f3monitor http://es-cdaq.cms/f3mon/#!/&setup=minidaq

ECAL pictures

CMSSW browser and code, workbook
voms-proxy-init --rfc --voms cms -valid 192:00 grid
Download files: xrdcp root:// /tmp/vlassov

ECAL Electronics site
dfs\\ -> Applications -> altera 1800@lxlicen01,1800@lxlicen02,1800@lxlicen03

DCS computers


Gold CCS firmware

Trig: /nfshome0/vlassov/ccs/Trig22_13.svf -> Trigger_FPGA1_V22_090224_b.svf
mFEC: /nfshome0/vlassov/ccs/mFEC_FPGA2_V19_140314.svf

Usefull addresses , L1, cDAQ

cDAQ code:
cms-storagemanager-alerting (Group used for alerts related to the CMS storage manager)
cms-daq-daqoncall (cms daq - central daq on-call)
cDAQ status page: http://daq-expert.cms/daq2view-react/
cDAQ tickets:
cDAQ RC:http://cmsrc-top.cms:10000/rcms
Nice xDAQ picture page 83

Dumps of raw data files and raw data files

DCC inputs: vme computers like /tmp/2017.10.05_20.07.CEST_DCCDump_Run_304503_FED_619.txt
DCC dumps: ru computers like ru-c2e14-29-01:/tmp/dump_run304446_event00119879_fed0625.txt
Raw data: bu computers like bu-c2f13-37-01 /store/lustre
ru/bu computers on page http://daq-expert.cms/daqviews

Modification of config files in rs_manager

0. See below how to open rs_manager
1. Click Viewer/editor
2. find configuration
3. Click Save to XML file
4. Click Duck Configurator
5. Open the saved  file
6. Edit  configuration
7. Click Save (disket with green dot)
8. Click Duck
9. input comment.
10. Check in Global configuration that change is OK. 

Disabling transfer to BU

1) enter in x2go01 machine
2) become ecalpro and launch command
3) you will have a first popup "Java update needed": click "Later" button
4) you will have a second popup "Security Warning": put the tick in the checkbox "I accept the risk..." then click "Run"
5) the RS Manager GUI will open and you will be on the "Connection" tab. Press the antenna button to connect.
6) if it doesn't work try machine cmsonr2-v.cms has hostname in the left form
7) If it works, on the right side you will have a list of user appearing. Choose ecalpro clicking once on it
8) now you can go to the "Global configuration map" tab (last og the GUI)
9) click on the antenna button and change the name of the hostname as in point 6) if the default one is not working. The connection can take several seconds
10) now on the top part you have to enter in the folder (double click to open a folder) 
11) then click once on PRIV_ECAL as to select it
12) on the lower part go to folder:
13) you will see there 2 configurations:
Click once on the one you need at the moment 
14) Click on the register button on the left.
15) Now you can close everything. Remember to destroy the DAQ and recreate it.

lpm.howto, rs_manager, DuckCAD,

ssh -R cms904x2go.cms904

rs_manager, use cmsusrold computer !
Here the instruction to register a key

in the viewer/editor panel, 

- refresh the view if you did not just connect to the DB to see changes that other people may have done
- open the configuration /ecalpro/MiniDAQ3/TCDS/tcdsECAL_pri
- double-click on the TCDSFM(first line)
- click on Properties
- select ‘lpmConfiguration’
- click on modify
- modify the string or load a file
- close all the pop-up panels
- save as light configuration

If you only change the lpmConfiguration, you do not need to re-register the configuration.

If multiple people are editing the configuration, do not forget to start by refreshing the view and re-loading the configuration.


