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Talks, reports, meetings

Meeting categories: gFEX, Hinv, L1CM (L1Calo Monitoring), T:CoreSW (Trigger core software)

keywords: gfex, hinv (subcategories, hinv:trig), mon:l1calo, mon:trp, rates

Date Meeting Speaker keyword TitleSorted descending Link
2017/8/11 T:CoreSW Myers mon:xmon Xmon Update xMon_update08-11-17.pdf
2017/7/14 T:CoreSW Zheng mon:xmon Xmon update 14-07-2017xMon.pdf
2017/6/30 T:CoreSW Zheng mon:xmon Xmon Update AndyAukerman20170630_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2017/6/9 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon Update AndyAukerman20170609_TrigCoreSW_new.pdf
2016/06/10 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon status report https://indico.cern.ch/event/493525/contributions/2004995/
2016/06/03 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon status report https://indico.cern.ch/event/539055/
2016/04/08 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon status report AndyAukerman20160408_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2016/03/11 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon status report AndyAukerman20160311_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2016/03/04 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon status report AndyAukerman20160304_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2016/02/19 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon status report AndyAukerman20160216_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2016/02/05 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon status report AndyAukerman20160205_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2016/01/15 T:CoreSW Hong mon:xmon Xmon status report TaeMinHong20160115_xmonStatus_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2015/11/06 T:CoreSW Hong mon:xmon Xmon status report TaeMinHong20151105_xmonOnline_TrigCoreSw.pdf
2016/09/16 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:xmon Xmon Plans AndyAukerman20160915_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2016/06/29 REU:Michigan Aukerman mon:xmon xMon Overview https://indico.cern.ch/event/537758
2017/6/27 T:Weekly Gerbaudo mon:xmon Xmon HLT success (3) 170627_WeeklyRunMeeting.pdf
2016/08/15 T:L1Calo:weekly Burr (col. Carlson) L1Calo XE50 performance triggerStudy.pdf
2016/06/29 REU:Michigan Dimond VP1 VP1 and L1calo Monitoring VP1_And_L1Calo_Monitoring.pdf
2016/03/25 P:BNL:Grp Hong VBFinv VBFinv overview https://indico.cern.ch/event/514107
2014/04/24 T: Hong trg:vbf VBF Trigger Strategy TaeMinHong20140423_VBFTrigger.pdf
2016/02/29 T:Signature:Jet Carlson jet trigger VBF trigger ideas Carlson_VBFTriggerIdeas_Feb29_2016.pdf
2017/7/28 P:JDM Carlson mc:stats VBF MC Stats Proposal H→Inv Carlson_jdm_July28_2017.pdf
2015/12/11 P:Hinv Liu Hinv meeting VBF jet kinematics for heavy Higgs HongkaiLiu20151211_HeavyHinv.pdf
2016/04/01 P:Hinv Carlson VBFinv VBF invisible trigger (and met trigger in general) Carlson_April1_MissingEtTrigger.pdf
2014/03/04 T: Hong trg:vbf VBF Invisible Trigger TaeMinHong20140304_VBFTrigger.pdf
2017/7/24 P:HWG Aukerman susy:higgsinos VBF Higgsinos Prelimiary Progress AndyAukerman20170724_SUSY_HiggsinoVBFv2.pdf
2017/6/16 P:JDM Carlson hinv:update VBF H→inv update Carlson_jdmreport_Jun16_2017.pdf
2015/09/11 P:Hinv Carlson hinv:trig VBF H→inv Triggers Carlson_hinv_trigger_Sept11_2015.pdf
2015/07/24 P:Hinv Carlson hinv:trig VBF H→inv Triggers HInvTrig_July24_Mtg.pdf
2016/03/07 T:L1calo:General Carlson l1calo Validation of non-linear corrections HinvNonLinear.pdf
