-- TomoeKishimoto - 16-Aug-2011

TGC Group D3PD


Now it is possible to create our group D3PD ntuple via Reco_trf.py.
  • Setup AtlasProduction-
  • Run job, Reco_trf.py inputESDFile=ESD.pool.root autoConfiguration=everything outputNTUP_L1TGCFile=NTUP_L1TGC.pool.root --ignoreerrors=True
※The events are skimmed to reduce the data size. Detail is here. You can dump all events with a option postExec_e2d=topSequence.L1TgcSkim.DumpAll=True


The ntuple is now produced automatically in the production system. Two types of datasets is available:
  • physics_Muons stream
    • Input datasets : data11_7TeV.*.physics_Muons.recon.ESD.f*
    • Output datasets: data11_7TeV.*.physics_Muons.merge.NTUP_L1TGC.fXXX_pXXX
  • physics_JetTauEtmiss stream
    • Input datasets : data11_7TeV.*.physics_JetTauEtmiss.recon.ESD.f*
    • Output datasets: data11_7TeV.*.physics_JetTauEtmiss.merge.NTUP_L1TGC.fXXX_pXXX
Current job production status (submitting/running/done) is found on the Panda monitor.

The tags are p740(2011), p970(2012 periodA-B), p1130(2012 periodC-D2), p1159(2012 periodD3-H2), 1328(2012 periodH3) (26/12/2012 updated)