FE configuration DB

the new scripts are:
which use the following source files 
The scripts run without arguments and write in the production db. Use them with care.

dbGui http://srv-s2f19-30-01.cms:5000/static/index.html#/login 0r4cms_3c4lc0nf 0r4cms_904

- knowing laser sequence for some run:
- knowing the run number go to the ECAL Summary page
and look for that key and version in Run Configuration section 
(remember to click on "All version" button and just after remove the tick in the "Highest versions only")
- click on the green button of the minidaq version in are interested in and in the new page click on "Sequence" and "Cycle 0" 
- then you can go to the ttcci_configuration_id to know the calibration sequence string we were using, in this case.

SVN howto

        From SandBox:
    1. Get the Kerberos token: kinit4P5 <username>
    2. Go to your code in the sandbox, in our example /nfshome0/ecaldev/DAQ/ECAL/Sandbox_test/ecal/ecalDCC
    3. As you checked-out from a tag, you will need to change to the trunk, use the script svn_switchtotrunk
    4. Commit your code: svn_commit (nice option –a, commits all changed files in one go instead of doing it one at a time).
       By default the commit will also ask if you want to tag this version, say yes, and take note of the tag.

If you just need to commit the code from pro do:
    0. pro 
    1. Get the Kerberos token: kinit4P5 <username> 
    2.Try to do  svn_commit
    3. if you have and error saying you are trying to commit to a tag, you need to do svn_switchtotrunk and then svn_commit.

TCDS howto

cd tcds/trunk local
cd /nfshome0/vlassov/tcds/trunk/daq/tcds/pytcds/pytcds/utils
./icilpm ebp
./pi ebp
cd ttc/ttcci2ici
... and so on




TTCf links

Dick's document
TTC tree in HCAL
TTCf FW documentation
TTCf VME registers
TTCf schematics
optical - electrical:
reg_30 changed from 245 (0xf5) to 104 (0x68, default at power up).
bc0_data changed from 12540 (0x30fc) to 257 (0x101, default at power up).
include file
source file

TCC mapping Pascal's root tool

[pctorino1] /home/daq/evgueni/TPGroot > root EcalTPGParam.root
[vlassov@srv-C2C03-20 ~]$ find -name EcalTPGParam.root
root [1]  TBrowser b   - colomns can be found there
root [31] tpgmap->Scan("crate:fed:tcc:TCCslot:TCCch:tower:CCU:VFE","tcc==72 && tower==16 && VFE==1")
*    Row   *     crate *       fed *       tcc *   TCCslot *     TCCch *     tower *       CCU *       VFE *
*    36340 *    S2D06h *       645 *        72 *        17 *        16 *        16 *        16 *         1 *
*    36341 *    S2D06h *       645 *        72 *        17 *        16 *        16 *        16 *         1 *
*    36342 *    S2D06h *       645 *        72 *        17 *        16 *        16 *        16 *         1 *
*    36343 *    S2D06h *       645 *        72 *        17 *        16 *        16 *        16 *         1 *
*    36344 *    S2D06h *       645 *        72 *        17 *        16 *        16 *        16 *         1 *
==> 5 selected entries
To print in the file:

TCC48 inputs to Trigger towers map:

Light Checker

Preshower tips

DAQ instructions
DCC firmware code
DCC JTAG jumpers
PS electronics!master/navigator/project?P:1688980783:1833541839:subDocs
PS LV docs
dbGui http://srv-s2f19-30-01.cms:5000/static/index.html#/login cms_es_conf2021!
EsMap http://ecalod-web01.cms/ywchang/ES_CONF_INFO.html


$ grep -l 'nfshome0/esdev' * | xargs sed -i 's:nfshome0/esdev:home/vmeuser:g'


rm `find -name 'CCS*' -type f -mtime +1`
You could use the find command.
find <directory> -ctime +17 -daystart -exec rm "{}" \;
The plus sign before the 17 will select change times greater than 17*24 hours ago.
The daystart options measures the time from midnight rather than the current time.
The double quotes are needed when a file-name contains whitespace.
This command will also delete files from subdirectories. If that isn't what you want, use the -maxdepth 1 option.

