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Minutes of the LIM meeting, Jan 13, 2005

Present: Emil Obreshkov (ATLAS), Florence Ranjard (LHCb), Shahzad Muzaffar (CMS), Andreas Pfeiffer (SPI)

Apologies: David Quarrie (ATLAS), Eric Poinsignon (SPI)


The re-build of the packages and projects on SLC3 has been done and announced over the holidays. LHCb reported a small bug in the installation of root3 for this build. The missing line in the rootrc file concerning castor has been added by Eric and the installation was subsequently validated for LHCb. Atlas and CMS did not find the resources to do tests of the build.

It is agreed that the change over will be done in the morning of Monday, Jan 17 2005, after confirmation by the Architects Forum this afternoon. (Meanwhile this changeover was done).

The build of the projects as in LCGCMT_26_2d for SLC3 and SLC3_dbg is in progress (finished since).


LHCb asked to install a new version of doxygen (1.4.0) in the external area. Also the use of doxytag for the projects is not clear (or at least not clearly documented). If not yet done, the doxytag files should be created for the projects and checked that they are homogeneous (in their "look and feel").

Also a request to have doxygen documentation for CLHEP (and root) was brought up, but on lower priority.

Andreas announced that he will have a look into the change-over to the new version of scram (V 1.0). A meeting with Shaun will take place and after investigating the resources a plan for the migration will be prepared in collaboration with the projects.

For the status of the root-4 based releases, see the cooresponding action item below.

Next meeting: January 27, 11:00.

Action items:

new and outstanding:

- provide _dbg versions for SLC3 platform - re-opened as LHCb needs the versions of LCGCMT_26_2d - in progress (done by now)

- check status of root-4 based releases - seal 1.5.3 based on root 4.01.04a build for rh73_gcc323 and slc3 (incl. _dbg). - a new series of prereleases based on the released root 4.02.00 is in preparation. seal 1.6.0-pre1, pool 2.0.0-theta and pi 1.3.0-pre1 are build now.


- plan/install external packages for CMS and LHCb - installed for the CMS req. packages on rh73_gcc323 - porting to SLC3 will start soon - problem with callgrind: to be investigated by Eric with Stefan Roiser.

- plan for releases on Mac - problem on Mac (see minutes of Nov 11, 2004)

- provide _dbg versions for SLC3 platform - foreseen for the new releases of the projects: seal 1.4.2, pool 1.8.0, pi 1.4.2 and the root-4 based counterparts. -> (11nov2004) closed with the cutting of the mentioned releases.

- PI 1.2.3 for rh73_gcc32 - moved to version 1.2.4 (using seal 1.4.2) -> (11nov2004) done with release 1.2.4

-- AndreasPfeiffer - 20 Jan 2005

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