Minutes RF structure meeting 27.03.2009

S. Ramberger, G. DeMichele, F. Grespan

LINAC4 (General)

  • Debuncher: discussion with Giovanni about the painting scheme into the PSB, with particular reference to the AB-Note-2008-011 ABP (authors: C.Carli, R.Garoby). (GiovanniDeMichele)


  • Frequency measurement on the DTL Cold Model at different PC lengths (5 PCs inserted), to test the circuit on different cavity configurations. Good fitting results. (FrancescoGrespan)
  • Circuital simulation of the stabilization point for the Cold Model. Circuital simulation of the stabilization changes due to a PC shift. (FrancescoGrespan)
  • Cold Model, bead pull system and code were arranged for bead pull measurements in order to verify the circuit results. (GiovanniDeMichele)

-- FrancescoGrespan - 27 Mar 2009

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