rel_1 status

The status of all slices is shown in the table below for this nightly.

rel_1 pcache SLC4 32 bits 15/10/2007 previous nightly next nightly Link to ATN tests

Slice/domain ATN test OK/?/BAD Obs. RTT test
electron ElectronSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  ElectronSliceAthenaModernRDO_memTrack BAD NameError: name 'triggerMenu' is not defined - FATAL finalize: Invalid state "Configured"  
  ElectronSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK REGTEST differences found  
photon PhotonSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  PhotonSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK REGTEST differences found  
muon MuonSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  MuonSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK RREGTEST differences found  
tau TauSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  TauSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK REGTEST differences found  
jet JetSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  JetSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK REGTEST differences found  
MET METSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  METSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK REGTEST differences found  
Bphys BphysicsSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  BphysicsSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK REGTEST differences found  
Bjet BjetSliceAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
  BjetSliceAthenaModernRDOtoESDAOD OK REGTEST differences found  
cosmics CosmicsSliceAthenaModernRDO BAD known problem  
ID IDAthenaModernRDO OK REGTEST differences found  
Calo CaloAthenaModernRDO Ok REGTEST differences found  
Muon MuonAthenaModernRDO OK finished ok. ERROR Msgs: FAIL, 10 msgs for L1EmTauTools and L1JetTools  


ApplicationMgr INFO Successfully loaded modules : BFieldAth Py:Athena INFO including file "TriggerRelease/" Shortened traceback (most recent user call last): File "/afs/", line 352, in ? include( script ) File "./", line 51, in ? include("TriggerRelease/") File "/build/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/13.0.30.Y/AtlasProduction/rel_0/InstallArea/jobOptions/TriggerRelease/", line 33, in ? include( "TriggerRelease/" ) File "/build/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/13.0.30.Y/AtlasProduction/rel_0/InstallArea/jobOptions/TriggerRelease/", line 13, in ? "Reading LVL1 config from file "+TriggerFlags.inputLVL1configFile ) TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'inputLVL1configFile' objects athena> ApplicationMgr FATAL finalize: Invalid state "Configured" ApplicationMgr INFO Application Manager Terminated successfully Py:Athena INFO leaving with code 97: "failure in finalization"

L2MetHypo_xe25 DEBUG REGTEST: SumEt = 449000 MeV T2MissingET DEBUG Executing this T2MissingET T2MissingET in cached mode FATAL 2007-Oct-15 05:10:34 [static void ers::ErrorHandler::SignalHandler::action(int, siginfo_t*, void*) at ers/src/ErrorHandler.cxx:88] Got signal 11 Segmentation fault (invalid memory reference) Parameters = 'name=Segmentation fault (invalid memory reference)' 'signum=11' Qualifiers = 'ers' host = user = atnight (16605) process id = 14099 thread id = 14099 process wd = /build/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/13.0.30.Y/AtlasProduction/rel_0/NICOS_area/NICOS_qmtest13020Y32BS4ProdOpt/triggertest_testconfiguration_work/AthenaXMLConfigRDO

DetDescrCnvSvc INFO No converter for object CLID= 4172 DataProxy FATAL accessData: ERROR conversion failed for data object 4172/RPCIDHELPER Throwing runtime_error TrigT1RPC.sysInitialize() FATAL Standard std::exception is caught TrigT1RPC.sysInitialize() ERROR dobj conversion failed AthenaEventLoopMgr ERROR Unable to initialize Algorithm: TrigT1RPC AthenaEventLoopMgr ERROR Failed to initialize base class MinimalEventLoopMgr ServiceManager ERROR Unable to initialize Service: AthenaEventLoopMgr ApplicationMgr FATAL finalize: Invalid state "Configured" ApplicationMgr INFO Application Manager Terminated successfully Py:Athena INFO leaving with code 33: "failure in initialization"

-- LauraGonzalezSilva - 15 Oct 2007

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Topic revision: r3 - 2007-10-15 - LauraGonzalezSilva
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