Information sent to PanDA server

The list of all dictionary fields sent to the PanDA server during job updates.

Job request

Values are set in pilot function pilot/control/job::get_dispatcher_dictionary().

Field name Example Comment
node Worker node name
allowOtherCountry False allowOtherCountry=True to be used in conjunction with countryGroup=us for US pilots. With these settings, the Panda server will produce the desired behaviour of dedicated X% of the resource exclusively (so long as jobs are available) to countryGroup=us jobs. When allowOtherCountry=false this maintains the behavior relied on by current users of the countryGroup mechanism -- to NOT allow the resource to be used outside the privileged group under any circumstances
workingGroup None (See allowOtherCountry)
countryGroup None (See allowOtherCountry - only sent if args.country_group = "")
siteName IL-TAU-HEP Resource name from AGS queuedata
worker_id 72226263 Harvester environmental variable $!HARVESTER_WORKER_ID
computingElement IL-TAU-HEP Queue name from pilot option -q
prodSourceLabel rc_test2 Job label to request special job from the server without affecting productions. The following values are allowed: managed (production), user (user jobs), test (test system jobs), rc_test2 (pilot 2 HC RC jobs), ptest (pilot test jobs)
diskSpace 20000 Local disk space that should be available for a job (in MB), Note: predetermined value taken from AGIS queuedata
harvester_id CERN_central_A Harvester environmental variable $!HARVESTER_ID
mem 36031.75 MEMTOTAL value from /proc/meminfo (converted to MB)
cpu 2133.0 CPU frequency value from /proc/cpuinfo (in MHz)

Job definition

Field name Example Comment
jobsetID NULL .
logGUID 99a3dc30-c224-430b-b230-ef02e5f207e6 GUID for log file created by the pilot
cmtConfig x86_64-slc6-gcc49-opt Platform information
prodDBlocks hc_test:mc15_13TeV.361106.PowhegPythia8EvtGen_AZNLOCTEQ6L1_Zee.evgen.EVNT.e3601_tid04972714_00 .
dispatchDBlockTokenForOut NULL,NULL .
destinationDBlockToken NULL,NULL .
destinationSE IL-TAU-HEP .
realDatasets hc_test.gangarbt.hc20146604.tid1080.IL-TAU-HEP.51,hc_test.gangarbt.hc20146604.tid1080.IL-TAU-HEP.51 .
prodUserID ../Robot/CN=proxy .
GUID 12250692-BED0-CD47-AABD-BC1617CDA16F List of GUIDs for input files
realDatasetsIn hc_test:mc15_13TeV.361106.PowhegPythia8EvtGen_AZNLOCTEQ6L1_Zee.evgen.EVNT.e3601_tid04972714_00 List of dataset names for input files
nSent 0 .
cloud NL Cloud name
StatusCode 0 .
homepackage AtlasOffline/21.0.16 .
inFiles EVNT.04972714._000021.pool.root.1 .
processingType gangarobot-rctest .
ddmEndPointOut TECHNION-HEP_DATADISK,TECHNION-HEP_DATADISK List of DDM endpoints for output files (last entry corresponds to the log file created by the pilot)
fsize 37073557 .
fileDestinationSE IL-TAU-HEP,IL-TAU-HEP .
scopeOut hc_test List of Rucio scopes for output files
minRamCount 0 .
ioIntensity None .
jobDefinitionID 6402 .
maxWalltime NULL .
scopeLog hc_test Rucio scope name for log file created by the pilot
transformation Name of transformation script
maxDiskCount 0 .
coreCount 1 Number of requested cores
prodDBlockToken NULL .
transferType NULL Server instruction for file transfers. In the case of direct access mode in production jobs, the server will instruct the pilot to switch on direct access by sending transferType=direct. This mechanism is not user for user jobs, where direct access is normally switched on in AGIS
destinationDblock hc_test.gangarbt.hc20146604.tid1080.IL-TAU-HEP.51,hc_test.gangarbt.hc20146604.tid1080.IL-TAU-HEP.51 .
dispatchDBlockToken NULL .
jobPars --maxEvents=2 --skipEvents=0 --firstEvent=118001 --randomSeed=119 --DBRelease="all:current" --geometryVersion="default:ATLAS-R2-2016-01-00-01_VALIDATION" --conditionsTag "default:OFLCOND-MC16-SDR-14" --physicsList=FTFP_BERT_ATL_VALIDATION --preExec "EVNTtoHITS:simFlags.SimBarcodeOffset.set_Value_and_Lock(200000)" "EVNTtoHITS:simFlags.TRTRangeCut=30.0;simFlags.TightMuonStepping=True" --postInclude "default:RecJobTransforms/" --simulator=FullG4 --truthStrategy=MC15aPlus --DataRunNumber=361106 --outputHitsFile output.1.9ca872d4-c6e8-418f-90cd-6fcb64320525_73249.pool.root --inputEvgenFile EVNT.04972714._000021.pool.root.1 --overwriteQueuedata={allowfax=False} Payload options (appended to the transform command)
attemptNr 0 Attempt number for this job (counted by the server)
swRelease Atlas-21.0.16 Software release string
nucleus NULL .
maxCpuCount 0 Override value for looping job checks (in s)
outFiles output.1.9ca872d4-c6e8-418f-90cd-6fcb64320525_73249.pool.root,9ca872d4-c6e8-418f-90cd-6fcb64320525_73249.1.job.log.tgz .
currentPriority 1000 Job priority as decided by PanDA server
ioIntensityUnit None .
scopeIn mc15_13TeV Rucio scope names for input files
PandaID 4498778438 PanDA job id
sourceSite NULL .
dispatchDblock NULL .
prodSourceLabel rc_test2 Job label to request special job from the server without affecting productions. The following values are allowed: managed (production), user (user jobs), test (test system jobs), rc_test2 (pilot 2 HC RC jobs), ptest (pilot test jobs)
checksum ad:57f275bb List of adler32 checksum values for input files
jobName 9ca872d4-c6e8-418f-90cd-6fcb64320525_73249 .
taskID NULL .
logFile 9ca872d4-c6e8-418f-90cd-6fcb64320525_73249.1.job.log.tgz' Name of job log file created by the pilot at the end of the job

Dispatcher/Server responses

Field name Example Comment
command tobekilled The server may return a command for the pilot; values are 'NULL' (normal, ie no instruction), 'tobekilled' (pilot will abort the running payload), 'softkill' (event service kill instruction - currently not used), 'debug' (turn on debug mode, in which the pilot will send the tail of the most recent payload log to the server with the next update), 'debugoff' (turn off debug mode)
StatusCode 0 Server return codes; 0: succeeded, 10: time-out, 20: general error, 30: failed. Note: PanDA server returns the StatusCode as an int, while the aCT returns it as a string.

-- PaulNilsson - 2018-02-16

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