Can't read data file

Error message:

It happens when we try to move a runable job from PCFarm UI to batch run, 
DbSession: level[Info]     Open     DbSession
Domain[ROOT_All]: level[Info] >   Access   DbDomain     READ      [ROOT_All]
Domain[ROOT_All]: level[Info] >   Deaccess DbDomain     READ      [ROOT_All]
EventSelector       ERROR (PersistencySvc) pool::PersistencySvc::UserDatabase::connectForRead: PFN "/home/atlas/data/csc/official/ttbar/semilep/csc11.005200.T1_McAtNlo_Jimmy.recon.AOD.v11004103._00001.pool.root" is not existing
ProxyProviderSvc    ERROR ServiceLocatorHelper::createService: can not create service EventSelector of type EventSelector
ProxyProviderSvc    ERROR  getting Address Provider EventSelector
ProxyProviderSv...  FATAL  Exception with tag=ProxyProviderSvc::providerNamesPropertyHandle is caught
ApplicationMgr      FATAL finalize: Invalid state "Configured"

Reason 1:

/home/atlas is a symbol link, not real directory. If we change /home/atlas to /raid/atlas. It will work

C++ problems

Error message:

  File "/raid/zhucg/athena/releases/12.0.3/AtlasCore/2.0.3/InstallArea/python/AthenaCommon/", line 224, in run
    result = self._evtpro.executeRun( nEvt )
SystemError: problem in C++; program state has been reset
athena>   File "<stdin>", line 1
...... mess out put followed .....


the defined ntuple in h file is not declared in cxx file

Reason 2:

one of the AOD events is not well simulated, see Every time you analysis code met this event, your code crash

Segmentation fault:

Error message:

around 2007-05-01, I copied the Athena release 12.0.6 from raid/zhucg to raid0/zhucg, both under hgfarm.
Run Athena &#8230; got the error message:
Wed May  9 18:27:08 CST 2007
Segmentation fault

Reason 1:

     12.0.6 has been installed in /raid/zhucg, pacman download, config and install each packages, 
starting with raid/zhucg, so the installation somewhere depends on the raid/zhucg. Now that config all the package 
env to raid0/zhucg, but the installation is not modified yet.
Go to package /raid0/zhucg/athena/releases/12.0.6/AtlasCore/2.0.6/Control/AthenaCommon/cmt
Do cmt br global cmt config and  cmt br global gmake

Invalid memory reference

Error message

ATAL 2008-Apr-22 11:00:13 [static void ers::ErrorHandler::SignalHandler::action(int, siginfo_t*, void*) at ers/src/ErrorHandler.cxx:88] Got signal 11 Segmentation fault (invalid memory reference)
        Parameters = 'name=Segmentation fault (invalid memory reference)' 'signum=11'

Reason 1:

In Athena release 13, vector ntuple is set with ->push_back. 
But if you want to use index, for example (*ntuple)[i]=xxx, 
you have to set size with ->resize(5,-999). 
Otherwise you will have this problem.

" FATAL Standard std::exception is caught"

just redo it.

"ERROR Algorithm of type DoTrack is unknown (No factory available)."

one reason is component " XXX_entries" file doesn't include and declare DoTrack

usually means that a library is missing. To obtain information on which library is missing, add to your job options the line:

theApp.ReflexPluginDebugLevel = 10000

error in ATLAS Geometry unmatch

error message

GeoModelSvc                                          INFO * ATLAS tag: ATLAS-GEO-03-00-00
GeoModelSvc                                          INFO  Use 'GeoModelSvc.IgnoreTagDifference = True' in order to ignore this error

(pid=32359 ppid=10492) received fatal signal 6 (Aborted)
signal context:
  signo  = 6, errno = 0, code = -6 (*unknown reason*)
  pid    = 32359, uid = 2780
  value  = (0, (nil))
  stack  = (2, 0, (nil))

  eip: 0023:ffffe410           eflags: 00200216
  eax: 00000000   ebx: 00007e67   ecx: 00007e67   edx: 00000006
  esi: 00007e67   edi: 00849ff4   ebp: ffff2828   esp: ffff2828
   ds: 002b        es: 002b        fs: 0000        ss: 002b

  signal esp: ffff2828  trap: 0/0  oldmask: 00000000   cr2: 00000000

  FPU:  control = ffff037f
        status  = ffff4020
        tag     = ffffffff
        ip      = 0010:e647f11f
        data    = 002b:ffff29d0
        state   = 00004020
    %fp0 = [0000:0000000000000000]
    %fp1 = [0000:0000000000000000]
    %fp2 = [0000:0000000000000000]
    %fp3 = [0000:0000000000000000]
    %fp4 = [0000:0000000000000000]
    %fp5 = [0000:0000000000000000]
    %fp6 = [0000:0000000000000000]
    %fp7 = [0000:0000000000000000]

stack trace:
 0xf5864078 _ZN4seal9DebugAids10stacktraceEi + 0x60 [/afs/]
 0xf588d42a _ZN4seal6Signal9fatalDumpEiP7siginfoPv + 0x1ca [/afs/]

to change to the geometry tag as in data file or use GeoModelSvc.IgnoreTagDifference = True in joboptions

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range' vector::_M_range_check

Now we will see C++ Standard Library class template vector, which is similar to an array but more robust. Vectors also have many built-in features that you will see in the example below. The standard library defines a number of containers, and vectors are one form of a container. A container may hold a number of elements, like an array, but is more intelligent. In particular, it has size information and is resizeable. Other containers are list and map. Let's look at a simple example to illustrate vectors and a few of the member functions.

    // Member function at() returns a reference in the vector and is safer than the [] operator  
    // because at() won't let you reference items outside the bounds of the vector.  
    // Example:  It is safer to use than it is to use test1[i].
    // Example: use at member function to check array boundary - does test1[1000] exist?
    // If not, abort with runtime error = 200;    
    cout << "We will never reach this point if there is no test1[1000].\n";

Attribute setting problem

Shortened traceback (most recent user call last):
  File "/afs/", line 386, in <module>
    include( script )
  File "./", line 3, in <module>
    include( "RecExCommission/" )
  File "/afs/", line 44, in <module>
AttributeError:  JobPropertyContainer:: You cannot add attributes to      |- CBNTAthenaAware = True
     |- DPDMakerScripts = []
     |- LoadGeometry = True
     |- OutputLevel = 3
     |- OutputSuffix = ''
     |- RootHistoOutput = 'histo.root'
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