F. Gerigk, S. Ramberger, M. Schuh, P. Tirado


  • Technical meeting was a success. All open issues were discussed
  • Shipping list is under preparation
  • Simulations:
    • 2 modes found in 3 cell model with 2 coupling cells and one cell in short circuit. Further studies ongoing to understand model


  • Construction is ongoing
  • Investigation is in progress, if EB welding could be done in Juelich

Buncher Cavity

  • Feedback from Poland:
    • Line inside cavity detected. It should not be an problem in later operation so no additional machining will be done.


  • High Power Test ongoing
    • about 250 kW in the cavity with more than L4 duty cycle (4Hz, 700$$\mu$sec) wip.gif
  • Tilt sensitivity measurement is still under further analysis
  • First drift tube with magnet inside is ready for final welding.
    • Magnetic shielding is necessary
    • Drift tube will be cut open afterwards and final checks will be done
    • First “final” drift tube will be produced afterwards


  • Analyzing longitudinal simulation results in case of a chopped beam. Effect of chopping seems to be an issue, especially if HOM hits a machine line generated by the chopping. Further analysis is needed to identify damping limits.

-- MarcelSchuh - 02-Nov-2009

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