This page contains information about the 2014 Summer Student Project:

Based in the ATLAS H→ZZ→llqq Analysis


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NEW Final Report


July Activites

July 7th

The ROOT online tutorial with very useful examples:

This link is useful too:

If you click here, you can get an example file:

July 8th


  if (
      low_event            == 0
      && weight            >= 0
      && channel           == current_channel   // (0 for Electrons and 2 for Muons)
      && isqcdevent        == 0
      && issystematicevent == -1
      && lepZ_m            > 20000.
      && lep1_caloiso      > 0.
      && lep2_caloiso      > 0.
      if((lep1_charge*lep2_charge)==-1 || current_channel==0)  //OS just for Muon Channel
       // *Fill your histograms*

       // pT Muon or Electron 1 (leading lepton) (lep1_pt)
       // pT Muon or Electron 2 (second lepton)  (lep2_pt)
       // eta Muon or Electron 1                 (lep1_eta)
       // eta Muon or Electron 2                 (lep2_eta)
       // phi Muon or Electron 1                 (lep1_phi)
       // phi Muon or Electron 2                 (lep2_phi)
       // mass Leptonic Z                        (lepZ_m)
       // pT Leptonic Z                          (lepZ_pt)
       // Missing Transverse Energy              (met)

Cut_min_A (Passing all previous cuts, e.g. Cut_min_0)

  if ( previous_cut && met < 60000. )
       // pT Muon or Electron 1
       // pT Muon or Electron 2
       // eta Muon or Electron 1
       // eta Muon or Electron 2
       // phi Muon or Electron 1
       // phi Muon or Electron 2
       // mass Leptonic Z
       // pT Leptonic Z
       // Number of Jets                        (n_jets)
       // Number of b Jets                      (n_b_jets)
       // mass hadronic Z                       (realZ_m)
       // pT Leptonic Z                         (realZ_pt)

Cut_min_B (Passing all previous cuts, e.g. Cut_min_A)

  if ( previous_cut && n_jets >= 2 ) // > 1 Jets
       // mass Leptonic Z
       // pT Leptonic Z
       // Number of Jets
       // Number of b Jets       
       // mass hadronic Z
       // pT hadronic Z
       // mass of lljj system (Higgs)           (realH_m)
       // pT of lljj system (Higgs)             (realH_pt) 

Cut_min_C (Passing all previous cuts, e.g. Cut_min_B)
  if ( previous_cut && lepZ_m > 83000. && lepZ_m < 99000. ) tmp_cut = 1; // 83 GeV < Mll < 99 GeV
       // mass Leptonic Z
       // pT Leptonic Z
       // Number of Jets
       // Number of b Jets       
       // mass hadronic Z
       // pT hadronic Z
       // mass of lljj system (Higgs)
       // pT of lljj system (Higgs)

Cut_min_D (Passing all previous cuts, e.g. Cut_min_C)

  if ( previous_cut && realZ_LJ_m > 70000. && realZ_LJ_m < 105000. ) // 70 GeV < Mjj < 105 GeV 
       // mass Leptonic Z
       // pT Leptonic Z
       // Number of Jets
       // Number of b Jets       
       // mass hadronic Z                       (realZ_LJ_m)
       // pT hadronic Z                         (realZ_LJ_pt)
       // mass of lljj system (Higgs)           (realH_LJ_m)
       // pT of lljj system (Higgs)             (realH_LJ_pt) 

July 9th

In CERN LXPLUS, the path for the background ntuples samples are here:


Z_jet_mm_70_140.root   (1.8G)
Z_jet_ee_70_140.root   (1.8G)
Z_jet_ee_140_280.root  (1.1G)
Z_jet_mm_140_280.root  (1.1G)
Top.root               (722M)

total 6.4G


a) Top => It’s MC process of top - anti top production. This sample is useful for both channels (Electron or Muons) as it is now.

b) Z_jet_XX_70_140 => It’s MC process of a real Z boson decaying in two leptons (ee or mm) plus jets. Where the numbers 70-140 refer to the initial pT of that Z boson, e.g. this simulation was produced with cuts in the pT of the Z boson. The important proint is that 70-140GeV is a big portion of the Z+jets background.

c) Z_jet_XX_140_200 => It’s MC process of a real Z boson decaying in two leptons (ee or mm) plus jets. Where the numbers 140-280 refer to the initial pT of that Z boson, e.g. this simulation was produced with cuts in the pT of the Z boson. The important proint is that 140-280GeV is another big portion of the Z+jets background.

