Problem: In the section Getting Started section, under Creating a New Package, I ran into the following problem. The example goes fine up to compilation of the new package. Then when one tries to run it under UserAnalysis, the executable crashes and is looking for the entry point MyNewPackage_getFactoryEntries (see 'workbook_output_file' in attachement for the complete output).

Solution: It turns out that the problem was linked to a wrong folder structure. As suggested in the workbook, the components directory should be created in the src folder of the new package and if this is not the case, the problem described above occurs. I hope this can help anyone running into a similar problem.

-- Andree - 1 Nov 2006

Can't read more than ~40K events?

If you have problems reading more than ~40K events in one job (using the EventSelector.InputCollections = [ "file1.aod.root", "file2.aod.root", ... ] line in your jobOptions file), and you get a mysterious (and very helpful!) failure like =SyntaxError: invalid syntax athena> File "", line 1= then you should comment out the following lines from your jobOptions file:

include ("LSFTimeKeeper/")
LSFTimeKeeperSvc= Service("LSFTimeKeeperSvc")
-- AndrewHamilton - 28 Nov 2006

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