Open Actions, Diagnostics

Assigned to Start date Description State Result
G.Tranquille 2007-11-19 Simulations for emittance meter slit at 3MeV and 12MeV, material choice, decision on cooling. 2007 edit
T.Lefevre 2007-12-17 Determine slit tolerances for emittance meter at 3MeV and 12MeV 2007 edit
B.Goddard 2007-12-17 Provide specs for BLMs in the PSB injection period 2007 edit
B.Dehning 2008-01-14 Specify number and location of BLMs 2008 edit
Y.Cuvet 2008-02-06 Add BLMs to the drawings for the DTL, CCDTL and PIMS.   edit
M.Eshraqi 2008-06-17 If possible, simulate the effect of the PS fringe field on the beam to evaluate the need for additional BLMs.   edit
U.Raich 2008-10-10 Investigate which signals should be transferred to OASIS and prepare the associated cable inventory. Check once more the completeness of the cable infrastructure planning.   edit
G.Bellodi 2009-01-19 Check the maximum obtainable longitudinal phase space rotation when varying the parameters of the last 2 PIMS cells.   edit

-- KlausHanke - 18 Sep 2007

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