These groups can be classified in 2 categories:

  • sensitive groups like the "atlas-phys" groups
  • less sensitive groups

The proposal is to

  • align the membership of the "sensitive" groups to "a-r-c-p" (atlas-readaccess-current-physicists).
  • do not check the membership of the other groups, at least for the time being. Further investigations are needed.

Note that this page is generated automatically and "typo" errors are under investigation.

    List generated on 2011-03-22 10:13

    Group Type Topic Title Comparison Comments
    are are are are None  
    ated on 2011-03-22 10:1 ated on 2011-03-22 10:1 ated on 2011-03-22 10:1 ated on 2011-03-22 10:1 None  
    ated on 2011-03-22 09:47%ENDCOLOR ated on 2011-03-22 09:47%ENDCOLOR ated on 2011-03-22 09:47%ENDCOLOR ated on 2011-03-22 09:47%ENDCOLOR None  
    as-ACM-Pool Static   Access Control Managers EDH pool for Atlas zones None  
    atlas-acr2 Static ATLAS Collaborative Tools Group Renovating ATLAS 2nd Floor Control Rooms None  
    atlas-adc-build-lxvoadm Static admin restricted users on ATLAS build machines None  
    atlas-adc-dqm-lxvoadm Static   Users authorized to access lxvoadm for atlasdqm None  
    atlas-adc-panda Static   ATLAS PanDA Development None  
    atlas-adc-restricted-users-ami Static   List of interactive users for the ATLAS for AMI group None  
    atlas-adc-restricted-users-coverity Static admin restricted users on atlas coverity machine None  
    atlas-adc-restricted-users-cron Static   List of interactive users for the ATLAS for CRON group None  
    atlas-adc-restricted-users-valgrind Static admin restricted users on ATLAS dedicated valgrind machines None  
    atlas-adc-restricted-users-voatlas Static admin restricted users on voatlas build machines None  
    atlas-adc-restricted-users-voatlas91 Static admin restricted users on voatlas91 None  
    atlas-adc-review Static   ADC review list None  
    atlas-adc-tim Static   ATLAS Distributed Computing Technical Interchange Meetings None  
    atlas-adc-tz-lxvoadm Static   lxvoadm access group for Tier-0 None  
    atlas-adc-uat-participants Static   UAT users None  
    atic   Members of the ALARA team in ATLAS Active None  
    atlas-amfy Static   Analysis model for the first year task force None  
    atlas-analysis-glance Static ATLAS Management E-group for the ATLAS Analysis Follow-up Tool None  
    atlas-archive-list Static   A master list to control the archive display page None  
    atlas-arms Static ATLAS Communication ATLAS Remote Monitoring Stations None  
    atlas-atlantis-developers Static   Internal list for developers of the Atlantis Event Displa... None  
    atlas-atlfast-tf Static   ATLAS ATLFAST Validation Task Force None  
    atlas-atlog Static   e-mail for the electronic ATLAS logbook None  
    atlas-barrelem-commissioning Static   Commissioning of the ATLAS barrel electromagnetic calorim... None  
    atlas-bcm-sms Static   for people wishing to get BCM DDC SMS None  
    atlas-bcp3 Static   Commissioning of the Liquid Argon electromagnetic barrel ... None  
    atlas-beamConds-elog Static   Notification of Beam Conditions entries in ATLAS e-log None  
    atlas-bookkeeping Static   Bug reports about the dataset search catalogue None  
    atlas-calo-perf Static   Calorimeter Performance None  
    atlas-calo-trig-sw Static   ATLAS Calorimeter Trigger Software and Performance Workin... None  
    atlas-castordefaultpoolrestrictions Static   for communications about the closure of the CASTOR defaul... None  
    atlas-cdbotf Static   ATLAS Conditions DB Operations Task Force None  
    atlas-cds-reviews Static   People authorized to control publication reviews on CDS None  
    atlas-cob Static ATLAS Management Trigger and Offline Board None  
    atlas-collaborativeTools Static ATLAS General Discussions Collaborative Tools None  
    atlas-collabTools Static ATLAS General Discussions Collaborative Tools None  
    atlas-commissioning-phase2 Static   General atlas commissioning Phase 2 mail list None  
    atlas-commissioning-phase2wg Static   Atlas Phase 2 commissioning system run coordinators None  
    atlas-comp-cern-castor-groups Static ATLAS Computing Documentation and Announcements Users having access to the None  
    atlas-comp-cern-castor-support Static   Supporters of the ATLAS CERN CASTOR (analysis) services None  
    atlas-comp-cern-castor-users Static   Users of the ATLAS CERN CASTOR (Analysis) Services None  
    atlas-comp-group-production Static   ATLAS group production None  
