How to Find Panda Job's Log Files


This page describes how to find Panda job's log files.

Which log file to look for?

In the job definition, there should be a "log" type filename specified, which will be the logical file name of the log file to be created for the job. The "log" file here actually is a tarball of the work directory of the job.

Log files at BU

Look at the Panda monitoring page (jobsArchieved table) for the job you want to find its log files, and get the name of the log file (the name of the tarball of job's workdir) from the type=log row.

Example: For the job with PandaID=4087, the name of the tarball is


Run the following command to get the location of the tarball:

$ curl\?lfns=mc11.004201.ZeeJimmy.digit.log.v11000201._00060.job.log.tgz.1

You will see the following lines printed on the screen:

<pfn filetype="" name="gsi"/>
Then copy the file into your machine (under /tmp directory for instance):
$ globus-url-copy -vb -p 3 gsi file:///tmp/mc11.004201.ZeeJimmy.digit.log.v11000201._00060.job.log.tgz.1

And then untar the file:

$ tar -zxvf mc11.004201.ZeeJimmy.digit.log.v11000201._00060.job.log.tgz.1
You will be looking at the files like pilot_child.stdout, pilot.stdout, simlog, digilog etc. for a possible reason of the job's failure.

Log files at BNL

For the BNL jobs, use:

$ curl\?lfns=name_of_tarball

And replace the srm host string "srm://" by "gsi" before running "globus-url-copy" as above.

Log files at UC

For the UC jobs, use:

$ curl\?lfns=name_of_tarball

Log files at UTA

For the UTA jobs, use:

$ curl\?lfns=name_of_tarball

Log files at OU

For the OUHEP_OSG jobs, use:

$ curl\?lfns=name_of_tarball

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