This page is presenting the steps necessary to make a Computing Element (a cluster, e.g. a Tier3) available for PanDA production. These are the minimal requirements, they do not include a local installation of DQ2 Site Services. If you intend to install also DQ2 Site Services your site will be equivalent to a Tier2 and you can check Tier2s documentation.

Your CE will have to meet the requirements and install some software (OSG and ATLAS) to interact with Panda.

Here is a glossary with new terms you may encounter in these pages.


Once you have your cluster ready you can consider to make your CPUs available for panda production if:
  • Your OS (on the Worker Nodes, not on the head nodes) has to be supported by ATLAS (e.g. Scientific Linux - SLC3 or SLC4). ATLAS software is validated only on few OSes.

Grid (OSG Installation)

You will have to use a head node (machine with public network address) as Grid Gatekeeper, installing the OSG software stack, currently 0.6. You will install a OSG site, probably as member of the ATLAS VO.

You can find more details about OSG here:


As a result of the OSG installation you'll define and publish some information.

To be used by Panda these have to be communicated to Panda (e.g. to the people on shift) so that your CE is added to the list of valid CEs (added to

Specifically you need to provide:
SiteName, gatekeeper hostname, batch queue type (queue to use for Panda jobs), OSG_APP_DIR, OSG_DATA_DIR, OSG_WN_TMP_DIR, special parameter to use for Globus submission (if any, e.g. a queue name different from the default one), path of python >= 2.3 (if the default is a lower version), OSG_GRID_DIR,

You will have to get in touch with a ATLAS Tier2 to be able to use their DQ2 Site Services and provide:

  • DQ2URL: URL of the LRC you'll be using
  • copytoos: the client tool (e.g. uberftp) used to transfer input files from the SE at the Tier2 and how to set it up (if it is not already available)

This information will be used to add the CE in and the latter one (copytool) also to add an entry in A Panda developer will be able to do that.

Panda developers will have to:

  • update and on the pilot submit host
  • update on the Panda central server (Taskbuffer) and on the monitoring server

Xin or the new panda pilots will install the required ATLAS releases into OSG_APP_DIR.

Now your CE is ready to receive Panda pilots and run production or analysis jobs through PanDA.

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