    atlas-comp-oper Static   ATLAS Computing Operations None  
    atlas-comp-resources-groupspace Static   Group Space Panel None  
    atlas-computing-group-coffee-meeting Static   List to contact people within ATLAS Computing for regular... None  
    atlas-computing-operations-support Static   ATLAS Computing Operations Support None  
    atlas-conditions Static   Conditions data working group mailing list None  
    atlas-conditions-commit Static   List for logging updates to the ATLAS conditions database None  
    atlas-cosmic-ray-commissioning Static   Mailing list for ATLAS cosmic ray commissioning None  
    atlas-cosmicresults-announcements Static   Announcements for the ATLAS Cosmic Results None  
    atlas-cosmicresults-posters Static   People who can post to atlas-cosmicresults-announcements None  
    atlas-cosmics Static   This list will focus on discussions on ATLAS trigger and ... None  
    atlas-counting-rooms Static   Mailing list for Counting Room Insfrastructure weekly mee... None  
    atlas-cp-flavtag-dqshifters Static   Mailing List of Flavour Tagging DQ Shifters None  
    atlas-cp-jetetmiss-CONF-WZ Static   MET CONF WZ None  
    atlas-cr-racks Static   Contacts for individual racks in the ATLAS Counting Rooms None  
    atlas-cs-cluster Static   Used by the SCT CS Cluster None  
    atlas-csc-authors Static   Distribution list ATLAS CSC books None  
    atlas-csc-chapter-referees Static   ATLAS csc chapter referees None  
    atlas-csc-daq Static   Atlas CSC DAQ None  
    atlas-csc-dcs Static   for the atlas-dcs-integration list and for operations ATL... None  
    atlas-csc-dcs-developers Static   CSC DCS Developers None  
    atlas-csc-elog Static ATLAS Operation (ADO) Group for notifying members of CSC elog entries None  
    atlas-csc-prodman Static   Atlas CSC production managers from Physics groups None  
    atlas-csc-referees Static   ALL CSC referees None  
    atlas-data-damage Static   reports of damaged or inaccessible data in cern castor. None  
    atlas-data-nomenclature Static   Discussions about dataset and file nomenclature None  
    atlas-data-streaming Static   the ATLAS data streaming study group studies data streami... None  
    atlas-data-streaming-report Static   subset of data-streaming list, meant for editing work on ... None  
    atlas-db-online Static   mailing list for online-related database issues None  
    atlas-dba Static   ATLAS databases administrators None  
    atlas-dc Static   ATLAS Data Challenges October 2005 - This list will soon... None  
    atlas-dcs Static ATLAS Operation (ADO) Central ATLAS DCS Team None  
    atlas-dcs-ddv Static   Atlas DCS Data Viewer None  
    atlas-dcs-ddv-developers Static   Developers of the ATLAS DCS Data Viewer None  
    atlas-dcs-integration Static   Coordinators and Experts for ATLAS DCS integrated systems None  
    atlas-dcs-subdet-coords Static   DCS coordinators of ATLAS subdetectors None  
    atlas-dcs-subdetectors Static   Technical information about Atlas DCS intended for DCS d... None  
    atlas-dcs-users Static   All ATLAS members somehow connected to DCS None  
    atlas-ddm-reviewers Static   Just the reviewers None  
    atlas-detector-description Static   Detector description working group None  
    atlas-diamond-pixel-upgrade Static   ATLAS Diamond Pixel Upgrade Collaboration None  
    atlas-digitization Static   for discussing digitization issues that need coordination... None  
    atlas-dist-analysis-stress-testing Static   ATLAS Distributed Analysis Stress Testing None  
    atlas-dist-analysis-stress-testing-coord Static   ATLAS Distributed Analysis Stress Testing None  
    atlas-distributed-analysis Static   ATLAS Distributed Analysis Development None  
    atlas-dq2-announce Static   ATLAS DQ2 software announcements None  
    atlas-dqm-core Static   Core experts of the general ATLAS Data Quality Monitoring None  
    atlas-elogger-support Static   atlas-elogger-support REMEDY MAILFEED None  
    atlas-event-store Static   Forum for event store and IO framework developers None  
    atlas-flavour-tagging Static   Flavour tagging combined performance None  
    atlas-forward-speakers Static   atlas forward speakers mailing list None  
    atlas-geneva-tier3-users Static   Users of the ATLAS Tier 3 computer cluster at the Univers... None  
    atlas-geo-tagannounce Static   Notifications concerning ATLAS tag updates in the Geometr... None  
    atlas-globalmonitoring Static   mailing list for people working on atlas global monitoring None  
