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test colors in a title : normal color, red color , again normal color

URL in brackets

...at this URL: <http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1476743> It is version...

...at this URL: < http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1476743&gt; It is version...

...at this URL: <http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1476743 > It is version...

...at this URL: < http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1476743 > It is version...

br in a title
                                         line 2 of the title
line 3 of the title

40                                          blanks

including parts of AlexanderFedotovSandbox7

Anchor lines in AlexanderFedotovSandbox7 are:
   <!--begin section1-->
   <!--end section1-->
   <!--begin section2-->
   <!--end section2-->
example of pattern Tfrom TWiki.TWikiVariables#VarINCLUDE
   pattern="^.*?(from here.*?to here).*"

Warning: Can't find topic Sandbox.AlexanderFedotovSandbox7 Warning: Can't find topic Sandbox.AlexanderFedotovSandbox7

other tests

Updated from the edit page

an external reference (to an anchor)

  • 6) ETgamma > 30 GeV, ETjet > 30 GeV, |ETAjet| > 0. (dijet events)

this is a centered verbatim

this is a (centered) tabled verbatim
second line
For some reason, it looks like a SYNTAXed text

this is a (centered) tabled SYNTAX
second line
The TABLE gets ignored!

this is myTOC:
         line 1
         line 2
                 line 2.1
                 line 2.2
                         line 2.2.1
                         line 2.2.2
                 line 2.3
         line 3

this is ICON: GIF the end

Twisty in twisty, 3 levels: More... Close Level 1 More... Close Level 2 More... Close Level 3

Drawing is not editable here (insufficient permission or read-only site)

//. . .
#include "SimDataFormats/GeneratorProducts/interface/GenEventInfoProduct.h"
//. . .
void HZZ4muAnalyzer::analyze( const Event& e, const EventSetup& )
  Handle< GenEventInfoProduct > GenInfoHandle;
  e.getByLabel( "generator", GenInfoHandle );

  double pthat = ( GenInfoHandle->hasBinningValues() ? 
                  (GenInfoHandle->binningValues())[0] : 0.0);
//. . .










#FFF8DC cornsilk




#F5F5F5 whitesmoke



  • using MyBlnk10 (page has to be saved at least once):
               asd asd asd

Surround "<" and ">" with blanks in order not to loose them (and possibly what is inside brackets): vector < int >

Tilde followed by minus: ~-

Definition lists:

aa aa aaa aaa
b bb bbb bbbb

Trying the IMAGE plugin: tmpB root.gif End of IMAGE

This is a simplest TWISTY example: More... Close my twisty content End of example

A TWISTY with a picture:

my twisty content -- the picture tmpB_root.gif :


End of example

A TWISTY with buttons:

my twisty content

A TWISTY with IMAGE buttons (not working):



* gif saved by root:

second row of the table
row 3 of the table
row 4 of the table
row 5 which is very long very long very long
very long very long very long very long very
long very long very long very long very long
very long very long very long very long very
long very long
Here is a way to make figure captions:
Fig.15. Then a general wording follows follows follows follows follows follows follows
follows follows , FOLLOWED FINALLY by an UL list
  • item 1
    i1 continued
  • item 2 -- the second one

  • rotated and cropped:

This is an HTML heading


## * Set H = Gray led HELP PICK

This div has been aligned using the css text-align property.

Try changing the values to see the effect it has on the alignment of the cell.

Also, do not let the css "text align" name fool you. You can align any element - not just text.

  • 1
    • 2

  • bullet bullet continued table inside bullet:
    a b
    c d
    bullet continued?
    asdasd asad
    bullet continued?
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line 1

line 2

aLongLineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6
Heading 7 And this is bold, italic, bold italic,...

This is an URL: http://rbc.ru, blabllabla, a link to rbc.ru

new paragraph

  • level 1 a
  • level 1 b
    • level 2
      • level 3 a
        • level 4
      • level 3 b
  • level 1 c

define item 1
Each row of the table is a line containing of one or more cells. Each cell starts and ends with a vertical bar '|'. Any spaces at the beginning of a line are ignored.
define item 2
Each row of the table is a line containing of one or more cells. Each cell starts and ends with a vertical bar '|'. Any spaces at the beginning of a line are ignored.

Topic variable: AlexanderFedotovSandbox

A region size of has been successfully

--++ The Householder Algorithm

The problem of finding a solution for the first equation, , can be expressed as a minimization problem of the quantity: %\[ \left| \mathbf{A}\cdot\mathbf{c} - \mathbf{E}_\text{beam} \right| \]% with the vector of the calibration constants running on crystals, the beam energy vector running on events, and the event matrix, i.e. the matrix of energy depositions in the crystals for each event.


H1 Wiki displays tables nicer: cf https://www-h1.desy.de/icgi-h1wiki/moin.cgi/Convenors/ConvenorsMeeting2009-10-01


  • H1 week preparation: the default time-table of physics working group meetings has been reviewed
This is the caption of the table below
title1 title2 title3 title4
Tuesday 9:30 - 13:00 ELAN DIFF combined part for F2D 9:30-10:30 ?
Tuesday 14:00 - 17:00 HF DIFF  
Wednesday 10:00 - ... REX HAQ move one to afternoon ?

ELAN and DIFF convenors should consider to organize part of Tuesday morning as a joined session, for discussions which are relevant to both PWGs. Examples are: F2D/FLD, results from the new Spacal noise simulation, etc. For Wednesday, REX and HAQ should consider to shift one of the sessions to the afternoon. There are people (like physics coordiantors) planning to attend both sessions. The developing agenda of the [https://www-h1.desy.de/h1/iww/iminutes/agenda_physics_plenary.20091015.html physics plenary] has been discussed. Convenors and analyzers are invited to contribute!

row 1 , row 2

row1 , row2


1 2
r o w 1 asd
row2 asd


Data sets

set 1

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