TGC_prd_x global x position of the hit
TGC_prd_y global y position of the hit
TGC_prd_z global z position of the hit
TGC_prd_shortWidth center side length of Phi direction of the strip pad or wire ganging
TGC_prd_longWidth opposite side of shortWidth
TGC_prd_length length of R direction of the strip pad or wire ganging
TGC_prd_isStrip 1 = Strip, 0 = Wire
TGC_prd_gasGap layer identifier (1 to 3)
TGC_prd_channel channel number
TGC_prd_eta chamber identifier (1 to 5 (plus = Aside, minus = Cside))
TGC_prd_phi trigger sector identifier (1 to 48)
TGC_prd_station station
TGC_prd_bunch 1 = previous, 2 = current, 3 = next
TGC_coin_x_In global x position of the track
TGC_coin_y_In global y position of the track
TGC_coin_z_In global z position of the track
TGC_coin_width_In region width of hit on TGC1
TGC_coin_width_Out region width of hit on TGC2(track let) or TGC3(hipt)
TGC_coin_width_R R length of the Roi
TGC_coin_width_Phi Phi length of the Roi
TGC_coin_isAside 1 = Aside, 0 = Cside
TGC_coin_isForward 1 = Forward, 0 = Endcap
TGC_coin_isStrip 1 = Strip, 0 = Wire
TGC_coin_isPositiveDeltaR 1 = plus, 0 = minus
TGC_coin_type the coincidence type (hipt, lpt, sl)
TGC_coin_trackletId identifier of coincidence hierarchy (for Wire) (coincidences (tracklet, highpt, sl) have same trackletID belong to a certain trigger)
TGC_coin_trackletIdStrip identifier of coincidence hierarchy (for Strip) (coincidences (tracklet, highpt, sl) have same trackletID belong to a certain trigger)
TGC_coin_phi trigger sector identifier(1 to 48)
TGC_coin_roi triggered Roi number (Endcap : 0 to 147, Forward : 0 to 63)
TGC_coin_pt pt threshold value of the trigger
TGC_coin_delta sagitta of the tracklet coincidence
TGC_coin_sub subMatrix of track let or hsub of hipt
TGC_coin_bunch 1 = previous, 2 = current, 3 = next
TGC_hierarchy_index index of trig_L1_mu_xxx
TGC_hierarchy_dR_hiPt R length from Infinite Momentum Line on TGC1
TGC_hierarchy_dPhi_hiPt Phi length from Infinite Momentum Line on TGC1
TGC_hierarchy_dR_tracklet R length from Infinite Momentum Line on TGC2 and TGC3
TGC_hierarchy_dPhi_tracklet R length from Infinite Momentum Line on TGC2 and TGC3
TGC_hierarchy_isChamberBoundary flag ofr Endcap chamber boundary
Exrapolation extrapolate muon tracks on TGC/RPCPrepData and abs(z)=13605.0, 14860.0, 15280.0, 7425.0, 7030.0
ext_staco_xxx_xxx extrapolate staco track
ext_muid_xxx_xxx extrapolate muid track
ext_xxx_ubias_xxx extrapolate muon tracks from IP
ext_xxx_bias_xxx extrapolate muon tracks from the nearest MDT station
ext_xxx_xxx_type muon track type 0:udef 1:combined 2:inner_extrapolate 3:indet
ext_xxx_xxx_index index of muon tracks
ext_xxx_xxx_size number of extrapolation points for each muon
ext_xxx_xxx_targetVec target detector 0:udef 1:TGC 2:RPC
ext_xxx_xxx_targetDistanceVec target distance in R [for RPC] or Z [for TGC]
ext_xxx_xxx_targetEtaVec Eta in target detector surface
ext_xxx_xxx_targetPhiVec Phi in target detector surface
ext_xxx_xxx_targetDeltaEtaVec dEta in target detector surface
ext_xxx_xxx_targetDeltaPhiVec dPhi in target detector surface
ext_xxx_xxx_targetPxVec px in target detector surface
ext_xxx_xxx_targetPyVec py in target detector surface
ext_xxx_xxx_targetPzVec pz in target detector surface
trigger_info_chain trigger chain name
trigger_info_isPassed 1 if the chain passed, 0 otherwise
trigger_info_nTracks number of EF track objects associated with the chain
trigger_info_typeVec type of the EF track object: COMBINED (0x1 << 16) / STANDALONE (0x1 << 17) / EXTRAPOLATED (0x1 << 18) / MuonTypeEFMuon (1) / MuGirlMuon (2) / MuGirlMuonTag (3)
trigger_info_ptVec pt of the EF track object
trigger_info_etaVec eta of the EF track object
trigger_info_phiVec phi of the EF track object
trigger_info_chargeVec charge of the EF track object
trigger_info_l1RoiWrodVec RoI word of L1 seed of the chain
tandp_xxx_tag_index index of mu_xxx
tandp_xxx_probe_index index of trk_xxx
tandp_xxx_vertex_ndof number of degree of freedom of vertex fit
tandp_xxx_vertex_chi2 chi2 of vertex fit
tandp_xxx_vertex_posX x of fitted vertex
tandp_xxx_vertex_posY y of fitted vertex
tandp_xxx_vertex_posZ z of fitted vertex
tandp_xxx_vertex_probability probability of vertex fit
tandp_xxx_v0_mass mass of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_v0_mass_error error on mass of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_v0_mass_probability probability of mass of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_v0_px px of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_v0_py py of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_v0_pz pz of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_v0_pt pt of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_v0_pt_error error on pt of fitted pair
tandp_xxx_num_vertices number of verticies
tandp_xxx_vertex_index index of vxp_xxx
tandp_xxx_lxyVec lxy wrt vertex
tandp_xxx_lxy_errorVec error on lxy wrt vertex
tandp_xxx_tauVec tau wrt vertex
tandp_xxx_tau_errorVec error on tau wrt vertex
under construction https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/EventCommonD3PDMaker/trunk/src
under construction https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/TrackD3PDMaker/trunk/src
under construction https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/TrackD3PDMaker/trunk/src
under construction https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/MuonD3PDMaker/trunk/src
MuonSegment Muon track segment for each algorithms. MoorSeg, MboySeg, MuGirlSegment.
xxx_n number of sebments
xxx_x global x position
xxx_y global y position
xxx_z global z position
xxx_phi global phi direction
xxx_theta global theta direction
xxx_locX local x position
xxx_locY local y position
xxx_locAngleXZ local x-z angle
xxx_locAngleYZ local y-z angle
xxx_sector phi sector - 1 to 16
xxx_stationEta station eta
xxx_isEndcap 1 for endcap, 0 for barrel
xxx_stationName Station name in MuonFixedId scheme

under construction https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/TriggerD3PDMaker/trunk/src
under construction https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/TriggerD3PDMaker/trunk/src