    atlas-gnam Static   Atlas Gnam project mailing list. None  
    atlas-h8-combined-testbeam Static   ATLAS H8 Combined Test Beam list None  
    atlas-hadronic-calibration-org Static   Conveners of working groups related to ATLAS hadronic cal... None  
    atlas-higgs-d Static   Discussion Forum for People at German Institues working o... None  
    atlas-highlumi-3dsensor Static   ATLAS High Luminosity RD on 3d Active Edge sensor None  
    atlas-highlumi-pixelmechanics Static   SLHC Pixel Mechanics RD None  
    atlas-highlumi-planarpixel Static   Mailing list of the RD effort on planar silicon pixel sen... None  
    atlas-highlumi-RCE-development Static   Upgrade readout development using RCE platform None  
    atlas-highlumi-RCE-teststand Static   ATLAS upgrade RCE test stand discussions None  
    atlas-hlt-integration Static   LvL2-EF testbed integration None  
    atlas-htautau-lh-14TeV Static   H-tau.tau 14 TeV Taskforce None  
    atlas-ibl-electronics Static   ATLAS IBL electronics None  
    atlas-ibl-gen Static   Everyone interested in the ATLAS Insertable B-Layer (IBL) None  
    atlas-ibl-general Static   Everyone interested in the ATLAS Insertable B-Layer (IBL) None  
    atlas-ibl-mb Static   ATLAS IBL Management Board None  
    atlas-id-elog Static   To send the atlas e-log affecting ID Gen None  
    atlas-id-encv Static   ATLAS Inner Detector and ENCV detector cooling None  
    atlas-id-environment Static Inner Detector Environmental Issues Reports and Messages about ATLAS Innner detector issues None  
    atlas-id-evcool Static   This is the list for the communication among experts on t... None  
    atlas-id-evcool-rd Static   mailing list for RD of evaporative cooling in sr1 None  
    atlas-id-expert Static   Mailing list for ATLAS ID General experts None  
    atlas-id-fc Static Flourocarbon investigations Investigations of the properties of flourocarbons None  
    atic Fourocarbon Mixture Studies Flourocarbon Mixture Studies Active None  
    atlas-id-global-monitoring Static   For Atlas ID global monitoring discussions None  
    atlas-id-monitoring Static   For ATLAS ID monitoring issues None  
    atlas-id-optolinks Static   For the discussion of optical links usage for Atlas inner... None  
    atlas-id-perf Static   Inner Detector offline software mailing list None  
    atlas-id-plrunco Static   Inner Detector project leaders and run coordinators None  
    atlas-id-rtt Static   List for ATLAS Inner Detector software Run Time Tester me... None  
    atlas-id-rtt-results Static   Automatically generated reports from InDetRTT None  
    atlas-id-slhc-track-trigger Static   Development of a ATLAS LVL1 track trigger for SLHC None  
    atlas-id-speakers Static   ATLAS Inner Detector speakers committee None  
    atlas-id-sr1 Static   ID activities in SR1 None  
    atlas-id-sr1dptest Static   group for pressure drop measurement in SR1 None  
    atlas-id-testbeam-offline Static   ATLAS offline software for the combined testbeam None  
    atlas-id-todo Static   It will be used to send e-log notification from the 'prob... None  
    atlas-ide-dcs-developers Static   Developers of the Detector Control System for Atlas Inner... None  
    atlas-idsg Static   Inner detectors steering group None  
    ance Static   Discussion and News List of the InsituPerformance Package None  
    atlas-intk Static   Inner tracking None  
    atlas-intk-institutes Static   Inner Detector Institute Representatives None  
    atlas-jcc Static   Jets-Clusters-Commissioning None  
    alibNote-Portugal09 Static   Editors for the JetCalibNote for Portugal09 None  
    alibNotePortugal09 Static   Editors for the JetCalibNote for Portugal09 None  
    alibNotePortugal09 Static   Editors for the JetCalibNote for Portugal09 None  
    atlas-jets-combined Static   This new mailing list has been set up to circulate practi... None  
    atlas-l1-hlt-configuration-taskforce Static   taskforce to react to and implement L1 and HLT changes du... None  
    atlas-l1ct-at-work Static   List for daily communications between people who work on ... None  
    atlas-lar-cppm-analyse Static   CPPM LAr analysis group None  
    atlas-lar-dcs-developers Static   ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter detector control systems d... None  
    atlas-lar-experienced-shifters Static   Liquid Argon experienced shifters None  
    atlas-lar-hilum Static   Atlas Liquid Argon HiLum Group None  
    atlas-lar-onlinesw-developers Static   LArgOnline technical issues None  
