F. Gerigk, S. Ramberger, G. DeMichele , R. De Prisco

Buncher cavity

  • the cavity arrived in Geneva (not yet in CERN) from Polland (shipment on 2nd February).


  • visit to Bilbao to define collaboration
    • the drift tube parts will be supplied from July 2010.
    • the drift tube for the HP test could come to CERN in a few weeks
  • position of waveguides (WGs) and pick-ups on tank1,2,3 are under investigation
  • DTL prototype
    • Qloaded about 15000 against 18000 at the time of the HP test.
      • transition N-type to WG to be checked
      • tightness of the bolts on the end-walls to be checked
      • after the meeting the N-type to WG transition was found to be the culprit. The correct Qloaded is 18000.
    • Upgrade of LabVIEW data acquisition from PLC
    • Presentation for LLRF working group


  • Circuit Model:
    • simulated modes curves fit with measurements
    • difference between simulated and measured coupling cell frequency: 160kHz


  • Schedule for construction was relaxed by 6 month
  • Decision has to be taken if structures will be welded or brazed.
    • Interesting option could be the brazing because the vacuum brazing oven will be ready at the end of the year and can fit with the schedule
  • PIMS low power measurements to be started on the 1st week of March

-- GiovanniDeMichele - 12-Feb-2010

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