2016/04/21 P:Upgrade:Week Carlson upgrade Upgrade simulation report Carlson_UpgrWk_April20_2016.pdf
2017/7/12 T:L1Calo joint Carlson upgrade sim Upgrade samples Carlson_jointmeetingSim_July12_2017.pdf
2016/06/14 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX Upgrade sample update Sample_Summary_June14_2016.pdf
2017/2/16 ATLAS week Carlson upgrade physics Upgrade physics and performance (video link) https://cds.cern.ch/record/2252870?ln=en
2017/2/16 ATLAS week Carlson upgrade physics Upgrade physics and performance AtlasWeek_Upgrade_CarlsonFeb16_2017.pdf
2017/1/12 P:Upgrade Carlson upgrade upgrade MC report Carlson_Jan12_2017_UpgradeMC_.pdf
2016/12/01 P:Upgrade Carlson upgrade Upgrade MC report Carlson_Dec1_2016_UpgradeMC.pdf
2016/11/14 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgrade Upgrade MC report Carlson_UpgrWk_Nov14_2016.pdf
2016/10/19 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgrade Upgrade MC report UpgradeMC_Oct19_2016.pdf
2016/08/18 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgrade Upgrade MC report UpgradeMC_Aug18_2016.pdf
2016/07/14 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgrade Upgrade MC report MCReport_July14_2016.pdf
2016/05/26 P:Upgrade:Physics Carlson Upgrade Upgrade MC report MCReport_Carlson_May26_2016.pdf
2016/08/8 T:L1calo:Weekly Carlson on call report update slides L1Calo_OnCall_Aug2_2016_Carlson.pdf
2016/06/08 T:L1calo:Joint Carlson L1calo Update on upgrade MC samples & simulation L1CaloUpgradeSamples_JointMeeting_Carlson_June2016.pdf
2015/09/15 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX Update on gFEX simulation samples Carlson_Sept15_gFEX_MC12.pdf
2016/06/10 T:CoreSW Aukerman mon:db:cool TRP to COOL https://indico.cern.ch/event/542206/
2016/02/12 P:Hinv Carlson hinv Triggers in menu Carlson_TriggerUpdate_Feb12.pdf
2017/7/10 T:L1Calo Dimond l1calo:reprocessing Trigger Tower Reprocessing for MET - Status ReprocessingL1Calo_3.pdf
2016/01/20 T:General Carlson   Trigger rate predictions (offline) with 13 TeV data RateEstimate_Carlson_Jan20-2015.pdf
2015/11/27 P:Hinv Carlson Hinv meeting Trigger and QCD filters Carlson_Summary_Nov27.pdf
2016/06/9 Training Aukerman mon:xmon TRG Shifter Training AndyAukerman20160609_ShifterTrainingtae.pdf
2017/2/8 T:MET Carlson rates Tile gap 3 initial look TileGap_Feb8_2017.pdf
2016/07/06 T:L1calo:Mon Carlson L1calo Thoughts on gFEX monitoring (phase I) gFEX_Monitoring.pdf
2017/2/9 Higgs:plenary Carlson Trigger Summary of trigger workshop Carlson_TriggerWkspSummary_Feb9_2017.pdf
2015/11/24 P:Hinv Carlson high-pT jets Summary of jet cleaning at HLT Carlson_NCBinHinv_November24.pdf
2015/08/21 T:CoreSW Hong mon:xmon Status of rate predictions online TaeMinHong20150821_xmonOnline_TrigCoreSw.pdf
2017/1/11 T:MET Carlson trigger status of MC samples MCStatus_Carlson_Jan11_2017.pdf
2016/03/18 P:Hinv Hong   Statistics development TMHong20160318_VBFinv_StatTest0.pdf
2015/10/27 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX Solution to simulation issues in MC15 (L1calo Sim Mtg) Carlson_FEX_MC15_October27.pdf
2015/10/27 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX Solution to simulation issues in MC15 (gFEX meeting) Carlson_FEX_MC15_October27.pdf
2016/11/03 T:L1Calo:joint Carlson upgrade Simulation update Carlson_L1CaloWeek_Nov3_2016.pdf
2016/02/10 T:L1calo:Joint Carlson l1calo Simulation samples for upgrade studies L1CaloUpgradeSamples_JointMeeting_Carlson_Feb-2016.pdf
2015/10/21 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX Simulation issues with MC15, L1calo simulation meeting Carlson_gFEX_MC15Issues_October20.pdf
