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SVN checkout

export SVN_SSH="ssh -l camacho"
svn co svn+ssh:// GSC2012CONF

SVN create a tag from a branch

svn copy svn+ssh:// svn+ssh:// -m "Creating tag GSC2012CONF-00-00-10"


El primer link te dice que hacer:

Pero en resumen, necesitas este segundo:

Setup Rootcore (07/07/2015)

Let's setup the ATLAS software environment for the first time. If you are outside lxplus you need

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
alias setupATLAS='source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/'

Now let's setup the Analysis Release, we will use a 'flavor' called AnalysisBase (which is the general purpose one maintained by ASG):

rcSetup Base,2.3.15
rc find_packages
rc compile

What to do every time you log in:

More information:

Generating events

EVNT generation


##Henso's help, March 11th 2015
export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
alias setupATLAS='source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/'


cd /afs/

source $AtlasSetup/scripts/,32,slc5,AtlasProduction

export JOBOPTSEARCHPATH=$JOBOPTSEARCHPATH:/cvmfs/ ecmEnergy=13000 maxEvents=-1 runNumber=000001 firstEvent=1 randomSeed=29078 outputEVNTFile=evgen.root


##Arturo's help, July 4th 2015

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
alias setupATLAS='source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/'


cd /afs/

#source $AtlasSetup/scripts/,32,slc5,AtlasProduction

export JOBOPTSEARCHPATH=$JOBOPTSEARCHPATH:/cvmfs/ --ecmEnergy=13000 --firstEvent=1 --randomSeed=1234 --jobConfig=JOs/ --outputEVNTFile=evgen.ttbar.nonallhad.00001.root --runNumber=301528 --maxEvents=100 --steering=afterburner

In the grid:

source /afs/
source ~camacho/
pathena --trf=" --ecmEnergy=13000 --runNumber=429030 --firstEvent=1 --maxEvents=100 --randomSeed=%RNDM:100 --jobConfig=JOs/ --outputEVNTFile=%OUT.test.pool.root --steering=afterburn" --outDS user.camacho.thirdtest13TeV.MC15.429030.PowhegPythiaEvtGen_P2012_ttbar_hdamp172p5_allhad_mtt_1_EVNT/ --nFilesPerJob=10 --split 10

TRUTH generation

Para crear la DxAOD TRUTH, en un directorio limpio:

1) Setup in local (lxplus o maquina con acceso a /afs/ y /cvmfs/)

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/
source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/


2) Run the Reco command —inputEVNTFile <path_to_your_generation_events>/<new_of_the_input_file> —outputDAODFile test.pool.root —reductionConf TRUTH1

In the grid:

source /afs/
source ~camacho/
pathena --trf=" --inputEVNTFile %IN --outputEVNTFile=%OUT.test.pool.root --reductionConf TRUTH1" --inDS=user.camacho.thirdtest13TeV.MC15.429030.PowhegPythiaEvtGen_P2012_ttbar_hdamp172p5_allhad_mtt_1_EVNT_EXT0/ --outDS=user.camacho.secondtest13TeV.MC15.429030.PowhegPythiaEvtGen_P2012_ttbar_hdamp172p5_allhad_mtt_1_TRUTH/ --nFilesPerJob=10

My understanding is that MCGN1 contained the full truth, plus things like MET_Truth, truth jets and relative variables. But this format is not available in Rel20. This means too that this format is really huge. But at the same time I can imagine this is one of the reason it has been useful for you studies.

While the documentation ( says that TRUTH0 is basically a dump of EVNT in xAOD format (with a large size too) and doesn’t contain truth MET nor truth jets.

And the TRUTH1 is a very compact format, with a small size, taking from the twiki: "This is the main truth analysis format. In addition to the main truth record it contains a series of extra containers for specific states, as well as various TruthJet and TruthMET collections. The main truth record is also aggressively thinned to reduce the size"

Alex has been using the option MCGN1 instead of TRUTH1

3) Mas información en

Producing derivations

Here is what I used some weeks ago to create JETM8 derivations (09/06/2015):

asetup 20.1.X.Y-VAL,rel_1,AtlasDerivation,gcc48,here --nightliesarea=/afs/
cmt co -r DerivationFrameworkCore-00-02-18 PhysicsAnalysis/DerivationFramework/DerivationFrameworkCore
cmt co -r DerivationFrameworkJetEtMiss-00-02-15 PhysicsAnalysis/DerivationFramework/DerivationFrameworkJetEtMiss
cd WorkArea/cmt
cmt bro cmt config 
cmt bro gmake 
cd ../run --inputAODFile mc14_13TeV.203496.MadGraphPythia8_AU2MSTW2008LO_RSG_hh_bbbb_m500.recon.AOD.e3219_s1982_s2008_r6252_tid05272175_00/AOD.05272175._000051.pool.root.1 --outputDAODFile output.pool.root --reductionConf JETM8

Instructions for which setup version to use can be found here: I think the latest version to be used is (week 1 data)

How to run RootCoreValidation code

More info:

cd /afs/
svn co svn+ssh:// RootCoreValidation

To run it you will need to setup a rootcore release then do,

rc find_packages
rc compile

It should then have executables that you can use to run over truth xAOD files you produce from the GenerateEVNT folder.

cd Validation
The path to the input file folder should be change in Validation/util/qqqqValRun.cxx. The inputs should be in a folder inside the folder you have in the path. The outputs will be in a folder called submitDir/hist-test.root.

Major updates:

-- ReinaCamacho - 2015-05-18

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