Streams Service Review

General problems in the Streams Environment

List of the general problems observed in the Streams environment databases and list of actions to do.

  • Listener problems @destination sites (mainly Tier1 databases)
    • ORA-12514: TNS: listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor
    • ORA-12520: TNS: listener could not find available handler for requested type of server
    • propagation job disabled after 16 consecutive errors -> Tier 1 administrators will receive an email from the monitoring tool
    • sqlplus connection may still be possible
    • actions for Tier 1 administrators:
      • check the “lsnrctl services” output
        • must show service related to the Streams queue: Service "SYS$STRMADMIN.STREAMS_QUEUE_ONL_AP.ATLR.CERN.CH" has 1 instance(s)
        • databases running LFC and LHCb Streams must have 2 services
      • fix the problem: listener configuration
      • re-start the propagation job using "strmprop" user (connect to the downstream database): exec dbms_propagation_adm.start_propagation('%propagation_name%');

  • Running out of space in the archive log area
    • increase size shared storage
    • recommendation: use monitoring and alarms

  • Network outage
    • send us an email with estimated resolution time

  • User-defined types not supported by streams -> capture process aborted
    • use filter rules in order to skip those tables

  • User error encountered while applying
    • run procedure ‘print_errors.sql’ shows details transactions in the error queue (strmadmin user)
    • causes: human errors, streams misconfiguration, ….
      • ORA-01403: no data found
      • ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object
      • analyzed with the help of experiment’s administrators
    • other causes: database administration related
      • ORA-01652: unable to extend tablespace
      • ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource
    • actions for Tier 1 administrators (only in case of database administration related cause):
      • fix the problem: increase tablespace size, eliminate deadlock, ....
      • re-apply transaction in the error queue (connect as strmadmin user): exec dbms_apply_adm.execute_all_errors('%apply_name%');
      • re-start apply process (connect as strmadmin user): exec dbms_apply_adm.start_apply('%apply_name%');

  • ORA-12801, ORA-04039 when query gv$views
    • database is up but monitoring shows it down
    • adjust memory parameters

  • knllgobjinfo: MISSING Streams multi-version data dictionary!!!
    • Warning messages reported when creating tables with constraints whether these are replicated or not.
    • As they are one-time only errors reported on table creation and they do not affect Streams replication they can be safely ignored.
    • Metalink note 471858.1

Known Streams bugs

List of the known bugs related to Oracle Streams, workarounds and fix patches.

In addition, check Metalink Note:437838.1 - Recommended Patch for Streams

Oracle version

  • ORA-600 [KWQBMCRCPTS101] after dropping Propagation job
    • Apply patches: 7263055 and 7480651 (check patch post-installation steps)

  • ORA-00600: [KWQPCBK179], memory leak from propagation job
    • Apply patch: 5933656

  • ORA-26687 when “drop table” and 2 Streams setups between the same source and destination databases
    • Apply patch: 6452375

  • *ORA-600: [KNLQDQM2USR:4], apply aborted, after installing patchset
    • Apply patch: 7033630 (check patch post-installation steps)

Oracle version

  • Capture process is aborted with error ORA-01280: Fatal LogMiner
    • capture process running out of memory
    • MLR for Streams and Logminer bugs 6081550
    • re-start capture process

  • ORA-600 [KWQBMCRCPTS101] after dropping Propagation job
    • Streams queue is not usable => replication stops
    • workaround: remove the complete Streams setup and re-configure Streams without problematic propagation
    • fixed on 11g, fix patch available on

  • ORA-00600: [KWQPCBK179], memory leak from propagation job
    • observed after applying the fix patch
    • new patch on top

  • OEM agent blocks Streams processes
    • stop_propagation procedure hangs
    • fix patch 5330663

  • CREATE VIEW ddl is replicated when run from a schema with select privilege on the replicated schema table
    • new BUG: 6641199
    • no fix patch available

  • Bug recyclebin=on; after child table dropped: ORA-26687 on parent
    • Metalink note 412449.1
    • workaround: use “purge” option or disable constraints
    • fixed on and 11g

  • ORA-26687 when “drop table” and 2 Streams setups between the same source and destination databases
    • table is not removed @destination
    • workaround: define schema rules in the apply processes
    • fix patch available on top

    • generic performance issue on RAC
    • apply processes stuck on different wait events like 'library cache lock' and 'cursor: pin S wait on X’, …
    • apply the fixes for the following bugs: 5964485, 5907779 and 5977546

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