Weekly DQM summary plots

local DQMs


link to minidaq instruction

link to ECAL DAQ howto

link to CMS DAQ howto

link to CDF (CMS Common Data FORMAT)

fmm staff

The link to TriDas page with FED-FRL-FMM tables
Dear all,

with the switch to new FMM-PCs, last week, the names of the FMM-PCs changed. For those that are interested to log into the FMM PCs to view the detailed logs of the FMMs, I list the mapping of old to new PC names, below.

The full detail can be found in the mapping files at:


| NEW NAME                     |   OLD NAME            | CRATE     | Partitions 
| fmmpc-s1d12-07-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-03   | S1E06-18 |[TOB]
| fmmpc-s1d12-08-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-04   | S1E06-27 |[TIBTID, TEC-]
| fmmpc-s1d12-11-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-05   | S1E06-36 |[HF, EE-, EB-, HO, EE+, HBHEa, HBHEb, EB+, HBHEc]
| fmmpc-s1d12-12-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-06   | S1E06-45 |[GT, RETRI, CASTOR]
| fmmpc-s1d12-13-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-07   | S1E07-09 |[DT+, ES+, DT-, ES-, DT0, CSC+, CSC-]
| fmmpc-s1d12-14-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-08   | S1E07-18 |[RPC, GCT, FPIX, BPIX, DTTF, SCAL, CSCTF]
| fmmpc-s1d12-15-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-09   | S1E07-36 |[TEC+, TEC-]
| fmmpc-s1d12-16-01.cms |   fmm-pc-s1d12-10   | S1E07-45 |Emulator / Dead time monitoring                


fmm machine:  fmmpc-s1d12-05;   (ES machine -07)

-file location:


-monitoring webpage:

fmm mapping geoslot -> slot:fed :
ef buildMapping():
   13:{ 0:631, 1:632, 2:633, 3:634, 4:635, 5:636, 6:628, 7:629, 8:630, 9:643,
         10:644, 11:645, 12:637, 13:638, 14:639, 15:640, 16:641, 17:642, 18:663},
   15:{0:613, 1:614, 2:615, 3:616, 4:617, 5:618, 6:610, 7:611, 8:612, 9:625,
         10:626, 11:627, 12:619, 13:620, 14:621, 15:622, 16:623, 17:624, 18:662},
   17:{0:648, 1:649, 2:650, 3:654, 4:646, 5:647, 6:651, 7:652, 8:653, 9:664},
   19:{0:603, 1:604, 2:605, 3:609, 4:601, 5:602, 6:606, 7:607, 8:608, 9:661}
Pedro Parracho

P5 backups

shows all the snapshots and the times they were made.
The .snapshot directory is not visible by default, you have to explicitly ask for that directly.

Nice Linux...

grep ----> very_important_file
grep >ferol-slb  xdaqconfigf6.xml

CoreDumps in CentOS 7

sudo ls -lrt /var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2019-06-05-16:10:37-9178/
sudo gdb_xdaq //var/spool/abrt/ccpp-2019-06-05-16:10:37-9178/coredump
thread apply all bt

Firewall in CentOS 7

firewall-cmd --zone=public --list-ports
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=5905/tcp
firewall-cmd --zone=public --list-ports
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=5905/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload

Firefox unlock

cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/
cd 06agjsjz.default
rm .parentlock

C++11 migration

scl enable devtoolset-8 -- bash
source /opt/rh/devtoolset-8/enable

C++ good editor


RPMs unpacking

rpm2cpio ./packagecloud-test-1.1-1.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv

Chainsaw files (for ES)

ssh cmsrc-es
cd /var/log/rcms/espro
tail -f /var/log/rcms/espro/Logs_espro.xml | /nfshome0/ecaldev/utils/ --filter=ERROR

