties of Nd$^{3+}$ Doped Ferroelectric Glass-Ceramics in the Na$_2$O-BaO-Nb$_2$O$_5$-SiO$_2$ System

pages MAT -

Please send the document in word to the committee

Characterization and Analyzation of Chitosan from Paphia Undulate Shell

pages MAT -

Please send the document in word to the committee

Magnetic and Semiconductor Physics

Correlation factors of wire sweep between wire bond and mold to establish process design rule

pages MAG 1-4

A. Sanorit, K. Ugsornrat, C. Sumithpibul


Effect of post mold cure ramp down temperature on internal package stress for IC plastic packages

pages MAG 5-8

A. Sukantharat, K. Ugsornrat, C. Sumithpibul


Study effects staging time and floor life of epoxy material to reliability performance

pages MAG 9-14

S. Janyod, K. Ugsornrat1, C. Sumithpibul


Photonics and Optoelectronics

Simulation of circular polarization filter in 1D chiral photonic crystal structure with defect using FDTD method: oblique incidence

pages PHO 1-3

Prateep Pimsarn,Ratchapak Chitaree, and Kwan Arayathanitkul


Surface, Interface and Thin Film

Characterizations of PZT films prepared by sol-gel spin coating method

pages SUR 1-4

Pichitchai Butnoi, Sutatip Thonglem, Nuttapon Pisitpipathsin, Patamas Bintachitt, Putapon Pengpad, Kamonpan Pengpat


Polysulfone Gas Separation Membrane: Effect of Evaporation Time on Morphology and Mechanical Strength

pages SUR 5-7

Thawat Chittrakarn, Yutthana Tirawanichakul, Suksawat Sirijarukul, Chalad Yuenyao


Formation mechanism and mechanical properties of titanium oxynitride (TiO$\rm _x$N$\rm _y$) thin films deposited by reactive dc magnetron sputtering

pages SUR 8-12

Rachsak Sakdanuphab, and Tanakorn Khumtong


Zn(O,S) Thin Films Deposited by Pulse–DC Magnetron Sputtering for an Alternative Cd-Free Buffer Layer

pages SUR 13-16

Ekkaphop Ketsombun, Panita Chityuttakan, Tula Jutarosaga, and Chanwit Chityuttakan


Physics Education

The study scientific concepts about conservation of mechanical energy in before and after learning through Predict-Observe-Explain approach for Grade 10 Students

pages EDU 1-4

P. Pichitmal, P. Puwanich, and C. Ruangsuwan


Using a Terminal Block as a Protoboard for the Development of Concepts related to Simple Direct Current Circuits

pages EDU 5-8

P. Juntana, S. Wuttiprom


Designing an Inquiry-based Learning Approach about Force and Pressure to Enhance Elementary Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

pages EDU 9-11

P. Duangkam, U. Tipparach


Using Active Workbooks as a Tool to Develop Concepts and Problem-solving Skills in Work and Energy

pages EDU 12-15

L. Tongrueng, S. Wuttiprom


Surveying Students’ Conceptual Knowledge of Fluid Mechanics

pages EDU 16-19

M. Chatmontree, S. Wuttiprom


Developing Scientific Concepts on Magnetic and Electric Field using Simple Experiment and Multimedia Learning

pages EDU 20-23

K. Tanawesh, C. Tanahoung


The Use of Interactive Lecture Demonstration to Teach High-School Physics in Magnetic Force on a Moving Charged Particle

pages EDU 24-26

N. Sricharoenchai, K. Arayathanitkul, N. Emarat


Teaching Problem-Solving Strategy in Circular Motion to First-Year Science Students

pages EDU 27-30

A. Eambaipreuk, N. Emarat, K. Arayathanitkul


Cambodian Students Understanding of Forces and Motions: A Comparison with US, Australian, Japanese and Thai students