    atlas-lar-onlmon Static   To discuss monitoring for LAr calorimetry and provide a w... None  
    atlas-lar-shifters Static   Liquid Argon shifters None  
    atlas-lar-super-shifters Static   Liquid Argon super shifters None  
    atlas-lar-upgrade-organization Static   ATLAS LAr SLHC upgrade issues None  
    atlas-lar-upgrade-simulation Static   Simulation for sLHC None  
    atlas-larcalib Static   Special group to allow larcalib account post to e-groups None  
    atlas-larg Static   Liquid argon None  
    atlas-larg-cpsg Static   Calorimeter Performance Steering Group None  
    atlas-larg-dcs Static   ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter detector control systems m... None  
    atlas-larg-dqawg Static   for working group defining criteria for LAr data quality None  
    atlas-larg-e-installation Static   Electronics installation for LAr Calorimeters in ATLAS pit None  
    atlas-larg-elog Static   Destination for entries in the ATLAS logbook that are mar... None  
    atlas-larg-em Static   Atlas LAr EM calorimeter mailing list None  
    atlas-larg-emf Static   EMF lab users None  
    atlas-larg-endcap-commissioning Static   Commissioning of the ATLAS endcap liquid argon calorimeter None  
    atlas-larg-ep3c-discussion Static   Discussion forum for day-to-day activities related to end... None  
    atlas-larg-geneva Static   Mailing list for ATLAS LArg Geneva group None  
    atlas-larg-hec Static   ATLAS Liquid Argon Hadronic End Cap None  
    atlas-larg-hec-emec-testbeam Static   EMEC HEC combined beam test online and offline software, ... None  
    atlas-larg-hec-local-expert Static   ATLAS HEC Local Expert None  
    atlas-larg-l1calo Static   For LAr-L1Calo related discussions None  
    atlas-larg-onlinemon Static   For discussion and dissemination of monitoring news and t... None  
    atlas-larg-onlinesw Static   ATLAS LArg Calorimeter Online Software None  
    atlas-larg-reps Static   Liquid argon -Representatives only None  
    atlas-larg-speakers Static   Mailing list of the ATLAS LAr speakers committee None  
    atlas-larg-sw Static   Liquid Argon Offline Software mailing list None  
    atlas-larg-upgrade-gen Static   ATLAS LAr SLHC upgrade general None  
    atlas-laser-safety Static   Subdetector laser responsibles in ATLAS None  
    atlas-lasg Static   Liquid argon steering group None  
    atlas-lbl-barcelona-jsi Static   lbl-barcecelona-jsi joint institute working group None  
    atlas-lbl-pdsf-support Static ATLAS Institutes So pdsf support can post to lbl-pdsf-users list None  
    atlas-lbl-pdsf-users Static   Mailing list for ATLAS LBNL members using pdsf for system... None  
    atlas-ljsf Static   Mailing list for Light Job Submission Framework operations. None  
    atlas-lucid Static   General list for the design and development of the LUCID ... None  
    atlas-lucid-dcs Static   DCS matters affecting LUCID None  
    atlas-lucid-elog Static   notification of e-log entries affecting LUCID None  
    atlas-luminosity Static   for the Luminosity and Forward Physics Working Group None  
    atlas-lvl1-calo-calibration Static   ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger calibration None  
    atlas-lvl1-calo-dosimeter Static   Dosimeter mailing group for L1Calo None  
    atlas-lvl1-calo-software Static   ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger Software None  
    atlas-lvl1-calo-upgrade Static   Upgrade discussion for the ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger None  
    atlas-lvl1-elog Static   Mailing list to share ATLAS elog entries concerning the L... None  
    atlas-lvl1-muon-barrel-timing Static   the list is for the ATLAS Muon barrel trigger Timing comm... None  
    atlas-lvl1-sw-developers Static   ATLAS Level-1 Software Developers None  
    atlas-magnets-mom Static   Magnet Operation Meeting Members None  
    atlas-magnets-operations Static   Informs about changes in magnet system operations and status None  
    atlas-mdt-config-db Static   Discussion Concerning the ATLAS MDT Configuration Database None  
    atlas-mdt-daq Static   Atlas MDT DAQ None  
    atlas-mdt-dcs Static   ATLAS MDT DCS None  
    atlas-mdt-dcs-developers Static   MDT DCS Developers None  
    atlas-mdt-dcs-winadmin Static   EGroup used for WIndows admin of Atlas MDT DCS systems None  
    atlas-mdt-monitoring Static   Forum to discuss ATLAS MDT online monitoring and DQ issued None  
    atlas-mediaday Static   Participants of the ATLAS Media Day on 10.Sept None  
