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Minutes of the LIM meeting, Apr. 07, 2005

Present: Emil Obreshkov (ATLAS), Vasily Kabachenko (ATLAS), Florence Ranjard (LHCb), Shahzad Muzaffar (CMS), Andreas Pfeiffer (SPI)

Apologies: David Quarrie (ATLAS), Eric Poinsignon (SPI)


A problem was found when trying to compile root 4.03.02 with the 3.4.3 version of the GCC compiler as installed in AFS. The problem is cured if the compiler is configured with the --disable-shared flag. Andreas rebuild and reinstalled the compiler for the slc3_ia32_gcc343 platform with this flag, the 64 bit platforms will follow soon.

For reference, the AFS path to the compiler is:

As usual, you have to make sure that the corresponding bin/ and lib/ directories are first in your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables.

Several external packages needed upgrades to more recent versions in order to compile properly on the new compiler (and amd64). Some packages need a patch as there is no more recent version available. An up-to-date list will be published soon.

Work on the next release of CLHEP is still ongoing (mainly to fix a bug appearing on rh73_gcc32 with some new code dealing with the streaming of the state of random engines).


LHCb would like to have in future releases the symlinks with the (dummy) version numbers (so.0....) removed from the CLHEP libs (both on windows and unices).

CMS asks for an update of the Qt version to the latest version (3.3.4) and for the installation of new packages:

  • "simage" (version 1.6.1) and "jpeg" (version 6b) tools for printing
3D scene in different formats (eps, jpg, tiff etc).
  • hippodraw (1.14.0) based on Qt 3.3.4

Next meeting: April 21, 11:00.

Action items:

new and outstanding:

  • install new CLHEP version as soon as it will be available

  • provide "flexible" download/install for GENSER 1.0.0

  • check/validate the directory structure of all LCG AA projects (checkout and install area)

  • create "LCGAA" pseudo-package for to download the binaries of a related set of releases in one go.

closed since last meeting:

  • status of root-4 based releases
    • pi 1.3.1 based on seal 1.6.1 has been released
    • a new bug-fix release for seal (1.6.2) is in preparation (based on LCG_34) pool (2.0.4) and pi 1.3.2 will follow soon.

-- AndreasPfeiffer - 11 Apr 2005

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