2017/6/26 T:MET Dimond l1calo:reprocessing Reprocessing Trigger Towers Update ReprocessingTT.pdf
2017/6/26 L1Calo Dimond l1calo:reprocessing Reprocessing Trigger Towers Update ReprocessingL1Calo_2.pdf
2017/6/15 L1Calo Dimond l1calo:reprocessing Reprocessing Trigger Towers Update ReprocessingJune15-2.pdf
2016/05/23 TDAQ Week Hong TDAQ week report on xmon and menu x TMHong20160522_xmontrp_TDAQWk.pdf
2017/7/26 T:MET Carlson met:rates Rates after TS1 Carlson_July26_2017.pdf
2015/07/24 T:CoreSW Liu mon:xmon Rate predictions (incorporation to P1) HongkaiLiu201507xx_TrigCoreSW.pdf
2015/07/24 T:CoreSW Myers mon:xmon Rate predictions (fits) AAM_Refitter_Trig_Core_Software.pdf
2017/06/21 T:MET Carlson met:rates Rate plots Carlson_Ops_June20_2017.pdf
2016/08/10 T:General Carlson rates rate observations post MD1 RateComparisons_August9_2016.pdf
2017/2/28 Joint meeting Kuan-Yu (col. Carlson) l1calo Pulse shapes for L1calo simulation L1JointMeeting.pdf
2017/7/3 T:L1Calo Guan l1calo:hw Pulse shape study plan 03-07-17_Pulse_shape_study.pdf
2017/7/17 L1Calo Guan l1calo:hw Pulse shape campaign updates YilunGuan17-07-17_L1CaloWeekly.pdf
2017/3/9 T:MET Carlson pufit, vbfinv PUFit studies for H→inv TriggerStudiesVBFMET_march8_2017_Carlson.pdf
2016/07/12 T:L1calo:Sim Carlson L1calo Proposals for tile information (phase II) Carlson_TileQuestions.pdf
2016/07/11 T:L1calo:Weekly Carlson L1calo Proposal for samples L1OptForSim_July11_2016.pdf
2016/09/14 T:General Burr (col. Carlson) met proposal for mht + cell METTriggerProposal.pdf
2015/09/25 P:Hinv Carlson hinv Presentation for HBSM meeting Carlson_Sept15_gFEX_MC12.pdf
2017/8/3 P:Hinv Carlson hiv:plan Plan of H→Inv Paper Plan_Carlson_August3_2017.pdf
2016/11/02 T:L1calo:joint Carlson trigger pileup dependence of (L1/offline) MET Carlson_MET_Nov2_2016.pdf
2016/08/31 phase II menu Carlson upgrade phase II samples L1CaloUpgradeSamples_PhaseII_Carlson_Aug2016.pdf
2017/8/3 VBF/VBS Carlson trg:vbf Outline of VBF trigger projects Carlson_August3_2017.pdf
2017/6/14 T:MET Carlson ops notes Operations notes Carlson_OpsNotes_Jun14_2017.pdf
2016/08/10 T:General Strubig mon:xmon on call report - success case for xmon (slide 3) TriggerReport_TGM_100816.pdf
2017/7/31 T:L1calo Carlson oncall:report On Call Report Carlson_OnCall_July25_2017_v2.pdf
2016/09/19 T:L1Calo:weekly Carlson on call on call report L1Calo_OnCall_Sept19_2016_Carlson.pdf
2016/09/14 T:MET Carlson met observations about mht and cell met Carlson_Sept14.pdf
2016/08/11 T:L1Calo:calibration Carlson rates noise cuts and filter plans RateObservations_Aug11_2016.pdf
2017/7/4 T:L1Calo Sim Carlson upgrade news Carlson_News_July4_2017.pdf
2016/01/19 T:L1calo:Sim Carlson l1calo New gFEX samples Carlson_Jan19-2015_xAOD_L1CaloSim.pdf
2016/01/12 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX New gFEX samples Carlson_Jan12-2015_xAOD.pdf
2015/11/10 P:Hinv Carlson hinv NCB in MET triggers (ran out of time, did not present) Carlson_NCBinHinv_November10.pdf
2017/1/25 T:MET Carlson met mu threshold rate observations Carlson_muthrcomparison_Jan24_2017.pdf
2015/10/19 T:L1calo:Mon Carlson mon:l1calo Monitoring update: L1calo weekly Carlson_Monitoring_Update.pdf
2015/09/03 T:L1calo:Mon Carlson mon:l1calo Monitoring update Carlson_Sept3_2015_L1CaloMon.pdf
2016/08/24 T:General Carlson rates mini tutorial on menuX Carlson_Aug24_2016.pdf
2016/05/19 Metadata Coord'n Nielsen metadata metadata requests from upgrade Metadata.pdf
2016/04/07 T:L1Calo:Technical Carlson rates Met trigger rates MissingEtandSpecialRuns_Carlson_April7_2016.pdf
2016/08/17 T:General Burr (col. Carlson) rates MET trigger pileup resistance studies METTriggerPileupReport.pdf
