All hadronic ttbb analysis

Theory information

Papers and other publications

ATLAS information

KLFitter information

Monte Carlo samples

  • Multi-bjets Pythia 8 DSID: 801116
  • All Hadronic ttH PowHeg+Pythia DSID: 346343
  • ttZ(qq) McAtNlo events, DSID: 410157

Monte Carlo requests and Jira tickets

Monte Carlo sample derivation

AnalysisTop config file used for production:

Process Generator Year Samples AnalysisTop output ready?
ttbb PowhegOLD 2017 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.411070.PhPy8EG.ttbb.mc16d_unfl2_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.411070.PhPy8EG_A14NNPDF23_NNPDF30ME_ttbb4F_PhOL_hdampHThalf_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e6938_e5984_a875_r10201_r10210_p4049
ttbb Powheg 2017 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.601228.PhPy8EG.ttbb.mc16d_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.601228.PhPy8EG_A14_NNPDF31_ttbb_4FS_pTdef1_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e8388_e7400_s3126_r10201_r10210_p4514
ttbb Powheg 2016 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.601228.PhPy8EG.ttbb.mc16a_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.601228.PhPy8EG_A14_NNPDF31_ttbb_4FS_pTdef1_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e8388_e7400_s3126_r9364_r9315_p4514
ttbb Powheg 2018 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.601228.PhPy8EG.ttbb.mc16e_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.601228.PhPy8EG_A14_NNPDF31_ttbb_4FS_pTdef1_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e8388_e7400_s3126_r10724_r10726_p4514
multib125 Pythia 2017 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.801116.Pythia8.QCD_NBJetFilter_4b_ptHat125.mc16d_unfl_newPow3_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV:mc16_13TeV.801116.Py8_4b_MultiBjetFilter_pTHat125.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e8381_e7400_s3126_r10201_r10210_p4260
multib125 Pythia 2016 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.801116.Pythia8.QCD_NBJetFilter_4b_ptHat125.mc16a_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV:mc16_13TeV.801116.Py8_4b_MultiBjetFilter_pTHat125.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e8381_e7400_s3126_r9364_r9315_p4260
multib125 Pythia 2018 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.801116.Pythia8.QCD_NBJetFilter_4b_ptHat125.mc16e_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV:mc16_13TeV.801116.Py8_4b_MultiBjetFilter_pTHat125.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e8381_e7400_s3126_r10724_r10726_p4260
ttbar Powheg+Pythia 2017 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.410471.PhPy8EG.mc16d_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.410471.PhPy8EG_A14_ttbar_hdamp258p75_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e6337_e5984_s3126_r10201_r10210_p4514
ttbar Powheg+Pythia 2016 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.410471.PhPy8EG.mc16a_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.410471.PhPy8EG_A14_ttbar_hdamp258p75_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e6337_e5984_s3126_r9364_r9315_p4514
ttbar Powheg+Pythia 2018 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.410471.PhPy8EG.mc16e_unfl_newPow8_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.410471.PhPy8EG_A14_ttbar_hdamp258p75_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e6337_e5984_s3126_r10724_r10726_p4514
ttH Powheg+Pythia 2017 AnalysisTop output: user.mspalla.mc16_13TeV.346343.PhPy8EG.mc16d_newPow8_Sys7_Sys_output.root/ yes
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.346343.PhPy8EG_A14NNPDF23_NNPDF30ME_ttH125_allhad.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e7148_e5984_s3126_r10201_r10210_p4514
ttZ McAtNlo 2016 AnalysisTop output: no
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.410157.aMcAtNloPythia8EvtGen_MEN30NLO_A14N23LO_ttZqq.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e5070_s3126_r9364_r9315_p4514
ttZ McAtNlo 2017 AnalysisTop output: no
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.410157.aMcAtNloPythia8EvtGen_MEN30NLO_A14N23LO_ttZqq.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e5070_e5984_s3126_r10201_r10210_p4514
ttZ McAtNlo 2018 AnalysisTop output: no
DAOD: mc16_13TeV.410157.aMcAtNloPythia8EvtGen_MEN30NLO_A14N23LO_ttZqq.deriv.DAOD_TOPQ4.e5070_e5984_s3126_r10724_r10726_p4514

Monte Carlo samples request:

Git repository analyses code and internal Note

Plots for the internal note.

  • A tag has been added to mark the version of the plots in AnalysisTopR21/PlotsForIntNote. Below is the list of tags:
    TAG Description
    Plots_v0 First version. Plots for all the KLFitter/Chi2 selections, with EMtopo, PFlow(pb) and PFlow(tag).

