Support and alignment of Linac4 accelerating structures, 24 August 2009

Participants: P. Bourquin, Y. Cuvet, G. Favre, F. Gerigk, L. Gentini, M. Jones, J-M. Lacroix, A. Lombardi, R. Maccaferri, S. Ramberger, A. Tambwe

F. Gerigk presented the current status of alignment and support for the Linac4 accelerating structures.

Decisions taken:

  • The support of all elements between DTL tanks and PIMS cavities will be done on L-shaped supports, which are fixed on one of the cavity end-walls. All elements on these intertank supports will be positioned with reference to the beam axis, using "blocks" or "layers" of precision machined material. This method was preferred to having alignment tables on the L-shaped support, since the alignment will only be done once. The alignment of quadrupoles will be done outside of the tunnel with reference to the beam axis. The position of the diagnostics with reference to the beam axis will also be measured outside of the tunnel. Quadrupoles and diagnostics should be held in place by pins, which will make it easier to exchange these elements.

-- FrankGerigk - 2009-08-24

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