2017/4/5 T:MET Carlson pufit feedback (II) met trigger Carlson_pufitvalidation_March31_2017.pdf
2016/07/06 T:Signature:MET Aukerman MET MET Rate Studies (MHT/BCID) AndyAukerman20160705_MET-FCAL-MHT-BCID.pdf
2016/08/10 T:Signature:MET Carlson rates MET rate studies Carlson_METRates_August10.pdf
2017/5/24 T:MET Carlson rates met rate predictions Carlson_rateExtrap_May06_2017_.pdf
2016/05/13 T:CoreSW Carlson Mxtreme Menu xTreme proposal  
2015/10/06 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX MC12 samples Carlson_October6_2015_gFEX_MC12update.pdf
2016/03/17 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgradeMC MC status report Report_March_17_2016.pdf
2016/03/03 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgradeMC MC status report Report_March3_2016.pdf
2016/02/18 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgradeMC MC status report Report_Feb18.pdf
2016/02/11 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgradeMC MC status report Report_Feb11.pdf
2016/01/28 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgradeMC MC status report Report_Jan28-2016.pdf
2016/01/14 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgradeMC MC status report Report_Jan14-2015.pdf
2017/7/27 P:Hinv Carlson mc:stats MC Stats: Cost Carlson_MCstats_July27_2017.pdf
2015/11/17 T:L1calo:Sim Carlson upgrade MC simulation for the FEXs (upgrade MC meeting) Carlson_FEX_SamplePrep.pdf
2015/11/16 T:L1calo:Sim Carlson l1calo MC simulation for the FEXs Carlson_FEX_SamplePrep.pdf
2016/05/12 P:Upgrade:Physics Carlson upgrade MC report MCReport_Carlson_May12_2016.pdf
2016/03/31 P:Upgrade:Sim Carlson upgradeMC MC report Report_March_31_2016.pdf
2015/08/04 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX Location of gFEX samples, tag LArPileupStudies -00-00-06 gFEX_samples_7July_2015.pdf
2017/8/2 T:General Burr met L1XE Rates and Efficiencies after TS1 TS1_L1_studies.pdf
2017/6/22 T:L1Topo Aukerman mon:xmon L1Topo Monitoring with Xmon AndyAukerman20170623_TopoCommissioningMtg.pdf
2017/3/28 Upgrade Physics Carlson upgrade l1calo upgrade SW Carlson_UpgradeWk_March28_2017.pdf
2016/11/15 P:Upgrade:SW Carlson upgrade L1calo upgrade SW Carlson_UpgradeWk_Nov15_2016.pdf
2015/12/01 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson TDAQ Week L1calo simulation samples Carlson_L1CaloSimulation_FEXs_TDAQ_Dec1.pdf
2015/11/09 T:L1calo:EGam Carlson l1calo L1calo performance in Run 2: E-Gamma and BCID mistiming Carlson_L1EGamma.pdf
2015/08/13 T:L1calo:Mon Carlson mon:l1calo L1calo monitoring updates Carlson_Aug13_L1CaloMon.pdf
2016/05/17 ATLAS Weekly Carlson weekly L1 status and plans Carlson_May17_L1Weekly_v2.pdf
2016/09/27 T:TDAQ Carlson upgrade L0 simulation Carlson_TDAQweek_Sept2016.pdf
2017/7/19 T:MET Guan oncall:jet/met/calo Jet/Met/Calo Signature On-call Report YilunGuan19-07-17_JetMetCalo_Oncall_Report.pdf
2015/08/14 P:Hinv Carlson hinv:trig Jet trigger follow up Carlson_Aug13_L1CaloMon.pdf
2017/7/17 Jet Signature Guan oncall:jet/met/calo Jet Signature On-call Report YilunGuan17-07-17_JetSignatureMeeting.pdf
2016/08/29 T:L1Calo:Weekly Herwig (col. Carlson) L1Calo Jet eff. after MD1 16-8-29_l1calo_constant_checks.pdf
2015/11/17 P:Hinv Carlson high-pT jets Jet cleaning to reduce non-collision bkg: conclusions & requests Carlson_NCBinHinv_November17.pdf
2016/07/11 P:Higgsino Carlson Higgsino Involvement in higgsino Pittsburgh_Higgsino.pdf
2017/3/10 P:Hinv Carlson hinv Impact of pileup HinvPileupStudies_CarlsonZou_March10_2017.pdf
2017/4/26 T:TDAQ Carlson met HLT calo and met Carlson_TDAQwk_HLTCalo_MET_April26_2017.pdf