Interesting JTAG links

oSLBs programming xls file

How to use Sandbox, pdf file

B904 staff
ECALOD like website
ECAL machines:
vmepc-e1x07-28-01      &#8592; where make compiles software ecalod-daq01
vmepc-e1x07-32-01                     &#8592; evb machine for 904
vmepc-e1x07-33-01      &#8592; web01 equivalent
vmepc-e1x07-41-01      &#8592; vmepc connected to the rack
Srv-e1x02-34-01.cms904   &#8592; old xaas server
kvm-s904-r-ip10-03.cms904    &#8592; new xaas server 

Machine in ecal room in 904
root: ecal904!
ecal904user: ecal904user

CDAQ recovery:
ssh bu-e1x04-08-01
rm -rf /fff/ramdisk/tsunami ;
touch /fff/ramdisk/tsunami ;

Turn ON/OFF the rack E1a03
Synoptique general
Login: BOBBY (keeping the selectors pressed to chose the letter)
Click menu to hide it
Click on the "hand" on the line of the desired rack (03)
Rack off: GREEN (means safe)
Push the rack
Acquit defauts (clears errors)
Press the hand next to the action to select one of them
Choose ON (or rearm)
How to power cycle VME crate
Usage: Command
Commands: On,Off,Cyc(le), Sta(tus). Case insensitive.
Crates: (optional): 1,2 or All.       Default is 1, this (top) crate only is controllable for now.
The bottom crate (#2) does not respond commands for some reason.
It is very old not standard crate and it will be difficult to repair it. And there are no needs.

It stops to work in case not in use long time (some timeout?).
To recover it:
0. ssh  vmepc-e1x07-41-01
1. icfonfig
     The port "can0" should be present.
     In case it is absent:
2. sudo /nfshome0/vlassov/CanBus/systec_can/
    "can0" should apper.
3. Check: stat
   If it does not work
4. reboot computer.
5. modprobe systec_can
6. sudo /nfshome0/vlassov/CanBus/systec_can/
IPMI in 904: ipmiwrapper -H ecal904-od power on  # (choose from 'on', 'soft', 'off', 'reset', 'status')
RCMS machine for ecal:
RCMS running on the machine:
Dump files: ru-e1x05-12-01.cms904 /tmp
MiniDaq files: (example)
scp -rp bu-e1x04-08-01:/store/lustre/mergeMacro/run1000033882/streamA/data/run1000033882_ls0005_streamA_StorageManager.dat .
LocalRuns files:
vmepc-e1x07-28-01, folder /fff/ramdisk
DCCGui start:
./x86_64_centos7/bin/dccGui.exe  -s19 -l3 -c 3818 
DCC Status: ecalDCC/scripts/ qq 3
TccGui start:
. config/
./x86_64_centos7/bin/tccCmd.exe "3818:3:0" 17 68 tccGui  - barrel
export STRIPS2TOWERS_GUI_FILE=/nfshome0/ecalpro/DAQ/RunTime/GREN/config/tcc-ee/TCCID_vs_STRIP.dat
 ./x86_64_centos7/bin/tccCmd.exe "3818:3:0" 5 48 tccGui 7 103 - endcup
TCDS in 904
General application
Ecal LPM
Ecal ici
Ecal pi
FMM tables in 904
DCS LV : pcethdcs10/dcs_sm36 D:B_904 (there are Icons).   

Quartus firmware version

Device->Device and pin options->general->Jtag User code (EB130719)
Device->Device and pin options->Configuration->Configuration device options->Configuration device user code (EA130719)
In EventBuilder: File .../configuration_region/configuration_register_dialbus.vhd  at the end (EB130719 binary)
In Merger: File tts_config.vhd

Git Mimimal

kinit vlassov@CERN.CH
git clone -b C11_XDAQ15 m5
git checkout -b NewBrach - The branch created, the working directory is OK
git add --all
git commit -m  'Comment ..'
merge: git branch master; git merge --ff-only NewBranch; 
git push --all // -all for pushing branch

-- EvgueniVlassov - 27-Jan-2011

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