    atlas-mediareps Static   Contact list for ATLAS media reps for 10 sept. None  
    atlas-micromegas-cb Static   ATLAS micromegas institute contacts None  
    atlas-monitoring Static   Atlas Monitoring None  
    atlas-mpilmu-cluster-users Static   Users of the mpi-lmu cumputing cluster at cern. None  
    atlas-muon Static   muon None  
    atlas-muon-barrel-commissioning Static   muon barrel commissioning phase I None  
    atlas-muon-combined Static   This is the Mailing List: Combined Muon performance None  
    atlas-muon-daq Static   Atlas Muon DAQ None  
    atlas-muon-data-quality Static   ATLAS MUON DATA QUALITY None  
    atlas-muon-dcs-developers Static   Group related to MUON common DCS developments None  
    atlas-muon-dq-shift Static   atlas-muon-dq-shift None  
    atlas-muon-ec-commissioning Static   To exchange information concerning to the commissioning o... None  
    atlas-muon-gnam Static   Atlas Gnam Project mailing list for muons None  
    atlas-muon-hlt-dqa Static   ATLAS Muon HLT DQA None  
    atlas-muon-hlt-expert Static   mailing list for ATLAS Muon HLT experts None  
    atlas-muon-ib Static   Muon Institute Board representatives None  
    atlas-muon-idcsg Static   Atlas Muon Installation and Detector Commissioning Steeri... None  
    atlas-muon-mgt Static   Atlas Muon Management None  
    atlas-muon-micromega Static   ATLAS muon system R and D on micromegas None  
    atlas-muon-reps Static   muon -Representatives only None  
    atlas-muon-sim-detdescr Static   ATLAS muon simulation and detector description software None  
    atlas-muon-speakerscomm Static   muon publication and speakers committee None  
    atlas-muon-svsg Static   ATLAS Muon Software and Validation Steering Group None  
    atlas-muon-sw Static   ATLAS Muon Software Mailing List None  
    atlas-muon-sw-team Static   Atlas Muon Software Development Team None  
    atlas-muon-upgrade-group Static   ATLAS Muon Upgrade None  
    atlas-muon-upgrade-slhc Static   Activities related to the upgrade of the ATLAS-Muon detec... None  
    atlas-muoncalib-db Static   list for discussions related to the calibration centers l... None  
    atlas-muoncalib-oper Static   muon calibration centers operation list None  
    atlas-muondet-dq Static   ATLAS Muon Detector Data Quality Group None  
    atlas-now-news Static ATLAS Management Mailing list for ATLAS NOW News None  
    atlas-offline-commissioning Static   contacts for the offline sw aspects of ATLAS commissioning None  
    atlas-onasic Static   List to talk about ONASIC requirements , usage and data. None  
    atlas-operations-meeting Static ATLAS Operation (ADO) Discussion During ATLAS Daily Operations Meetings None  
    atlas-operator-alarm Static   List of trusted ATLAS users who can escalate via CC Opera... None  
    atlas-opm Static   ATLAS Operation Team None  
    atlas-p1 Static   News from the ATLAS Pit at LHC Point 1 None  
    atlas-p1-onlinereconstruction Static   Mailing list related to running full reconstruction in on... None  
    atic ATLAS Operation (ADO) ATLAS patrol distribution list Active None  
    atlas-pesa-jettauetmiss Static   The High Level Trigger PESA jet, tau, Etmiss working group. None  
    atlas-phys Static   Closed REPLACED BY atlas-current-physicists None  
    atlas-phys-allgroups Static   Contents of all ATLAS physics / CP group lists None  
    atlas-phys-analysis-tools Static   ATLAS physics analysis tools mailing list None  
    atlas-phys-beauty Static   B- physics mailing list None  
    atlas-phys-cosmic Static   Mailing list for ATLAS Cosmic Ray physics. None  
    atlas-phys-exotics Static   Exotics physics group None  
    atlas-phys-exotics-boosted-objects Static   Exotics boosted objects None  
    atlas-phys-exotics-dijets Static   Dijet measurements and JetX searches None  
    atlas-phys-exotics-dilepdijet Static   Atlas Exotics LeptonX DileptonDijets None  
    atlas-phys-exotics-dilepton Static   Atlas Exotics LeptonX dilepton None  
    atlas-phys-exotics-diphoton Static   Atlas Exotic LetponX Diphoton Group None  
    atlas-phys-exotics-lmet Static   ATLAS exotics LeptonX LeptonMET Discussion None  
    atlas-phys-exotics-ssdilepton Static   LeptonX Same Sign Dileptons None  
    atlas-phys-hi Static   ATLAS Heavy Ion Physics None  
    atlas-phys-hi-jet Static   Heavy Ion Jet WG None  
    atlas-phys-higgs-hzz4l-winter2011 Static   Discussion on SM H-ZZ-4l wint 2011 conf note None  
