Silicon TIM VME board status and service log

TIM Serial Number Flavor Current Location Revision Notes
26 SCT TIM USA15:Y.24-14.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C. firm 1e TIM 26 History
27 SCT TIM USA15:Y.22-11.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 27 History
28 SCT TIM USA15:Y.22-11.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 28 History
29 SCT TIM USA15:Y.24-14.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 29 History
30 SCT TIM USA15:Y.23-11.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 30 History
31 SCT TIM Loaned to Bologna, March 2014 Rev. 3C TIM 31 History
32 SCT TIM borrowed to IBL for tests Rev. 3C, firm 50 TIM 32 History
33 SCT TIM SR1 test setup Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 33 History
34 SCT TIM USA15:Y.25-14.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 34 History
35 SCT TIM USA15:Y.23-11.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 35 History
36 SCT TIM USA15:Y.25-14.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 1e TIM 36 History
37 SCT TIM UCL for testing Rev. 3C TIM 37 History
38 Pixel TIM SR1 crate1 pixrcc03 Rev. 3C, firm 50 TIM 38 History
39 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.26-05.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 39 History
40 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.25-05.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 40 History
41 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.25-05.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 41 History
42 Pixel TIM At UCL - Status unknown (was "Disassembled") Rev. 3C, firm 19 TIM 42 History
43 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.26-05.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 43 History
44 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.27-05.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 44 History
45 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.27-05.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 45 History
46 Pixel TIM Disassembled Rev. 3C, firm 19 TIM 46 History
47 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.28-05.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 47 History
48 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.28-05.A2.U08.13F Rev. 3C, firm 4a TIM 48 History
49 Pixel TIM USA15:Y.29-05.A2.U28.13F Rev. 3C, firm 26 TIM 49 History
50 SCT TIM borrowed to PIX for SR1 tests Rev. 3F, firm 50 TIM 50 History
51 SCT TIM B104: spare Rev. 3F, firm 1e TIM 51 History
52 SCT TIM B104: spare Rev. 3F, firm 1e TIM 52 History
53 SCT TIM Loaned to Pixels in SR1 (was UCL for tests) Rev. 3F, firm TIM 53 History
54 Pixel TIM SR1, IBL barack, pixrcc02* Rev. 3F, firm 50 TIM 54 History
55 Pixel TIM Loaned to UCL for tests (was SR1, pixrcc06*) Rev. 3F, firm 50 TIM 55 History
56 Pixel TIM P1, IBL crate Rev. 3F, firm 50 TIM 56 History
58 SCT TIM UCL for tests Rev. 3F, firm 1e TIM 58 History
59 SCT TIM Cambridge for tests Rev. 3F, firm 1e TIM 59 History

13.08.15 TIM #54 and #55 have problems with writing into TTCrx registers. Under investigation. Currently, they can be used for tests in SR1 (in internal trigger mode as well as in TTC mode w/o TTYPE after special CLK selection by setting bit 8 of the TTC_Select (0x28) register) but NOT in P1.

Firmware description can be found here. The XILINX iMPACT flashing software (as a part of the Lab Tools package) can be downloaded from here (it is free but registration is required). Beware of differences in L1A propagation delays w.r.t. backplane and TRO TIM ouptut for TIM3(C/F) flashed with firm v0x1e and 0x26 as has been measured by Matt.

Installation precautions in the populated ROD crate: as for the ROD, but pay especially attention to the capacitor on the left side of the TIM board. It sticks out of the board and if the TIM is pulled off the backplane by a few centimeters it may get in touch with the front panel of the ROD in slot 12 and get ripped off. So pull the TIM off the crate very slowly. The same precautions apply for plugging-in; in this case you can see the capactor isolated by a capton tape on the solder side of the board.

Here is the photo of the TIM, which lost its firmware (note all LA,CA,ER,BR,FR,SP LEDs are ON). If you see this you need to re-flash the TIM with the new firmware, with the revision you can find in the table above (valid for Pixel only, SCT to check!). To do so, pick-up the TIM flash kit (black laptop bag for PIX or white paper bag for SCT) from the IDCR room (on the open shelves on your left, contact Pixel or SCT on-call if in doubt), go down to USA 15. The TIM will be uncofigured, but it is better to have the ROD DAQ elements unconfigured in the data taking partition as a starting point. (For IBL ask Pixel on-call on the procedure, for old Pixel, you do not need to switch off optoboards since without TIM the BOCs will switch over to internal clock, however an optobord reset may be necessary after the TIM is back). Turn on the laptop, plug-in the cable one side to laptop USB port another side to the connector on the TIM front panel, start the script with the TIM frimware revision name in it (Pixel - from the desktop folder "TIM shortcut (visible for all)", SCT - directly from the desktop, follow the instructions on the screen. The healthy TIM after successful re-flashing should look like this. (For Pixel you can execute $ROD_DAQ/RodUtils/TimStatus script after logging in to the corresponding crate, which in case of healthy TIM will return its serial number, firmware and status information) If the re-flash wasn't successful you may try to re-flash the main TIM FPGA (FPGA1). An icon with the script (SCT) or a link from TIM shortcut folder (Pixel), flashing the FPGA1 with the firmware (v3) is provided. Then you could repeat the procedure above. If this won't work, replace the TIM.

In case the re-flash does not work or there is any other reason for TIM not to be configured, you need to replace the TIM. For Pixel, you need to pick up at the first place the TIM from the SR1 left (if you stay in front of the crates in the SR1 rack area) crate, also known as "crate 0". This is the only spare TIM3C card, other spares are TIM3Fs and need firmware revision equal and greater than 0x26 and a configuration code modification. Be very cautious (re-read the first paragraph in red above) dealing with TIM hardware! Do not forget to switch off the crate and the lasers on TTCex (using front panel switch on the module in the TTC crate with fibers coming out) before unplugging the fiber and use ESD protection.

-- JohnHill - 22 Feb 2006

-- JohnHill - 15 May 2007

-- JohnHill - 03 Jul 2007

-- AndreasKorn - 12 Sep 2007

-- IskanderIbragimov - 19 Okt 2007

-- DaveRobinson - 19 Jun 2008

-- JohnHill - 26 Oct 2008

-- IskanderIbragimov - 28 Okt 2008

-- JohnHill - 26-Jan-2010

-- IskanderIbragimov - 03 Aug 2012

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