2015/09/28 P:Hinv Carlson hinv Hinv status update, HBSM meeting Carlson_Hinv_update_Sept29.pdf
2017/7/6 VBFHinv Guan hinv:skimming Hinv Skimming YilunGuan06-07-17_HinvRun2.pdf
2017/6/28 T:MET Aukerman met:rates High Pileup Predictions and L1 MET Jet Analysis AndyAukerman20170628_MET_Mtgykey_2.pdf
2016/08/25 PittPac Carlson Hinv Higgs to invisible with vector boson fusion Pittsburgh_SeminarHinv_August25_2016_v2.pdf
2016/03/18 P:Hinv Carlson hinv Higgs to invisible trigger status VBFInv_Trigger_March18_Carlson.pdf
2016/03/18 P:Prospects Carlson Higgs Higgs to invisible sample approval for 14 TeV Carlson_sampleValid_March17_2016.pdf
2016/10/04 ATLAS Weekly Carlson trigger Hadronic triggers: pileup and mitigation Weekly_Carlson_HadronicTrig_October4_2016_v3.pdf
2016/12/16 P:JDM Carlson physics H→Inv status report Carlson_JDMStatusReport_Dec16_2016.pdf
2017/7/13 P:Hinv Guan hinv:derivation H→inv Derivation Updates YilunGuan13-07-17_HinvRun2.pdf
2015/08/07 P:Hinv Carlson hinv:trig H → inv trigger: proposals for additional triggers Carlson_August8_VBF_Trigger.pdf
2016/02/02 T:L1calo:Sim Carlson l1calo gTower studies Carlson_gTowerStudies_Feb2_2015.pdf
2015/08/20 T:L1calo:Mon Carlson mon:l1calo Grid submission and RMS histograms Carlson_Aug20_L1CaloMon.pdf
2016/07/06 T:L1calo:Weekly Dimond L1calo Global Summary Folder Update L1CaloMon_GlobalSummaryFolderUpdate.pdf
2016/06/14 T:L1calo:Weekly Dimond L1calo Global Summary Folder L1CaloMon_GlobalSummaryFolder.pdf
2017/6/15 VBFHinv Zheng hinv:git Gitlab for VBFHinv analysis code Analysis_Code_version_control_1.pdf
2017/2/29 Joint meeting Carlson gfex gfex status gFEX_Status_CarlsonFeb29_2017.pdf
2015/09/15 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX gFEX samples with MC15, presentation at L1calo sim mtg Carlson_gFEX_MC15_Sept14_2015.pdf
2015/08/25 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX gFEX samples with MC15 Carlson_August-25-2015_gFEX.pdf
2016/07/12 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX gFEX monitoring thoughts gFEX_Monitoring_July12_2016.pdf
2016/03/18 P:Hinv Hong VBFinv Get Together; Statistics (H) https://indico.cern.ch/event/483633
2017/3/16 T:MET Carlson pufit Feedback from physics groups (I) Summary_PUFit_Feedback_March16_2017.pdf
2017/2/2 T:General Carlson trig contact Feedback from Higgs TriggerWorkshop_Carlson_Feb2017.pdf
2016/10/20 T:Topo Carlson trigger Feasibility of VBF items for 2017 Carlson_MJJTopo_Oct20.pdf
2016/09/07 P:SUSY Carlson rates Fast rate tools (menuX) Carlson_Sept9_2016.pdf
2017/5/9 P:SUSY/Exotics contribution Carlson met rates extrapolations for met rates Carlson_rateExtrap_May06_2017_.pdf
2017/5/1 T:MET Carlson rates extrapolation Carlson_rateExtrap_MayXY_2017.pdf
2016/07/06 T:L1calo:Mon Carlson L1calo Et correlation monitoring summary L1CaloMonitoring_EtCorrelation_Carlson_July6_2016.pdf
2015/12/16 T:Ops:Workshop Hong mon:xmon End-of-year mini-workshop TaeMinHong20151216_xmonStatus_TrigMiniWorkshop.pdf
2016/01/07 P:Pitt:Theory Carlson   Diphoton excess NOLINK: hgg_excess_2015.pdf
2015/07/07 T:L1calo:gFEX Carlson gFEX Details of gFEX sample production gFEX_samples_July24.pdf
2017/2/24 Digging deeper at the run 2 LHC Carlson physics, trigger Designing triggers for BSM physics Carlson_BSMTrigger_Feb24_2017_v1.pdf
2016/11/23 T:MET Carlson trigger Data/MC scale factors Carlson_Nov23_2016_dataMC.pdf
2017/7/12 T:General Zheng daq:rse DAQ/HLT RSE cleanup 12-07-2017space.pdf
2017/3/3 P:Hinv Myers hinv, bdt BDT Analysis Using mjj+met Hinv_BDT.pdf
2017/6/7 T:MET Carlons met:rates A New Note on First Data Carlson_June7_2017.pdf
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