pages EDU 31-34

B. SengKhun, S. Rakkapao


Pre-Service Physics Teachers Expectations in Learning Physics

pages EDU 35-38

S. Prasitpong


Developing concept of a frictional force by using predict-observe-explain (POE) technique

pages EDU 39-41

A. Hongthong, C. Herbst, U. Tipparach


Students’ physics laboratory skill in measurement and uncertainty

pages EDU 42-45

A. Jiwalak, N. Emarat, K. Arayathanitkul


Comparisons of Students’ Responses Relating to Buoyancy Force Between Two Different Teaching Approaches

pages EDU 46-48

P. Intana, U. tipparach


Development of Portable Desk Lab for High School and University Physics

pages EDU 49-52

W. Seesad, S. Pimonngkol, S. Wuttiprom


Enhancing Students’ Understanding in Simple Harmonic Motion by Using Video Analysis

pages EDU 53-56

J. Boonpo, W. Youngdee, C. Ruangsuwan


An Effective Hands-On Experiment in Light and Optics for Grade 10 Students

pages EDU 57-59

S. Khantee, S. Wuttiprom


The Development of Concepts of Grade 11 Students on Resistor Circuit Through Predict-Observe-Explain (POE) Approach

pages EDU 60-63

Y. Jarearnkhat, P. Puwanich, C. Ruangsuwan


The development of scientific concept on electrostatics of grade 11 student through Predict – Observe – Explain (POE)

pages EDU 64-67

M. Martjun, P. Puwanich, C. Ruangsuwan


Using colour light mixer cooperate with CIPPA model to teach primary colour light and their mixed: A case of secondary high school students

pages EDU 68-71

R. Sonkrua, S. Klunboot


Investigating ideas of Phayao high school students about Kepler’s law motions and Classical Mechanics

pages EDU 72-75

W. Krittinatham, K. Kaewkong


Development of light detector for Michelson Interferometer experiment Instrument

pages EDU 76-78

C. Banglieng, J. Authisin, S. Jaiyen, B. Na-ranong, R. Manayingcharoen


Smartphone in teaching Physics

pages EDU 79-82

S. Pokonwong, P. Wattanakasiwish


Using experiment incorporate peer instruction to develop conceptual understanding in force and motion

pages EDU 83-85

S. Chalermchat, S. Wuttiprom


Using Simple Experiments incorporated with a Laboratory Group Investigation Model to Develop Conceptual Understanding of Static Electricity

pages EDU 86-89

A. Buachoom, and S. Wuttiprom


Developing Analysis Skills about electrical DC circuit by Virtual board on Ohm’s law

pages EDU 90-92

P. Wichanphet, C. Tanahoung


Application of Role-playing Game Strategies in Teaching and Learning High School Physics

pages EDU 93-95

R. Kamkaen, W. Sukkabot, S. Wuttiprom


The development of scientific concepts on motion in uniform field of grade 10 students through Predict-Observe-Explain (POE) with video demonstration

pages EDU 96-98

T. Nachampa, W. Youngdee, C. Ruangsuwan


The development of scientific of concept on electric current of grade 11 students through Predict – Observe – Explain : Classroom – Based Action Research

pages EDU 99-101

S. Khunsawat, W. Youngdee, C. Ruangsuwan


The development of scientific concept of “momentum and regarding collision” for grade 10th students though learning activities based on the Predict-Observe-Explain (POE) method

pages EDU 102-104

K.Srithanee, P. Puwanich, C. Ruangsuwan


Using simple hands-on experiments to develop students’ concept on the kinetic theory of gases

pages EDU 105-108

P. Chaweewong, W. Sukkabot, S. Wuttiprom


Understanding of diffraction and interference of light using the learning package cooperated STAD technique: a case of secondary high school

pages EDU 109-111

S. Aungplachai, S. Klunboot


Surveying an understanding about buoyant force: A case study of high school student

pages EDU 112-114

C. Hussadorn, S. Klunboot


Thermodynamics of a Rubber Balloon

pages EDU -

Please send the document in word to the committee

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