Minutes RF structure meeting 06.03.2009

F.Gerigk, S. Ramberger, M. Schuh, G. DeMichele, F. Grespan

LINAC4 (General) (FrankGerigk)

  • Linac4 commissioning postponed to 2014, but no changes for the schedule
  • klystrons: possibility to open market to Japan (Toshiba) and USA (CPI), it seems that Thales can get support from French government for klystron development
  • Soltan Institute finished the buncher cavity machining, now ready for tuning and e-beam welding.
  • Frank ask Giovanni to study the problem of re-phasing the debuncher cavity after PIMS: because of the Voltage ramping possibility in the last PIMS modules, the phase of the debuncher cavity must be adjusted in less than 10 microsec.

CCDTL (FrankGerigk)

  • kick-off meeting postponed to 14-20 May 2009
  • list of parts for construction in Russia (vacuum ports, pump positions, etc.) is being prepared
  • copper order for Drift Tubes went out last week (probably ~2 months delivery)
  • presented different solutions for Drift Tubes building: more convenient brazing directly the end cap on the cylindrical body of the Drift Tube, without additional processing for cooling channel plugs.


  • Vacuum leak on the Prototype (SuitbertRamberger)
    • a copper hair, probably due to a strong screwing, crossed the vacuum surface of the 6th stem and broke the vacuum
    • after fixing that problem, vacuum will be tested with a plastic gasket on the end-plate, instead of the helicoflexes
    • for the final DTL tanks it's useful a procedure to test the vacuum sector after sector * Summer Student from India: he will work on the DTL bead pulling (Labview code development, measurements) (GiovanniDeMichele) * Circuit Model: preliminary simulations of the PC's stabilizing effect on the accelerating mode field: different values of the capacitance Cp have different effect on the gap voltage (FrancescoGrespan)

HOM (MarcelSchuh)

  • applied a model of the SPL with two sections
  • phase advance per period limitation implemented
  • program running considering one HOM per cavity with a gaussian frequency spread and a beam with realsitic input errors on energy, phase and charge

-- FrancescoGrespan - 09 Mar 2009

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