    atlas-phys-higgs-hzzllnunullqq-winter2011 Static   Discussion on SM H-ZZ-llnunu/llqq Winter 2011 None  
    atlas-phys-minbias Static   Discussion of physics goals and experimental techniques f... None  
    atlas-phys-sm Static   ATLAS Physics Standard Model working group None  
    atlas-phys-sm-ew-wgamma Static   Wgamma an Zgamma analysis team None  
    atlas-phys-sm-sqcd-bec Static   ATLAS Bose-Einstein Correlations None  
    atlas-phys-spacemanagers Static   Analysis group space managers None  
    atlas-phys-stat-root Static   Users forum for RooFit/RooStats and ROOT related issues None  
    atlas-phys-top Static   Top physics working group None  
    atlas-phys-top-dilcc-int-moriond2011 Static   ATLAS top dilepton cutcount INT dicussion for Moriond 2011 None  
    atlas-phys-top-patd3pdmaker Static   Discussion for the TopD3PDMaker None  
    atlas-phys-UKbeauty Static   e-group for ATLAS UK Beauty physics and B-trigger None  
    atlas-phys-validation-coord Static   Atlas Physics Validation Coordinators of physics and perf... None  
    atlas-phys-wgzg Static   List for ATLAS Wgamma and Zgamma analysis None  
    atlas-physics-coordinators Static ATLAS Management The ATLAS physics coordinators None  
    atlas-pixel-blr-electronics Static   ATLAS IBL electronics None  
    atlas-pixel-daq Static   ATLAS Pixel DAQ None  
    atlas-pixel-daq-coordinators Static ATLAS Pixel ATLAS Pixel DAQ coordinators None  
    atlas-pixel-daq-devel Static   Developers of the ATLAS Pixel DAQ code None  
    atlas-pixel-daq-experts Static   ATLAS Pixel Detector qualified DAQ Experts on-call None  
    atlas-pixel-daq-shifters Static   ATLAS Pixel Detector qualified DAQ shifters None  
    atlas-pixel-dcs Static   ATLAS Pixel Detektor Control System None  
    atlas-pixel-dcs-developers Static   ATLAS Pixel DCS Developers None  
    atlas-pixel-dcs-support Static ATLAS Pixel pixel dcs oncallers None  
    atlas-pixel-dcsshifter Static   distribution of information relevant for dcs shifters None  
    atlas-pixel-editorialboard Static   Mailing list for the editorial board members None  
    atlas-pixel-elog Static   Mailing list to share ATLAS elog entries for the Pixel De... None  
    atlas-pixel-engineering Static   Atlas Pixel Engineering group None  
    atlas-pixel-extinst-board Static ATLAS Pixel ATLAS Extended Pixel Institute Board (Pixel IBL) None  
    atlas-pixel-flexhybrid Static   Flex Hybrid Interest Group None  
    atlas-pixel-geant4 Static   Pixel Geant4 simulation mailing list None  
    atlas-pixel-group-leaders Static   ATLAS Pixel Group Leaders None  
    atlas-pixel-institute-board Static ATLAS Pixel ATLAS Pixel Institute Board Mailing List None  
    atlas-pixel-nsqp Static ATLAS Pixel ATLAS Pixel group to build new Service Quarter Panels None  
    atlas-pixel-nsqp-Ereadout Static ATLAS Pixel Mailing list for nSQP e-readout working group None  
    atlas-pixel-operation Static   Pixel Operation general matters. None  
    atlas-pixel-optolink Static   Development of Pixel optical links None  
    atlas-pixel-rad-damage Static ATLAS Pixel ATLAS Pixel Radiation Damage Working Group None  
    atlas-pixel-services Static   discussion list on services for ATLAS pixel detector None  
    atlas-pixel-servicetests Static   ATLAS pixel service tests None  
    atlas-pixel-sqp-reproduction Static ATLAS Pixel ATLAS Pixel group to build new Service Quarter Panels None  
    atlas-pixel-sqp-reproduction-EngineeringTeam Static ATLAS Pixel Engineering Team for the New Services None  
    atlas-pixel-systest-coord Static   ATLAS Pixel System Test Coordination Group None  
    atlas-pixel-testbeam-offline Static   Pixel CTB testbeam offline mailing list None  
    atlas-pixel-testing Static   Testing of ATLAS Pixel modules None  
    atlas-pixel-turbodaq Static   Exchanges specific to the TurboDAQ pixel chip and module ... None  
    atlas-pixel-upgrade Static   Everyone interested in the Pixel Detector Upgrade at SLHC None  
    atlas-pixel-upgrade-sdtf Static   ATLAS Pixel Upgrade - System Design Task Force None  
    atlas-pixel-usbpix Static   Exchange of information related to the USBPix system None  
    atlas-pixels Static   Pixel detector steering group list None  
    atlas-prodsys Static   production system workgroup None  
    atlas-prodsys-dev Static   prodsys developers None  
    atlas-production-operations Static   Mailing list for the grid Production Team None  
    atlas-rcwg Static   Regional Centre working group None  
    atlas-readout-hw-support Static   List of the experts taking shifts for supporting the HW c... None  
