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Minutes of the LIM meeting, Dec 01, 2005

Present: Emil Obreshkov (ATLAS), Florence Ranjard (LHCb), Vasily Kabachenko (ATLAS), Shahzad Muzaffar (CMS), Andreas Pfeiffer (SPI)

Apologies: David Quarrie (ATLAS)


Based on the configuration LCG_39, a new round of releases was build: SEAL 1.7.7, CORAL 1.0.0, POOL 2.2.5, PI 1.3.10. COOL 1.2.7 was not build due to some problems with the CORAL release.

The individual tarballs for the GENSER_1_2_0 release are now available from the external/distributions AFS space.

New issues:

A new relase of savannah with some bugfixes will be introduced Dec 2, 2005. A short downtime of the service is expected (planned for 10:00-12:00, hopefully shorter).

CMS asked the gccxml-config to report the patch level for the patched installations in externsl (and similar for other tools which have a config script).

CMS asked if there is a plan to migrate to scram V1. The very limited resources available in the projects make this difficult to impossible.

Atlas was asking if a version of cernlib is available for the AMD64/gcc344 platform.

Next meeting: Dec. 15, 11:00.

Action items:

new and outstanding:

  • check status of DAWN/DAVID installation in external

  • tarballs for binaries for win32_vc71 platform

  • check/validate the directory structure of all LCG AA projects (checkout and install area)

  • create "LCGAA" pseudo-package for to download the binaries of a related set of releases in one go.

Status of releases:

  • see above.

-- AndreasPfeiffer - 15 Dec 2005

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