FSQ Trigger Studies


  • Importing from old menu: /users/krajczar/PPmenu/HLT/V12
  • Old Test Sample: /AllPhysics2760/icali-pp2760_L1BscMinBiasORBptxPlusANDMinus_RAW_L1AndHLTEm_HLTV76_CMSSW528_v1-85cfc98140b53e586776dcf6feb3ca27/USER
  • 2013 CMS-Totem Run including this trigger: here
  • Responsibles: D. Figueiredo and S. Fonseca
  • ConfDB: Check Triggers Menu
  • Working on Test Menu: /users/dmf/MyFirstTest, HLT_PAL1DoubleMu5_TotemDiffractive_v1 was imported.
  • Status: waiting recipes from Totem/PPS people to produce samples which includes Totem and/or PPS.
  • Castor Trigger: /users/kkuzn/CASTOR1/V7


  • Importing from old menu: no! New trigger
  • Responsibles: D. Figueiredo
  • ConfDB: Check Triggers Menu
  • Working on Test Menu: XXXX, HLT_XXXX was imported.
  • Status: waiting background oficial samples to be produced.

Useful Information

Creating your own Sample for Fall13 (GEM-SIM) and/or Fall13dr (AOD-SIM) Campaign

Pompyt MC has been used to model diffractive SD signal. To create your own private samples is recommended to follow the same cmsDriver steps which were used to create your oficial samples. On the past, PREP system was used for experts to produce several samples in the same step. For Fall13 samples and new CMSSW releases (CMSSW_6_X >), PREP was changed for McM system. In the McM website, you will find the exactly cmsDriver command used to create your oficial sample.

1) Go to Website: https://cms-pdmv.cern.ch/mcm/
2) Search Campaign Fall13 (GEM-SIM) or click here
3) The requested samples will appear.
4) You will see in the actions column a button for "Get Setup" (text comes when you with the mouse over the buttons). This gives a script which sets up the python config used for this request.

To find DIGI-RECO campaign, you need to find Fall13dr campaign.

GEN-SIM Step, CMSSW_6_2_0_patch1

cmsDriver.py Configuration/GenProduction/python/signalMC_cff.py --mc --eventcontent RAWSIM --customise SLHCUpgradeSimulations/Configuration/postLS1Customs.customisePostLS1,Configuration/StandardSequences/SimWithCastor_cff.customise,Configuration/DataProcessing/Utils.addMonitoring --datatier GEN-SIM --conditions POSTLS162_V1::All --step GEN,SIM --magField 38T_PostLS1 --geometry Extended2015 --no_exec -n 100

GEN-SIM-RAW Step, CMSSW_6_2_5, PU1BX50
cmsDriver.py step2 --pileup_input "dbs:/MinBias_TuneA2MB_13TeV-pythia8/Fall13-POSTLS162_V1-v1/GEN-SIM" --mc --eventcontent RAWSIM --pileup 'AVE_40_BX_50ns,{"N":1}' --customise SLHCUpgradeSimulations/Configuration/postLS1Customs.customisePostLS1,Configuration/DataProcessing/Utils.addMonitoring --datatier GEN-SIM-RAW --conditions POSTLS162_V1::All --step DIGI,L1,DIGI2RAW,HLT --magField 38T_PostLS1 --geometry Extended2015 --no_exec -n -1

AODSIM Step, CMSSW_6_2_5, PU1BX50
cmsDriver.py step3 --mc --eventcontent AODSIM --customise SLHCUpgradeSimulations/Configuration/postLS1Customs.customisePostLS1,Configuration/DataProcessing/Utils.addMonitoring --datatier AODSIM --conditions POSTLS162_V1::All --step RAW2DIGI,L1Reco,RECO --magField 38T_PostLS1 --geometry Extended2015 --no_exec -n -1

List of Private Samples

Monte Carlo Info and Cross Sections

Monte Carlo Process File
Pompyt EWK (DY to ll), SD (p+) Gen Fragment
Pompyt EWK (DY to ll), SD (p-) Gen Fragment

Monte Carlo Samples, 2015 Conditions, Trigger Studies, 13 TeV


Sample (POSTLS162_V1::All) Type Number of Events T2
/POMPYT_plus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March/dmf-POMPYT_plus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March-15df3551c26ec06d00b611c6a5fd42ec/USER GEN-SIM 2M T2_RU_IHEP
/POMPYT_minus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March/dmf-POMPYT_minus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March-15df3551c26ec06d00b611c6a5fd42ec/USER GEN-SIM 2.25M T2_RU_IHEP
/POMPYT_plus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March/dmf-POMPYT_plus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_13March_DIGI2RAW-dd24ac44ecca7092ed3cb973499d6fc4/USER DIGI-RAW 1.75M T2_RU_IHEP
/POMPYT_minus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March/dmf-POMPYT_minus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_13March_DIGI2RAW-dd24ac44ecca7092ed3cb973499d6fc4/USER DIGI-RAW 2M T2_RU_IHEP
/POMPYT_plus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March/dmf-POMPYT_plus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_17March_RECO-7d9ad8f26548f72967911c05f338e6d3/USER RECO 1.75M T2_RU_IHEP
/POMPYT_minus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_12March/dmf-POMPYT_minus_Z_M50_13TeV_POSTLS162_V1_17March_RECO-7d9ad8f26548f72967911c05f338e6d3/USER RECO 2M T2_RU_IHEP
@ DBS = phys03

List of Oficial Samples

List of all Fall2013 requested MC here. FSQ Trigger Official Datasets, twiki page here.


Sample (POSTLS162_V1::All) Status Number of Events T2
SingleDiffractiveZToEE_M-50_eta-minus_13TeV-pomwig Processing RAW X X
SingleDiffractiveZToEE_M-50_eta-plus_13TeV-pomwig Processing RAW X X
SingleDiffractiveZToMuMu_M-50_eta-minus_13TeV-pomwig Processing RAW X X
SingleDiffractiveZToMuMu_M-50_eta-plus_13TeV-pomwig Processing RAW X X
SingleDiffractiveWToENu_eta-minus_13TeV-pomwig Processing RAW X X
SingleDiffractiveWToENu_eta-plus_13TeV-pomwig Done X X
SingleDiffractiveWToMuNu_eta-minus_13TeV-pomwig Processing RAW X X
SingleDiffractiveWToMuNu_eta-plus_13TeV-pomwig Processing RAW X X


Sample (POSTLS162_V1::All) Status Number of Events T2
DYToEE_M-50_Tune4C_13TeV-pythia8 Processing RAW X X
DYToMuMu_M-50_Tune4C_13TeV-pythia8 GEN-SIM-RAW, AODSIM X X

@ DBS = phys03

Configuration Software Tools for Run-2

Please, follow this link to setup your confDB menu and your CMSSW. Currently CMSSW_7_1_0_pre3.

Recipe Step by Step

1 - Creating confDB HLT Private menu

First, you need to create or import your own HLT Menu using confDB. Instructions from here are been followed. You need the password to access confDB. Ask it to experts in case you do not have.

2 - Setup CMSSW release recommended for Run-2

Detailed commands and explanations are here.
cmsrel CMSSW_7_1_0_pre3
cd CMSSW_7_1_0_pre3/src
git cms-addpkg HLTrigger/Configuration
scram build
cd HLTrigger/Configuration/test
./cmsDriver.csh              # execute the shell script which creates various ready-to-run cfg files

-- DiegoFigueiredo - 28 Feb 2014
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