M1 M2 M3   SW
Fw 41 43 45   FI 47
Ec 42 44 46   EI 48


1 2 3 4 5
M1 T1/T3 T6 T7 T8 none
M2 T2/T4 T6 T7 T8 T9
M3 T2/T5 T6 T7 T8 T9
EIFI FI/EIL4 none none none none


A01/C01 A02/C02 A03/C03 A04/C04 A05/C05 A06/C06 A07/C07 A08/C08 A09/C09 A10/C10 A11/C11 A12/C12 A01/C01
Fw 1 2,3 4, 5 6,7 8,9 10,11 12, 13 14,15 16,17 18,19 20,21 22,23 24
Ec 1,2 3,4,5,6 7,8,9,10 11,12,13,14 15,16,17,18 19,20,21,22 23,24,25,26 27,28,29,30 31,32,33,34 35,36,37,38 39,40,41,42 43,44,45,46 47,48


1 2 3
M1 layer1 layer2 layer3
M2 layer4 layer5
M3 layer6 layer7
EIFI layer8 layer9


M1 Froward( T1 ) E4( T3 ) E3( T6 ) E2( T7 ) E1( T8 )
layer1 wire 1-105 none 1-92 1-61 1-23 1-24
layer1 strip 1-32 none 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32
layer2 wire 1-104 none 1-91 1-62 1-23 1-24
layer3 wire 1-105 none 1-91 1-62 1-23 1-24
layer3 strip 1-32 none 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32
M2 Froward( T2 ) E5( T4 ) E4( T6 ) E3( T7 ) E2( T8 ) E1( T9 )
wire 1-125 1-110 1-103 1-32 1-32 1-32
strip 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32
M3 Froward( T2 ) E5( T5 ) E4( T6 ) E3( T7 ) E2( T8 ) E1( T9 )
wire 1-122 1-96 1-106 1-32 1-30 1-31
strip 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32 1-32

wier 1-32 1-24, 1-16
strip 1-32 1-32

sectorAddress (8 bit information)

*BARREL : 00[5-bit sector ID]H
*FORWARD : 01[5-bit sector ID]H
*ENDCAP : 1[ 6-bit sector ID]H
H : Hemisphere selector (pos/neg rapidity region)
e.g. SectorAddress 157 = 0x9D = 1 001110 1
-Endcap sector=14 SideA
-Endcap A04 phi2

Sample codes

Get timing information from muctpi_dw_bcid


Trigger matching with offline muons


Trigger efficineces using the tag and probe method (under validation)


Make hit maps for Look Up Table (under validation)


Residual for the TGC alignment (under validation)



1) All events triggered by "EF_L1MU[0-9]+_NoAlg" are dumped.

--physics_Muons stream
  2) invariant mass is calculated by combined muon + [tagged muon or combined muon].
      if ((pt(combined) > 15 GeV and pt(tag/combined) > 10 GeV) && (50 GeV < m < 14 TeV)) [Z candidate] or
      if ((pt(combined) > 6 GeV and pt(tag/combined) > 3.5 GeV) && (2.6 GeV < m < 3.6 GeV)) [J/psi candidate]
      → save

  3) if not 2).
      invariant mass is calculated by combined muon + id track
      if ((pt(combined) > 15 GeV and pt(tag/combined) > 10 GeV) && (50 GeV < m < 14 TeV)) [Z candidate] or
      if ((pt(combined) > 6 GeV and pt(tag/combined) > 3.5 GeV) && (2.6 GeV < m < 3.6 GeV)) [J/psi candidate]
      → if ((number of events which meet the condition 3) % 100) == 1 ) save (prescale = 100)