LHCPhysics Web Page links

Analysis Event selection

Preselection cuts applied in the analysis

Cut in config file Description
INITIAL framework default
GRL GRL used: see below
PRIVTX Primary vertex (framework default)
GOODCALO framework default, probably 'no calorimeter errors'
NOBADMUON framework default
TTBB_TTBAR_VETO remove ttbb events from ttbar MC to avoid double counting, acts on parton-level
CUT_MC_WEIGHT remove MC events with too large event weight (w>1000)
2B2J OR 7j TRIGGER see below
EL_N 25000 == 0 No electrons with pt>25 GeV
MU_N 25000 == 0 No muons with pt>25 GeV
MET < 60000 Missing Et < 60 GeV
JET_N 25000 >= 8 At least 8 jets of pt>25 GeV and abs(eta)<2.5

Good Run List (GRL) and Pile-up reweighting

  • Below list of files used in the analysis:

Year Files
2018 PRWConfigFiles_FS: dev/AnalysisTop/PileupReweighting/user.iconnell.Top.PRW.MC16e.FS.v2/prw.merged.root
PRWConfigFiles_AF: dev/AnalysisTop/PileupReweighting/user.iconnell.Top.PRW.MC16e.AF.v2/prw.merged.root
PRWActualMu_FS: GoodRunsLists/data18_13TeV/20190318/physics_25ns_Triggerno17e33prim.actualMu.OflLumi-13TeV-010.root
PRWActualMu_AF: GoodRunsLists/data18_13TeV/20190318/physics_25ns_Triggerno17e33prim.actualMu.OflLumi-13TeV-010.root
PRWLumiCalcFiles: GoodRunsLists/data18_13TeV/20190318/ilumicalc_histograms_None_348885-364292_OflLumi-13TeV-010.root
2017 PRWConfigFiles_FS: dev/AnalysisTop/PileupReweighting/user.iconnell.Top.PRW.MC16d.FS.v2/prw.merged.root
PRWConfigFiles_AF*: dev/AnalysisTop/PileupReweighting/user.iconnell.Top.PRW.MC16d.AF.v2/prw.merged.root
PRWActualMu_FS: GoodRunsLists/data17_13TeV/20180619/physics_25ns_Triggerno17e33prim.actualMu.OflLumi-13TeV-010.root
PRWActualMu_AF: GoodRunsLists/data17_13TeV/20180619/physics_25ns_Triggerno17e33prim.actualMu.OflLumi-13TeV-010.root
PRWLumiCalcFiles: GoodRunsLists/data17_13TeV/20180619/physics_25ns_Triggerno17e33prim.lumicalc.OflLumi-13TeV-010.root
2016/15 PRWConfigFiles_FS: dev/AnalysisTop/PileupReweighting/user.iconnell.Top.PRW.MC16a.FS.v2/prw.merged.root
PRWConfigFiles_AF: dev/AnalysisTop/PileupReweighting/user.iconnell.Top.PRW.MC16a.AF.v2/prw.merged.root
PRWLumiCalcFiles: GoodRunsLists/data15_13TeV/20170619/PHYS_StandardGRL_All_Good_25ns_276262-284484_OflLumi-13TeV-008.root
PRWLumiCalcFiles: GoodRunsLists/data16_13TeV/20180129/PHYS_StandardGRL_All_Good_25ns_297730-311481_OflLumi-13TeV-009.root

B-jet trigger

  • 2b2j triggers used:
    • 2018: HLT_2j35_bmv2c1060_split_2j35_L14J15.0ETA25
    • 2017: HLT_2j25_gsc45_bmv2c1060_split_2j25_gsc45_boffperf_split_L14J15.0ETA25
    • 2016: HLT_2j35_bmv2c2060_split_2j35_L14J15.0ETA25
    • 2015: ??
  • Applied offline cut:
    • At least 4 jets of pt>55 GeV
    • At least 2 of these jets must be b-tagged (MV2c10 @ 60% WP)

Jets trigger

  • 7j triggers used:
    • 2018 / 2017 / 2016: HLT_7j45_L14J15
    • 2015: ??
  • Applied offline cut:
    • At least 7 jets of pt>55 GeV

Reconstruction of the ttbar events in ttbb final state events

  • KLFitter 3-1-10, 1T Likelihood.
    • Alternative: chi2, parametric or not.
  • Latest summary: presentation at Top Reconstruction.
  • Merge request of KLFitter to athena: !37695
  • KLfitter Likelihood cut: log(L) > -50

Extra two b-jets reconstruction in ttbb events

Select in the event two extra b-jets with the largest b-tag weight (MV2c10 @ 60WP) among those not used by KLFitter