    atlas-reprocessing Static   ATLAS reprocessing coordination None  
    atlas-rod-crate-daq Static   ROD Crate DAQ developers None  
    atlas-rod-crate-daq-support Static   This list includes people dedicated to support the ROD cr... None  
    atlas-ros-support Static   This list includes people dedicated to support the ROD cr... None  
    atlas-rp-electronics Static   ATLAS Luminosity - Roman Pot Electronics None  
    atlas-rp-mechanics Static   ATLAS Luminosity - Roman Pot Mechanics None  
    atlas-rp-softsim Static   ATLAS ALFA software and simulation None  
    atlas-rp-testbeam Static   ATLAS Luminosity - Roman Pot Testbeam None  
    atlas-rp-tracker Static   ATLAS Roman PotTracker None  
    atlas-rpc-bo Static   ATLAS RPC Bologna None  
    atlas-rpc-daq Static   Atlas RPC DAQ None  
    atlas-rpc-dcs Static   ATLAS RPC DCS developers None  
    atlas-rpc-dq-wg Static   Atalas RPC Data Quality Working Group - restricted None  
    atlas-rpc-elog Static   ATLAS e-log entries for RPC people None  
    atlas-rpc-lvl1 Static   News and Info about the commissioning of the ATLAS RPC an... None  
    atlas-rpc-lvl1-technical-board Static   ATLAS RPC technical board None  
    atlas-rpc-oncall Static   List of RPCLVL1 on-call experts None  
    atlas-rpc-sg Static   ATLAS RPC steering group None  
    atlas-rpc-steering-group Static   ATLAS RPC steering group None  
    atlas-rpc-tb Static   ATLAS RPC technical board None  
    atlas-rpc-technical-board Static   ATLAS RPC technical board None  
    atlas-rpc-testbeam Static   H8/X5 RPC test-beam group None  
    atlas-rrtf Static   network experiments on the use of Remote Real Time Farms ... None  
    atlas-rtt-users Static   The official mailing list for RTT testing framework users None  
    atlas-run-coordinators Static   ATLAS Run coordinator and deputy None  
    atlas-run-meeting Static ATLAS Operation (ADO) Discussion During ATLAS Daily Operations Meetings None  
    atlas-run-operation-meeting Static ATLAS Operation (ADO) Discussion During ATLAS Daily Operations Meetings None  
    atlas-run-operations-meeting Static ATLAS Operation (ADO) Discussion During ATLAS Daily Operations Meetings None  
    atlas-runplan-elog Static   ATLAS daily run plan elogs None  
    atlas-sc-cmstalks-test Static Testing automatic creation script list to test automatic messages about CMSATLAS talks None  
    atlas-sct Static   SemiConductor Tracker general list None  
    atlas-sct-cec Static   Central European Cluster of the ATLAS SCT mailing list None  
    atlas-sct-consultants Static   SCT experts for consultation on surprise problems None  
    atlas-sct-cooling Static   external cooling system development (HEX,heater, fittings) None  
    atlas-sct-daq-developers Static   Developers of SCT DAQ None  
    atlas-sct-daqdcs-experts Static   SCT DAQ and DCS on-call experts None  
    atlas-sct-dcs Static   ATLAS SCT DCS mailing list None  
    atlas-sct-dcs-developers Static   List of developers of the ATLAS SCT software and firmware... None  
    atlas-sct-ec-c-test Static   Combined test for EC C working group None  
    atlas-sct-elog-notifications Static   For people wishing to receive notification of SCT-specifi... None  
    atlas-sct-endcap-installation Static   ATLAS SCT Endcap connection and test None  
    atlas-sct-h8 Static   This is the Mailing List: SCT H8 Testbeam at CERN None  
    atlas-sct-operations Static   ATLAS SCT Detector Operations None  
    atlas-sct-reps Static   SCT Semiconductor tracking detector Representatives only None  
    atlas-sct-shifters Static   SCT members who are taking training and shifts None  
    atlas-sct-software Static   for SCT Software. None  
    atlas-sct-spineteam Static   SCT Endcap spine team None  
    atlas-sct-sr1-sectors Static   SCT Barrel Sector and Encap Disk refurbishment in SR1 None  
    atlas-sct-systemtest Static   This is the Mailing List: Atlas sct systemtest news- None  
    atlas-sct-testbeam-offline Static   ATLAS SCT offline software for combined testbeam None  
    atlas-sct-testdaq Static None  
    atlas-sctsg Static   ATLAS SCT Steering Group None  
    atlas-sframe Static   Email list for discussion of the SFrame developers None  
    atlas-sframe-users Static   Mailing list for discussion of SFrame users None  
    atlas-shielding-smallwheel Static   This is the Mailing List ATLAS shielding disk small w... None  
    atlas-shower-param Static   ATLAS Shower Parametrization None  
