• Overview paper
    • twiki: ATLAS Pixel Detector Electronics and Sensors
    • twiki: ATLAS Pixel Detector Mechanics and Services
  • Overview talk

Further rereference

ATL-INDET-2002-002 MCC: the Module Controller Chip for the ATLAS Pixel Detector. Block diagrams of Module and Module Controller Chip
ATL-INDET-2001-011 Electrical Characteristics of Silicon Pixel Sensors I-V curve and comparison of different design.
  • Simulation
ATL-INDET-94-089 Pixel Detector Description for simulation for the ATLAS Technical Proposal
NIMA481:204-221,2002 A measurement of Lorentz angle and spatial resolution of radiation hard silicon pixel sensors.  
uni-karlsruhe An algorithm for calculating the Lorentz angle in silicon detectors Easy algorithms to compute the Lorentz angle are proposed for CMS
CMS-NOTE-2002-027 A Detailed Simulation of the CMS Pixel Sensor Inlcuding Lorentz Angle simulation.
  • Simulation
ATL-INDET-PUB-2008-003 Pixel Offline Analysis for EndcapA Cosmic Data 8% detectors, 23 micros preliminary, 16micros after alignment, close to the MC simulation resolution 14micros
  • mail list, e-log, gropus
    • LCG Savannah - PixelDAQ - a collections of tools used in the ATLAS Pixel DAQ system. This web site is provided by the LCG (LHC Computing Grid) Software Process & Infrastructure (SPI) project. It offers facilities for development, distribution and maintenance of LCG software projects and related projects.
    • CERN Central CVS


  • Sub Project Leader - Kevin Einsweiler (LBL)
  • Run Coordinator - Claudia Gemme (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN))
  • Run Coordinator Deputy - Charles Young (SLAC)
  • Detector - Beniamino DI GIROLAMO (CERN)
    • Detector - Markus Keil (Physikalisches Institut)
    • Monitoring - Beate Heinemann
  • DAQ - Paolo Morettini (INFN Genova)
    • DAQ infrastructure - Nicoletta Garelli (INFN and Universita' degli Studi di Genova Dipart. di Fisica)
    • Data Taking and Timing - Iskander Ibragimov (Universitat Siegen)
    • new DSP Code - Jed Biesiada (LBNL)
      • Heather Gray ; Andreas Korn ; Alexander Schreiner
      • Metadata - Yann Coadou (CERN)
    • Calibration - Lucia Masetti (Bonn)
    • DataBase
      • retrieve threshold analysis results from CoralDB to do further analysis - Balint Radics (Univ. Bonn)
  • DCS - Susanne Kerstin
  • On-line Monitoring
    • GNAM Monitoring - Florian Hirsch (Universitat Dortmund)
    • Athena Monitoring - Nathan Triplett (Iowa State University)
    • ID Alignment monitoring - Tobias Golling
  • Software group - Attilio Andreazza
    • offline reconstruction
    • pixel clustering


Good talks to read

  • ID Week: Monday 04 February 2008
  • Interdisciplinary Instrumentation Colloquium: April 2005, The ATLAS Pixel Detector by Kevin Einsweiler, Physics Division, LBNL
    • overview of LBL contribution in Pixel detector including nice cartoons to describe detector physics
    • R&D efforts are also described



  • Calibration Analysis Twiki
    • member: Lucia Masetti (coordinator), Claus Horn, Goetz Gaycken, Sara Strandberg, Ariel
  • Talk
    • Jan 7 2008, Andreas Korn, Tools for Pixel Detector Calibration & Monitoring
      • nice explanations on what are Threshold/TOT scan and tuning, timewalk, intime threshold, MonLeak and BOC scan
    • May 9 2008, Claudia Gemme, Plans/News in Commissiong
      • pp8 describes a request of immediate implementation of inlink, outlink/inlink, BOC tunning in Calibration Console
    • May 8 2008: Claudia Gemme, Threshold scans during sign-off in Pixel detector group meeting
      • graphical instructions showing how to do calibration analysis
    • May 8 2008: Lucia Masetti, Status and plans for DAQ/calibration in Pixel Commissioning
    • May 7 2008: Claudia Gemme, My 'personal' to do list from the sign-off experience
      • include inlink, outlink/inlink, BOC tunning
    • Feb 4 2008, ID Week, Lucia Masetti (Uni Bonn), Pixel Calibration Status and Plan in ID Week
      • introduce existing analysis
    • 31 January 2008, pixel detector group meeting, Markus Keil * Calibrations and Detector task lists

  • Documents
    v1.0 Dec 17 2007, Pixel Detector Calibration
    • summarizes the calibration requirements for the pixel detector and describes the calibration strategy

  • Analysis Type
    • Inlink
      • Send config and Read analog current
      • Summary histogram in log format with tags for the kind of measurement, tmiestamp and masks of enabled PP0, modules, and FEs from Inlink Scan
      • decode summary histogram and read back current values for the configured module
      • inlink OK: analog current greater than 130mA (per module)
    • Inlink/outlink
      • Preset BOC_LINKSCAN
      • Reading back data to/from the formatters
      • 2D histogram with outlink vs inlink map from Inlink-Outlink scan
      • decode 2D histogram and read back relative amount of data received on the expected outlinks
      • outlink OK: response greater than 30% (per module)
      • Goal:
        • show list of modules/PP0s failing each cut with measured value and expected inlink or inlink-outlink pair
        • correct DB
        • swap fibers
    • BOC tuning
    • Basic Bump Connectivity
      • look for lower noise pixel on the collected data
    • BOC (Ariel)
      • calculate error free region, check error band
      • best Viset, threshold & delay (upper, lower, best)
    • Threshold (Claus)
      • cut on mean, sigma, chi2 (each min & max ) |
      • results: passed (for each cut), average
    • Digital (Ariel)
      • cuts: max current, current sigma
      • results: passed, mean, sigma
    • Analog (Claus)
      • cuts: max current, current sigma
      • results: passed, mean, sigma
    • Cross-talk analysis (Ariel)
    • TOT (Sara)
      • cuts: mean, sigma (each min & max)
      • results: passed, mean & sigma of mean & sigma distribution

Calibration Development

  • STcontrol
  • Calibration Console
    • 12-Mar-2008 DAQ by Sara, Analysis tools
      • a summary of implemented analysis: Analog and Threshold (Calus), BOC, Digital and Cross-talk (Ariel), TOT (Sara)
      • one slide about how to start partition, upload histograms, start scheduler and worker, and submit analysis
    • 16 Jan 2008 DAQ meeting Communication protocols in the calibration system by Goetz Gaycken (PI - Universitšt Bonn) , Yann Coadou (CERN)
      • explain the two implemented metadata. could work for either Oracle or SQlite
      • Scan metadata - it is created by CalibrationConsole before starting a scan and sent to actions server via IPC
      • Analysis metadata - it is created by CalibrationConsole when starting an analysis. It is sent to analysis processes via IPC.

Alignment Monitoring

  • Talk
    • Apr 14 2008: Tobias Golling, Validation experience from CDF and D0
      • summarize the alignment validation activities in CDF/D0/BaBar. How about Belle?
    • Apr 16 2008: Tobias Golling, Status Monitoring of the Alignment in 2nd Ringberg Workshop
      • existing monitor for FDR-2: Zee/Zmumu/Wenu/Wmunu/Jpsi/Ks/Cosmic/Beam spot


Subdetector comparison

  • ROD
Pixe l
Tile TileRod


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