Trigger Shifter


  • uGT dies (skull and bones): stop run, restart process, red-recycle trigger, reconfigure trigger (more than once if needed), start new run
  • uGT Error: check Central Cell, Operations, Run Control. Usually necessary to stop the run
  • OMTF and/or EMTF Error: ask DAQ shifter for a Hard Reset, do not stop the run
  • EMTF Error: number of broken link inputs: reconfigure trigger, call L1 DOC
  • Process dies: Check OnlineWBL1OnlineIssues
    • uGT, CaloL1: stop run and restart process
    • uGMT, CaloL2, BMTF, EMTF, OMTF, TWINMUX: continue the run

After red-recycling the trigger, check the prescale column!

  • Big disgrace: large deadtime


  • L1 page
  • Rate meter
  • WBM L1 rates
  • HLT monitoring tool
  • uGT swatch cell: Trigger Rates
  • uGT swatch cell: Prescales
  • Prescales twiki OnlineWBL1CollisionPrescales
  • DQM L1T


Remove old tags

From this guide:

  • Removing all tags with CMSSW and X in it:

git tag -d `git tag | grep -E '.' | grep CMSSW | grep _X_`
git ls-remote --tags my-cmssw | awk '/^(.*)(s+)(.*[a-zA-Z0-9])$/ {print ":" $2}' | xargs git push my-cmssw


  • fatal: unable to access [name of the repository]: error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version
  • This seems to be caused by an old git version, but the error can be avoided by cloning with SSH: git clone[username]/[repository].git

cmsShow tricks

Download event

Use a recent release:

cmsrel CMSSW_8_0_21
cd CMSSW_8_0_21/src/

Get the script from Git (wget .) if you have the CMSSW PhysicsTools package locally, edit the script here $CMSSW_BASE/src//PhysicsTools/Utilities/scripts/

Then, change the following line:

-    jsondict = das_client.get_data('', query, 0, 0, False)
+    jsondict = das_client.get_data('', query, 0, 0, False, ckey=das_client.x509(), cert=das_client.x509())

Then run (remembering that the latest version of python to be used to interact with the database is 2.6):

python2.6 /JetHT/Run2016B-PromptReco-v2/MINIAOD 275371:441:862926383
(or a .txt file with list of run:ls:event, line separated)

The output is a edmCopyPickMerge command, which should be run in the terminal. It will download a pickevents.root in the current directory.

Open with cmsShow

Run cmsShow with the command:

cmsShow --free-palette event.root

the --free-palette allows to pick a whatever color from the TColorWheel instead of the default ones.

Then, to change the style:

  • Open Common preferences, and set the background color to white
  • Set style to Fall
  • Click on the PFCandidates color box, and select the kAzure+9
  • Deselect jets, photons collections
  • Click on Add Collection, and select PFSecondaryVertices
  • Before saving a view, in the (i) menu, show Logo and event / lumi / run info.

UZH framework

Mount remote directory

Tier 2

  • Create mount point: mkdir /scratch/$USER/gfalFS/T2_CH_CSCS
  • Mount: gfalFS -s /scratch/$USER/gfalFS/T2_CH_CSCS srm://
  • The mounted directory is: /scratch/$USER/gfalFS/T2_CH_CSCS/pnfs/
  • Unmount: gfalFS_umount /scratch/$USER/gfalFS/T2_CH_CSCS

Tier 3

  • Create mount point: mkdir /scratch/$USER/gfalFS/T3_CH_PSI
  • Mount: gfalFS -s /scratch/$USER/gfalFS/T3_CH_PSI/ gsi
  • Unmount: gfalFS_umount /scratch/$USER/gfalFS/T3_CH_PSI

Ntuple production

  • CRAB submission (remember to set the correct name of the output directory in, and to always specify -s ""):
    • python -d crab_MC_V3 -c -f samples/Moriond17/samples_MC_ext_Alberto.txt  -s "_ext"

  • Automatic resubmission:
    • ls /mnt/t3nfs01/data01/shome/zucchett/CMSSW_8_0_21/src/EXOVVNtuplizerRunII/Ntuplizer/crab*/*  | grep Ntuplizer  | awk {' print "crab resubmit " $0 }' | sed 's/:/ /' >
    • chmod +x
    • ./

  • Copy from T2 to T3:
    • URL="gsi"
    • uberftp -ls -r $URL | grep .root$  | awk {' print "globus-url-copy -v -cd gsi"$8" gsi"$8}' | sed '' | grep -v failed > copyCommands.txt
    • cat copyCommands.txt | parallel -j 10

  • Create lists
    • ls /pnfs/*/*/*/* | grep store | sed 's/://' > Data_list.txt
    • python  Data_list.txt  -o xmls_ReReco

  • Access files on T2:
    • root -l "dcap:// filename

Ntuple studies

How to do the event size cake plot:

  • Open file with ROOT: root -l dcap://
  • Read tree: TTree* tree=(TTree*)_file0->Get("ntuplizer/tree")
  • Print info: tree->Print()
  • Copy output to txt file (content.txt)
  • Filter first column: cat content.txt | grep -e Br | awk '{print $3,$5}' > content1.txt
  • Filter second column: cat content.txt | grep -e "File Size" | awk '{print $12}' > content2.txt
  • Copy to spreadsheet, make nice plot

How to work with a Mac

Setup T3 mount point

First, avoid the need to input password every time. Create a ssh key:

  • To create a shared key, ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "" -f .ssh/t3ui03_id_rsa. The passphrase can be empty.
  • Check that the .ssh/authorized_keys on the remote server has writing permissions. Log in with ssh, then: chmod 700 .ssh/authorized_keys
  • On the local machine, copy the key using the previously installed script: ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/
  • Test that the setup is working: ssh -i ~/.ssh/t3ui03_id_rsa

Then, use sshfs to mount the remote directory:

  • Create local mount directory: mkdir t3ui03
  • Mount with sshfs: sshfs  -o volname=t3ui03,IdentityFile=~/.ssh/t3ui03_id_rsa t3ui03/

Finally, create a double-click executable:

  • Create file: nano t3ui03.command
  • Assign execution rights: chmod +x t3ui03.command
  • Add the following commands:

Avoid creation of DS_Store directories on remote volumes

Just run the following command in a Mac OSX shell, and restart the machine:

defaults write DSDontWriteNetworkStores true

-- AlbertoZucchetta - 2017-09-20

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