Documentation and examples of testBeamAnalysis. Intended as a clustering analysis for RAW FE-I4 data from the RCE DAQ system (USBPix - in progress).

STATUS: Under development!

Source Code

Supported platforms

  • Mac OSX
  • Rhel
  • Runs on LXPlus


The software was developed in C++98 and with a bash shell. The analysis itself can be run as is but if use of the plotting functions is required, access to ROOT libraries is needed and is expected to be compiled and findable. This framework was developed with version 5.34.

GIT repository @ gitlab.cern.ch

The source code can be found in this git repo:

  • URL: https://gitlab.cern.ch/TestBeamTeam/TestBeamAna.git
Contact the author to get access. Require a Cern computing account.


The code is structured to facilitate easy merging with multiple developers (hopefully!). There is a separate folder (subdirectory) for what we think is each main stage of the analysis:

  • Data I/O
  • Clustering
  • Tracking/alignment
  • Analysis (a general umbrella that utilises the products of the previous 3 items on this list)

Each subdirectory has the same structure and a makefile that expects files to be organised accordingly. Here is a list of folders inside each subdirectory:

  • Makefile : Makefile to compile the code
  • README : Textfile with basic information about what this subdirectory contains, how to run some of the tests.
  • ana/ : Analysis objects and namespaces (all source files)
  • bin/ : Folder for compiled executables
  • build/ : Folder for compiled objects
  • src/ : Folder for entry points/main fuctions/test programs

To help the makefile distinguish between source files and test/main files it is required that: source/class/namespace files end in '.cpp', header files end in '.h', and main files to end in '.cxx'. This is just to help keep the code organised.

Because of the identical subfolder structure switching development from one task to another should be fairly simple.

Since the idea is that all of these subdirs contain analyses that will mostly be used together, if not sequentially, they should all share the same 'tools' or container objects. These are all stored in the shared 'tools' directory and are detailed later in this page.


The makefile should take care of everything. You have two options with this framework: either compile and run just in the subdir or compile everything in the base directory. The base makfile simply calls all other makefiles in parallel but can also be called to compile sequentially if necessary. If you want to use methods from other subdirectories simply add them to the makefile but the framework is designed such that anything that requires use of multiple subdirs should be made in the Analysis subdir. Examples to follow.

Expected output in subdir make:

            $ make
            [Compiling] build/Algorithm.o
            [Compiling] build/Cluster.o
            [Compiling] build/DataReader.o
            [Compiling] build/Event.o
            [Compiling] build/Hit.o
            [Compiling] build/Plot.o
            [Compiling] build/RCEDataReader.o
            [Creating] build/libTB_ana.a
            [Compiling] build/sgnTest.o
            [Linking] bin/sgnTest
            [Compiling] build/testMain.o
            [Linking] bin/testMain

Running the code

Currently the main executable is:

  • anaData
Currently the only parameter passed to the program is the raw data file. This may change so watch the repo for updates. Run like:
            ./bin/anaData $PATH/filename.dat

testBeamAna containers and functions

Short description of some of the tools that can be used in an analysis. Click the links for more details.

Name Filename Author Description
DataReader - base class DataReader.h Rebecca Raw data reader base class.
RawDataReader - derived class RawDataReader.h Rebecca RCE raw data formatted record file reader and import
RootDataReader - derived class RootDataReader.h Rebecca RCE ROOT data formatted record file reader and import
Event Event.h Rebecca Event object, stores all hits with the same LV1ID
Algorithm Algorithm.h Rebecca Clusters hits in each event within 1 bcid of each other. Please see class description for details.
Cluster Cluster.h Rebecca Cluster object, stores hits and other cluster information.
Hit Hit.h Rebecca Hit object, stores the bcid, tot, column, and row of each hit.
Plot Plot.h Rebecca Plotting functions, makes use of root libraries to save and display plots.

testBeamAna results

A link to the graphs from analysis

Sensor type Angle [degrees] Run, date (dd/mm/yy), log file Description Data added by Date added (dd/mm/yy) plots (CCE)
3D 2 lorem ipsum dolor bla sometime link
Planar 2 lorem ipsum dolor bla sometime link

Major updates:
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