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A design and information of the HGCal can be found in


Setup CMSSW in SL6 machines:

source /uscmst1/prod/sw/cms/cshrc cvmfs

scram --arch slc6_amd64_gcc481 list CMSSW | grep CMSSW_7_1

scram --arch slc6_amd64_gcc481 project CMSSW_7_1_0_pre8

cd CMSSW_7_1_0_pre8/src/


scram b




♦We are using the repository for HGCal Geant4 standalone simulations located at, this can be obtained by doing:

git init

git remote add origin

git clone -b BASELINE-TP

cd PFCal/PFCalEE/

♦To set up the environment and compile (SL6 machines), go to the PFCalEE directory and run:

cd PFCal/PFCalEE


cd userlib

mkdir lib

mkdir obj

mkdir bin

make -j 5

cd ../

make -j 5



♦In the cmslpc (SL6) is possible that the setting up of the environment doesn't work, it is required to connect to a SL6 note


♦After this, copy the repository to your working area

cd workdir
git init
git remote add origin
git clone
cd PFCal/PFCalEE/

♦Updated to the desired git tag version

git tag
git fetch --all
git checkout (-f) Version

♦Setup the environment (bash)

cp /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/HGCal/PFCal/PFCalEE/ .

♦Setup the environment (csh)

cp /uscms/home/yumiceva/work/HGCal/PFCal/PFCalEE/g4env_fnal.csh .
source g4env_fnal.csh

♦Compile the files

mkdir -p userlib/{lib,obj,bin} && cd userlib && make dictionary && make -j 5 && cd - && make -j 5


Generation of events

♦The code is created to submit jobs in parallel to the batch system (using LSF), to run do:

python -options

♦In case of options conflicts it can be used also:

./ -options

♦The options for the code are:

  • -n : Number of events to generate (default 1000)
  • -g : Use particle gun
  • -d : Data or type of particle to shoot (default e-)
  • -s : Short batch queue (default 1nd)
  • -l : Long batch queue (default 2nw)
  • -t : Git tag use it
  • -r : Run stats
  • -m : Detector model
  • -v : Detector version
  • -e : eos Path to save root file
  • -o : Output directory
  • -a : Incidence angle in radians (default 0)
  • -b : Magnetic field in Tesla (default 0)
  • -f : Path to the HepMC input file
  • -S : Not submit batch job

Particle Gun

♦To run this example modify the file to set energy loops and run:

for i in seq 0 5; do python -s 1nd -q 2nd -t V00-00-00 -g -r ${i} -v 3 -m 0 -e /store/cmst3/group/hgcal/Geant4 -o ~/work/ntuples -d e- -n 2500; done

♦This example is running 2500 events of a particle gun shooting electrons to the detector model.

♦The energy of the initial particles can be changed in the script

♦At then moment of running the program other particles can be chosen for the particle gun, like muon (mu-) or pions (pi-)

♦For a complete code of the particles in Geant4 see:





♦A sample of the results are presented in the root files attached

♦The file DigiPFcal contains the histograms for the noise check and the reconstructed hits in the detector

♦The file HGcal contains 4 branches:

◊The file HGcal contains 4 branches:

◊Sampling Section: Contains the information of the volume; the total, absorbed y measured energy; the fraction of particles, etc.

◊SimHit : Contains histograms such as the number of particles, energy, time, layer, etc

◊GenParticle : Contains the information of the generated particle

Analysis code SimHits

◊An analysis script that plot histograms of the variables contained in the root files previously obtained is obtained using the MakeClass command in root.

◊The codes are named HGCal (see attached files), and are located in /afs/
To run the codes successfully in root is required to load one library for the main directory of G4, for this run:

ln -s ~/work/PFCal/PFCalEE/userlib/include .


♦At the moment of start root, some libraries need to be loaded(everytime start root):


♦Then we need load some files:

.L HGcal.C;

HGcal t;



♦The output of this script will be a root file that contains all the desired histograms, plus some .txt files with information about the events

♦As a sample of the results the Z-X profile of the detector under the action of the different particle guns can be found in the attached files

Analysis code DigiRecoHits

♦For the Digitization the code Digitizer.cpp located in the directory .../PFCal/PFCalEE/userlib/test/

♦To execute this code run the command "make", the resulting executable will be located in the directory PFCal/PFCalEE/userlib/bin/

♦To run the executable:

./HGCal-SimHit (number of events) (complete path to input file) (complete path to output file) (granularity layeri-layerj:value, laye...) (noise layeri-layerj:value...) (threshold layeri-layerj:value...) (random seed value, default = 0) (debug, default = 0) (save sim hits, default = 0) (save digi hits, default = 0)

♦For the ECAL CALICE-like HG:

◊number of events : choosing 0 or negative numbers will lead to take the full number of events

◊granularity : 0-19:4,20-29:6

◊noise: 0-29:0.12

◊threshold : 0-29:2

♦The result will be a root file located in the output directory, this file will contain the Reconstructed information.

♦As a sample of the results the Z-X profile of the detector under the action of the different particle guns can be found in the attached files.



Geometry Visualization

♦To visualize the geometry that is used for the standalone simulation the files (~/.../PFCalEE/src) and DetectorCosntruction.hh (~/.../PFCalEE/include) contains the information of all the available geometries, e.g:

enum DetectorVersion {

  enum DetectorModel {

♦In the PFCalEE directory the file can be modified to change to use the desired detector and model, the line to change is:

int version=0; //DetectorConstruction::v_HGCAL;                                                                                                       
  //int model=DetectorConstruction::m_FULLSECTION;                                                                                                     
  int model=DetectorConstruction::m_SIMPLE_20;

♦After the file is modified to compile run:

make -j 5

♦After this, run the following command (Changing the path to one in your directory):

export G4DAWNFILE_DEST_DIR=/afs/

♦Copy the file vis.mac to the directory where the PFCalEE executable is (geant4_workdir/bin/Linux-g++).

♦To run the visualization is necessary to go to the directory where the PFCalEE executable is and run:

PFCalEE vis.mac

♦A sample and a complete geometry construction for the CALICE detector can be found in the attached files.

♦A sample and a complete geometry construction for the HGCalHe-CALICE (like) can be found in the attached files.


HGcal Particle Flow Reconstruction

pandora PFA recipe for developers

♦login lpc6

source /uscmst1/prod/sw/cms/cshrc cvmfse

setenv scram_ARCH slc5_amd64_gcc472

cmsrel CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC16

cd CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC16/src
git init
git remote add PFCal-dev

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