Setup in lxplus:

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/                   
source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/

July 10th

  // Add those lines at the end of each last draw:    
  // Final update

  // Final update

The samples that we are using are saved into lxplus in /afs/

[arturos@lxplus0050]/afs/ date
Thu Jul 10 17:54:15 CEST 2014

[arturos@lxplus0050]/afs/ ls -lhrt
total 6.5G
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp 1.8G Jul  9 16:33 Z_jet_mm_70_140.root
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp 1.8G Jul  9 16:34 Z_jet_ee_70_140.root
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp 1.1G Jul  9 16:35 Z_jet_mm_140_280.root
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp 722M Jul  9 16:36 Top.root
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp 1.1G Jul  9 16:36 Z_jet_ee_140_280.root
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp  16M Jul 10 15:00 llqq_MC_ggH400GeV_NWA.root
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp  17M Jul 10 17:53 llqq_MC_ggH600GeV_NWA.root
-rw-r--r--. 1 arturos zp  18M Jul 10 17:53 llqq_MC_ggH900GeV_NWA.root

Per Channel

a) Signal Vs Z+Jets (70-140 GeV)

b) Signal Vs Z+Jets (140-280 GeV)

c) Signal Vs TT-bar

a), b), c) in Normalized plots.

- Root files are the container of the results to be saved in public area for sharing.

3X → for 3 signal mass points = 400, 600, 900 GeV.

July 11th

*A heavy but at some point useful note to understand the status of the ZZ->llqq analysis:*

* HZZllqqNote-4.pdf: Current ZZ->llqq note.

July 16th

*Testing the canvas of normalized plots into the Browser on the web

Discovering some problems to report to the ROOT team at CERN:

1) No possible to visualize histrograms draw into canvas using the function DrawNormalized() .

2) Large differences in superimposed histograms create problems. GUI problem with large diff:

July 17th

Review of the current Web browser tools:

  • Schematic view of the chain into the analysis using the Web:


July 21th

Work in a script (or a way) to produce this Scan of variables into a ntuple in a smarter way

We should think in a way to -giving the name of the root file and the variable collection to scan- to produce a table as in the slides above.

One of the key points is that we need to replay the “ * “ that root produce automatically when you use the Function “->Scan()” for “ , “ that are the .csv standard format file.

You can imagine something lie this:

- A script that takes as input a text file.
- That text file contain the name of the root file to read (or list of files) and the list of variables to get into the table.

This will help to produce the table for the web view, but it will be a good step to produce the complete cycle: root file -> cvs file -> analysis on web -> new csv file -> filtered root file.



// To produce custom tables to be modify to create .csv files that will be use into the JavaScript Apps.

tree->Scan("channel:lep1_pt:lep2_pt:lep1_eta:lep2_eta:lep1_phi:lep2_phi:lep1_charge*lep2_charge:lepZ_m:lepZ_pt:met:n_jets:n_b_jets:realZ_LJ_m:realZ_LJ_pt:realH_LJ_m:realH_LJ_pt","low_event==0 && isqcdevent==0 && weight>=0 && isqcdevent==0 && lepZ_m>20000. && lep1_caloiso>0. && lep2_caloiso>0. && issystematicevent==-1"); >tree.dat

