Frank Gerigk, Mohammad Reza Khalvati, Tomoko Muranaka, Rolf Wegner

CECOM (F. Gerigk)

  • waiting for new samples (without oxidation) and proposal for a date to visit and see the assembled prototypes

SM18 (F. Gerigk)

  • meeting on space request tomorrow morning
  • water is back, and modulator team has already started testing of the modulator

MTF (F. Gerigk)

  • FG will request a "technical fellow" to organise, gather and archive quality assurance reports into MTF.

PIMS (R. Wegner)

  • vacuum test of ring M_13-14 successful, may thanks to Jean-Michel for the modified concept, the purchase of joints and all installation.
  • metrology reports from NCBJ for discs M_2-3 and M_12-13 have been received. They look very promising, only the coaxiality at assembly diameter 524 is out of specifications on both discs.

-- RolfWegner - 07-Feb-2013

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