-- AndreaKnue - 04 Aug 2014

cd /afs/cern.ch/work/a/aknue/public/TRC_14-00-20_21122013/TRCwork/PlotFactory_LepTau/FilesFromMaria_13062014/ source Setup_NeuroBayes.sh source SetupRootHist2Workspace.sh

cd NB_expert_gut

after running HistosTools: have folder with outputHistosTools

> at the moment: rename singleTop_old to singleTop before with script!!!

put the path to this outputHistosTools into rebinAndScaleHistos_8TeV.py and run it

> then you will get another outputfolder

run now the renaming script: renameLimitInputs.py

now go to config_RootStats and run ./makeChannels.sh


Smoothing: in HistosTools/src/HistosInterface.cxx (Smooth function)

--> is steered in config_MClimits, we use in the master xml the "maxVariation" mode, and in the seperate XMLs the "Smooth" parameter gives the strength of the smoothing. Smooth=4 would mean a max slope change of 4 times

enum SmoothingAlgorithm { NotValid = -1, NoSmoothing = 0, Average = 1, WeightedErrors = 2, WeightedNeighbours = 3, dBoverB = 4, maxVariations = 5 };

enum RunningMode { LLR, //0 = Run LLR fit to data and PSE
Limit, //1 = Run all the Signal SF, (expected median, m2, m1, p1, p2, observed)
LimitObs, //2 = Run the Signal SF for observed
LimitExpMed, //3 = Run the Signal SF for expected median
LimitExpM2, //4 = Run the Signal SF for expected median -2sigma
LimitExpM1, //5 = Run the Signal SF for expected median -1sigma
LimitExpP1, //6 = Run the Signal SF for expected median +1sigma
LimitExpP2, //7 = Run the Signal SF for expected median +2sigma
LimitSF, //8 = Run CLs for one signal scale factor
LLRData, //9 = Run LLR fit to data only (no PSE)
FillPSE, //10 = Run Fill PSE from a root file or a text file
PseudoData, //11 = Run pseudo data using data
SysteFromFile, //12 = Do the systematic tables from the fit results saved in a file -> to plot different distributions or channel unused in the fit

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