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A new API has to be defined to handle task related information. Its proposed name is TaskStateAPI and it should follow as much as possible the same 'look and feel' of the JobStateAPI.

Methods in TaskStateAPI

The following methods should be implemented in order to deal with task creation and completion:

  • create(taskName): insert information about a new task. Called from CrabServerWorker.
  • createJob(taskName, jobName, cacheArea): insert information about a new job associated to a task. Called from CrabServerWorker.
  • finished(taskName): a task has finished. Called from TaskTracking when completed percentage is 100%.
  • submitFailure(taskName): a task cannot be submitted by BOSS. Called from CrabServerWorker if submission fails.
  • failed(taskName): Called from TaskTracking when all jobs in the task have failed.

The following methods should be implemented in order to deal with task monitoring:

  • percentageDone(taskName): the percentage of jobs finished (succesfully or not).
  • finishedJobs(taskName): the number of jobs that have finished.
  • failedJobs(taskName): the number of jobs that have failed.
  • numberOfJobs(taskName): the number of jobs in a task.

Database schema

Two tables has to be added: js__taskInstance that will contain one row for each tasks, and js__task that will contain one row for each job in a task. A proposed schema definition is as follows:

CREATE TABLE js_taskInstance (
  id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  taskName varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
  primary key(id),

CREATE TABLE js_task (
  id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  taskId int NOT NULL default '0',
  jobSpecId varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
  FOREIGN KEY(taskId) references js_taskInstance(id) ON DELETE CASCADE,
  FOREIGN KEY(jobSpecId) references js_JobInstance(JobSpecID) ON DELETE CASCADE

As an example, if the task 'test1' is defined in terms of three jobs 'job1', 'job2' and 'job3', and the task 'test2' with jobs 'otherjob1' and 'otherjob2', the representation can be as follows:

id taskName
... ...
4 test1
5 test2
... ...

id taskIdSorted ascending jobSpecId
... ... ...
... ... ...
7 4 job1
8 4 job2
9 4 job3
10 5 otherjob1
11 5 otherjob2

-- CarlosKavka - 17 Jan 2007

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