  3) if not ( 2) and 3) ).
      → if ((number of processed events % 750) == 1 ) save (prescale = 750)

--physics_JetTauEtmiss stream
  2) require events passed jet trigger pattern.
       "(EF_te[0-9]+$)|" +
       "(EF_xs[0-9]+((_loose)|(_medium)|(_tight))?_noMu$)|" +
       "(EF_xe[0-9]+((_loose)|(_medium)|(_tight))?_noMu$)|" +
       "(EF_je[0-9]+(_NoEF)?$)|" +
       "(EF_L1[F]?J[0-9]+(_NoAlg)?$)|" +
       "(EF_[f]?j[0-9]+_[f]?j[0-9]+_a[0-9]+tc_EFFS(_anymct[0-9]+)?$)|" +
       "(EF_tau[0-9]+((_loose)|(_medium)|(_tight))?$)|" +

  3) if ((number of combined muon > 0) or (number of tagged muon > 1))
      → if ((number of processed events % 50) == 1 ) save (prescale = 50)

※ MCP group ID hits requirement are applied for all tracks.

Exact information : source code


How to make L1 TGC Ntuple on Grid.

pathena --trf "Reco_trf.py inputESDFile=%IN autoConfiguration=everything outputNTUP_L1TGCFile=%OUT.NTUP_L1TGC.pool.root --ignoreerrors=True"

Where is the job option file for the production

here: https://svnweb.cern.ch/trac/atlasoff/browser/PhysicsAnalysis/D3PDMaker/TrigMuonD3PDMaker/trunk/python/L1TgcD3PD.py

How to add extrapolating points

please modify line154-174 in the following code:

Tips about simulation study

Make EVGEN for single muons

Prepare a job option file(single_mu.py).
   evgenConfig.description = "Single muons with flat eta and phi"
   evgenConfig.keywords = ["singleparticle", "mu"]
   topAlg.ParticleGenerator.OutputLevel = VERBOSE
   topAlg.ParticleGenerator.orders = \
   ["PDGcode: sequence -13 13",
   "pt: constant 40000", 
   "eta: flat -2.7 2.7", 
   "phi: flat -3.14159 3.14159"] 
Generate_trf.py randomSeed=1 runNumber=105063 firstEvent=1 maxEvents=10 ecmEnergy=8000 jobConfig=single_mu.py outputEVNTFile=EVGEN.pool.root

Make HITS from EVGEN

AtlasG4_trf.py inputEvgenFile=EVGEN.pool.root outputHitsFile=Hits.pool.root maxEvents=10 skipEvents=0 randomSeed=1 geometryVersion=ATLAS-GEO-18-01-00 conditionsTag=OFLCOND-SDR-BS7T-05-14

Make RDO from HITS

Digi_trf.py inputHitsFile=Hits.pool.root outputRDOFile=RDO.pool.root maxEvents=10 skipEvents=0 geometryVersion=ATLAS-GEO-18-01-00 conditionsTag=OFLCOND-SDR-BS7T-05-14 digiSeedOffset1=11 digiSeedOffset2=22 triggerConfig=default

Make ESD and NTUP_L1TGC from RDO

Reco_trf.py inputRDOFile=RDO.pool.root geometryVersion=ATLAS-GEO-18-01-00 outputESDFile=ESD.pool.root outputNTUP_L1TGCFile=L1TGC.pool.root --ignoreerrors=True postExec_e2d=topSequence.L1TgcSkim.DumpAll=True

Introduce alignment parameters into the simulation

cmt co MuonSpectrometer/MuonDigitization/TGC_Digitization
Remove comment out on line148 in src/TgcDigitMaker?.cxx. Alignment parameters shoud be set in share/TGC_Digitization_alignment.dat.
cd cmt; gmake

Tips about ROOT analysis

How to submit ROOT jobs to Panda.


Make histogrmas with user-defined bins

TGC chambers geometry
* M1.root * M2.root * M3.root * EIFI.root

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