July 22th

Example of the conversion table text file to root file tree
Please, use this to files to use this very simple example:

userfis064:example_create_root_from_a_table_file artfisica$ ls -lhrt
total 1592
-rw-r--r--@ 1 artfisica  staff   929B 11 Jul 18:44 basic.C
-rw-r--r--  1 artfisica  staff   790K 11 Jul 18:46 test.dat
userfis064:example_create_root_from_a_table_file artfisica$ root -l basic.C 
root [0] 
Processing basic.C...
lepZ_m=0.000000, lepZ_pt=96829.132812, HadZ_m=199913.796875, H_m=85659.523438, e=397864.125000
lepZ_m=1.000000, lepZ_pt=99367.890625, HadZ_m=110719.500000, H_m=77036.671875, e=378767.875000
lepZ_m=2.000000, lepZ_pt=99713.609375, HadZ_m=153817.937500, H_m=183326.031250, e=297127.312500
lepZ_m=3.000000, lepZ_pt=88180.070312, HadZ_m=164860.703125, H_m=184351.453125, e=440237.625000
lepZ_m=4.000000, lepZ_pt=86708.617188, HadZ_m=38065.074219, H_m=232822.421875, e=183417.125000
lepZ_m=5.000000, lepZ_pt=92160.117188, HadZ_m=116927.890625, H_m=-999.000000, e=-999.000000
lepZ_m=6.000000, lepZ_pt=93730.335938, HadZ_m=134140.890625, H_m=99845.453125, e=388169.468750
lepZ_m=7.000000, lepZ_pt=88964.117188, HadZ_m=167784.156250, H_m=90637.250000, e=403356.562500
lepZ_m=8.000000, lepZ_pt=110859.546875, HadZ_m=152482.703125, H_m=83352.773438, e=415022.062500
lepZ_m=9.000000, lepZ_pt=88039.234375, HadZ_m=130260.390625, H_m=102905.640625, e=362038.937500
lepZ_m=10.000000, lepZ_pt=91578.414062, HadZ_m=168015.843750, H_m=93250.476562, e=395781.187500
lepZ_m=11.000000, lepZ_pt=102612.992188, HadZ_m=110265.500000, H_m=224037.656250, e=448615.375000
lepZ_m=12.000000, lepZ_pt=84599.070312, HadZ_m=185842.203125, H_m=158247.843750, e=369491.906250
lepZ_m=13.000000, lepZ_pt=96805.031250, HadZ_m=184257.093750, H_m=75075.859375, e=430845.937500
lepZ_m=14.000000, lepZ_pt=93686.929688, HadZ_m=69135.015625, H_m=100583.101562, e=411830.812500
lepZ_m=15.000000, lepZ_pt=65477.375000, HadZ_m=169454.906250, H_m=87663.109375, e=403847.093750
lepZ_m=16.000000, lepZ_pt=86598.710938, HadZ_m=54007.558594, H_m=-999.000000, e=-999.000000
lepZ_m=17.000000, lepZ_pt=88221.679688, HadZ_m=167297.546875, H_m=32694.191406, e=410392.500000
lepZ_m=18.000000, lepZ_pt=87196.078125, HadZ_m=156406.562500, H_m=84238.703125, e=400001.937500
lepZ_m=19.000000, lepZ_pt=83424.531250, HadZ_m=143305.093750, H_m=74806.257812, e=415950.562500
lepZ_m=20.000000, lepZ_pt=90465.015625, HadZ_m=51344.589844, H_m=-999.000000, e=-999.000000
lepZ_m=21.000000, lepZ_pt=96464.671875, HadZ_m=170654.203125, H_m=140863.937500, e=296195.562500
lepZ_m=22.000000, lepZ_pt=89052.328125, HadZ_m=177287.343750, H_m=70501.132812, e=431472.093750
lepZ_m=23.000000, lepZ_pt=90064.914062, HadZ_m=166701.453125, H_m=72128.289062, e=425713.750000
lepZ_m=24.000000, lepZ_pt=89061.460938, HadZ_m=133183.515625, H_m=95306.765625, e=390504.687500
lepZ_m=25.000000, lepZ_pt=93684.203125, HadZ_m=234194.390625, H_m=253472.625000, e=322973.593750
lepZ_m=26.000000, lepZ_pt=98717.804688, HadZ_m=165782.437500, H_m=57773.445312, e=398752.312500
lepZ_m=27.000000, lepZ_pt=89210.414062, HadZ_m=168129.312500, H_m=79192.031250, e=411309.500000