Background estimation done with the ABCD method

Independent variables used:

  • : number of b-tagged jets (MV2c10 @ 60% WP)
  • Where () is the mass of the 3 jets (2 light-jets) forming one of the top-quarks (Ws) in the ttbb events

Definitions of Control Region (CR) and Signal Region (SR) used in the ABCD method


List of given talks and meetings at MPP

| Date | Indico link

08/03/2022 Update talk given by Margherita in the Flavour Tagging Plenary Meeting
24/11/2021 Status update talk given by Nina in the Xsec meeting
17/11/2021 Definition of extra b-jets talk given by Teresa in Xsec. meeting
18/06/2021 ABDC and new sample mj - MC studies (Nina)
02/06/2021 Status update talk given by Margherita in the top Xsec meeting
22/04/2021 1T KLfitter and Chi2 results presented by Margherita in the top Reco meeting
17/03/2021 1T KLFitter results (Margherita) - Comparison of correction ration-values(Nina)
03/03/2021 ATLAS style macro, ABCD/BDT methods (Nina)
24/02/2021 MadGraph (Teresa), Status 1T +Uncertainty on the efficiency (Margherita) ABCD distributions (Nina)
17/02/2021 ABCD distributions (Nina)
10/02/2021 MadGraph Stsudies (teresa), ABCD studies (Nina)
03/02/2021 Status 1T KLfitter (Margherita), ABCD distributions (Nina)
27/01/2021 ABCD studies (Nina)
20/01/2021 -
13/01/2021 -
18/12/2020 Single-T results (Margherita); ttbar background-studies and TOPQ4 derivation (Nina)
04/12/2020 Single T results (Margherita); pt cut studies and continuous btagging (Nina)
26/11/2020 Meeting with Mike Fenton
25/11/2020 -
18/11/2020 -
11/11/2020 Bug fix (Margherita); et_truthParton studies first ABCD bckg studies (Nina)
28/10/2020 jet_truthParton studies (Nina)
21/10/2020 -
14/10/2020 -
02/10/2020 -
23/09/2020 -
16/09/2020 -
09/09/2020 -
02/09/2020 -
31/07/2020 -
24/07/2020 -
14/07/2020 -
29/06/2020 -
22/06/2020 -
12/06/2020 -
29/05/2020 Sven's talk on the production of Multi-b background events
20/05/2020 -
13/05/2020 -
06/05/2020 -
27/04/2020 -
15/04/2020 -
06/04/2020 Full stat. KLfitter vs Chi2 studies (Margherita) - Full stat. Chi2 studies (NIna)
30/03/2020 Sigma over RMT in chi2 studies
23/03/2020 Further chi2 studies (Margherita) - Initial chi2 studies (Nina)
18/03/2020 KLfitter 408 vs 3210 thruth comparisons and initial chi2 studies (Margherita)
10/03/2020 KLfitter efficiency/purity studies (Margherita) - KLfitter option definitions (Nina)
25/02/2020 KLFitter Time consumption, trigger
18/02/2020 KLFitter, b-jet investigations
04/02/2020 -
20/01/2020 -
10/01/2020 -
04/11/2019 -
23/10/2019 KLFitter, Multijet-Bkg
02/10/2019 Data-MC comparison
25/09/2019 Data-MC comparison
10/09/2019 Status update rehearsal talk for the Top Xsec meeting
08/07/2019 Status update rehearsal talk for the top Xsec meeting
28/06/2019 Cutflow plots
31/05/2019 mass resolution, leptonic ttbb talk, mistagging
10/05/2019 KLFitter, truth matching, purity
03/05/2019 KLFitter
15/04/2019 --
12/03/2019 -
18/02/2019 Trigger comparison
04/02/2019 Trigger comparison
28/01/2019 Trigger efficiency
18/01/2019 Trigger efficiency
14/12/2018 Trigger efficiency
27/11/2018 Update: Trigger, derivaions
12/10/2018 Trigger, derivations
03/08/2018 Summary talk Top X-Sec Meeting
27/06/2018 -
19/06/2018 Sven: Comparison Sherpa and Powhel, Interfacing Powhel with EvtGen +Pythia8
18/05/2018 Meeting with the PowHel people
07/05/2018 Update: Powheg vs. Sherpa at central eta
30/04/2018 Powheg vs. Sherpa at central eta
16/04/2018 Sherpa, Sherpa vs. Powheg+Pythia8
27/03/2018 Sherpa Update
20/03/2018 Sherpa Update
09/03/2018 Plots with Sherpa Sample
02/03/2018 MC Generator record

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