Open Actions Booster Commissioning Working Group

Assigned to Start date Description State Result
C.Carli 2009-06-22 Follow up removal of LTB.BHZ25 and fabrication of replacement pipe. edit
J.Tan 2009-09-21 Follow up with U. Raich if at least 2 PSB ring pick-ups could be equipped with PS-like turn-by-turn acquisition electronics.   edit
B.Goddard 2009-09-21 3D modeling of the BS magnets.   edit
C.Carli 2009-10-07 Provide a list of minimum required Linac4 beam parameters for each PSB commissioning step.   edit
J.Tan 2009-10-07 Provide an estimate for the minimum required signal for the PUs at different Linac4 energies.   edit
B.Mikulec 2009-12-07 Contact P. Baudrenghien to discuss ring-specific interlock situations with respect to the Linac4 RF and the delay of the LL control to the chopper.   edit
Main.A.Lombardi 2011-03-28 Organise a discussion with W. Weterings to evaluate the damage potential of the new PSB injection equipment to halo particles from Linac4 to judge the necessity of upstream collimation.   edit

-- BettinaMikulec - 04 Dec 2007

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