lepZ_m=28.000000, lepZ_pt=90818.250000, HadZ_m=158785.031250, H_m=97104.570312, e=399072.500000
lepZ_m=29.000000, lepZ_pt=89445.031250, HadZ_m=158517.640625, H_m=216424.812500, e=263836.250000
lepZ_m=30.000000, lepZ_pt=87074.273438, HadZ_m=130685.671875, H_m=85744.601562, e=402598.937500
lepZ_m=31.000000, lepZ_pt=87689.726562, HadZ_m=169927.343750, H_m=287649.906250, e=361678.093750
lepZ_m=32.000000, lepZ_pt=87072.593750, HadZ_m=151927.812500, H_m=101705.476562, e=387949.687500
lepZ_m=33.000000, lepZ_pt=86086.492188, HadZ_m=135474.593750, H_m=-999.000000, e=-999.000000
lepZ_m=34.000000, lepZ_pt=86403.015625, HadZ_m=137168.265625, H_m=90606.906250, e=382691.218750
lepZ_m=35.000000, lepZ_pt=92585.734375, HadZ_m=174155.015625, H_m=147931.250000, e=577193.687500
lepZ_m=36.000000, lepZ_pt=93240.687500, HadZ_m=114854.351562, H_m=164418.671875, e=259524.046875
lepZ_m=37.000000, lepZ_pt=86502.109375, HadZ_m=200708.656250, H_m=100362.687500, e=393161.687500
lepZ_m=38.000000, lepZ_pt=91592.078125, HadZ_m=189278.812500, H_m=113110.539062, e=374241.906250
lepZ_m=39.000000, lepZ_pt=125899.757812, HadZ_m=176215.953125, H_m=78245.460938, e=406705.781250
lepZ_m=40.000000, lepZ_pt=93972.023438, HadZ_m=50800.703125, H_m=261551.062500, e=197865.062500
lepZ_m=41.000000, lepZ_pt=95939.421875, HadZ_m=194940.453125, H_m=90596.765625, e=410886.250000
lepZ_m=42.000000, lepZ_pt=69387.796875, HadZ_m=58111.859375, H_m=74829.437500, e=357767.343750
lepZ_m=43.000000, lepZ_pt=94420.851562, HadZ_m=194053.484375, H_m=87482.445312, e=416537.093750
lepZ_m=44.000000, lepZ_pt=118127.437500, HadZ_m=193947.703125, H_m=177732.281250, e=341982.093750
lepZ_m=45.000000, lepZ_pt=94720.367188, HadZ_m=88716.031250, H_m=98180.851562, e=411913.750000
lepZ_m=46.000000, lepZ_pt=91091.500000, HadZ_m=140417.015625, H_m=425903.687500, e=226195.343750
lepZ_m=47.000000, lepZ_pt=74898.218750, HadZ_m=67717.046875, H_m=186178.453125, e=187855.281250
lepZ_m=48.000000, lepZ_pt=92106.789062, HadZ_m=71718.828125, H_m=899911.125000, e=198255.531250
lepZ_m=49.000000, lepZ_pt=46659.714844, HadZ_m=109148.929688, H_m=407137.875000, e=204373.281250
 found 14700 points
root [1] .q
userfis064:example_create_root_from_a_table_file artfisica$ ls -lhrt
total 2040
-rw-r--r--@ 1 artfisica  staff   929B 11 Jul 18:44 basic.C
-rw-r--r--  1 artfisica  staff   790K 11 Jul 18:46 test.dat
-rw-r--r--  1 artfisica  staff   220K 22 Jul 13:05 test.root

Adding Feedback Bottom attached to the current JIRA project
In Root Browser and in Scatter Matrix.

July 30th

Version of the script for filtering root files by given variables.

Example input:


August 4th

Starting review and modification of CrossFilter Example The original library in github

Extra Resources for alternative analysis models, just as an example:

August 12th-20th

Original Summer Project Proposal 2014


The current status of our simple online tools

The summer Student proposal


Description of the idea













-- ArturoS - 22 Jul 2014

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