    atlas-silicon-beamconditions Static   Cross detector exchange of informal info on beams conditions None  
    atlas-simulation-strategy Static   group of people from the physics groups to give inputs fo... None  
    atlas-SM-Elan Static   Electron analysis of SM processes None  
    atlas-software-domainsDocContacts Static   For the Software domain Doc contacts and Documentation team None  
    atlas-speakers-comm Static   Members of the ATLAS Speakers Committee None  
    atlas-speakers-rehearsals Static ATLAS Management Announcements for the ATLAS Rehearsals None  
    atlas-stepperdispatcher-news Static   Updates for people using the stepper dispatcher in mig0 None  
    atlas-strips-readout Static   Task force for the definition of the upgraded strips readout None  
    atlas-sw Static   Software None  
    atlas-sw-ateam Static   A restricted mailing list for the Atlas A team. None  
    atlas-sw-bug-summary Static   A daily automatically generated summary of open bug reports None  
    atlas-sw-bugs Static   Unique list for bug reporting. If you subscribe you will ... None  
    atlas-sw-coc Static   Atlas Computing Operations Coordination Group None  
    atlas-sw-computing-model Static   Task force to construct the ATLAS Computing Model None  
    atlas-sw-coverity-users Static   Coverity users of ATLAS experiment None  
    atlas-sw-cvsmanagers Static   People with administrative rights on the Atlas cvs softwa... None  
    atlas-sw-doc-review Static   Mailing list for review of Atlas offline software Documen... None  
    atlas-sw-emb Static   Event Management Board None  
    atlas-sw-librarian Static   This is a mailing list for the ATLAS Software Librarian None  
    atlas-sw-macosx Static   atlas mac OS X discussion None  
    atlas-sw-prodcaches Static   discussion and announcement of production caches None  
    atlas-sw-python Static   This was a special interest mailing list for Python in... None  
    atlas-sw-recorel Static   mailing list restricted to the few people actively involv... None  
    atlas-sw-release Static   Atlas Software Release Coordination None  
    atlas-sw-sit Static   Closed 2006-11-10. Please use the hypernews forum None  
    atlas-sw-spmb Static   ATLAS Software Project Management Board None  
    atlas-sw-tagapprove Static   Used for requesting inclusion of new tags in an ATLAS SW ... None  
    atlas-sw-tagapprove-notification Static   List for people that want to me notified of changes in ta... None  
    atlas-sw-tagarchive Static   Archive for emails sent by Tag Collector None  
    atlas-sw-tier1-technical-contacts Static   ATLAS Tier-1 facility technical contacts None  
    atlas-sw-tier2-contacts Static   ATLAS Tier-2 and Analysis Facility contacts None  
    atlas-sw-toberemoved Static   People that will be removed from the atlas-sw group None  
    atlas-sw-tracking Static   Common Tracking Software Discussions None  
    atlas-sw-tutors Static ATLAS Computing Documentation and Announcements List for people who contribute to ATLAS None  
    atlas-sw-validation-coord Static   Mailing list for the sw validation coordination activitie... None  
    atlas-sw-validationshifts Static   List to post all savannah reports from sw validation shifter None  
    atlas-system-run-coordinators Static degen ATLAS system Run Coordinators None  
    atlas-t0-bugtracker Static   This list will get all the Savannah bugs from the ATLAS T... None  
    atlas-t0-ops Static   T0 operations None  
    atlas-t1-ddm-oper Static   Tier-1 contact list for ATLAS DDM operations None  
    atlas-tau-trigger Static   Automatic Mailing list for tau trigger E-log None  
    atlas-tc-lar-tiles Static   ATLAS TC - calo coordination meeting None  
    atlas-tdaq Static   Trigger, Data Acquisition and Detector Control None  
    atlas-tdaq-bat-513 Static   Atlas TDAQ Bat 513 work group None  
    atlas-tdaq-cc-support Static   mailing list for CC experts providing support. None  
    atlas-tdaq-cc-wg Static   ATLAS TDAQ Configuration and Controls working group None  
    atlas-tdaq-configuration-wg Static   configuration None  
    atlas-tdaq-controls Static   Mailing list for people working in the ATLAS TDAQ Control... None  
    atlas-tdaq-cvsnotify Static   Commit and tag notifications for ATLAS Trigger/DAQ cvs re... None  
    atlas-tdaq-data-collection Static   DataCollection for ATLAS Trigger-DAQ None  
    atlas-tdaq-dataflow Static   ATLAS Trigger-DAQ Dataflow None  
    atlas-tdaq-hlt-infrastructure Static   ATLAS High Level Trigger Infrastructure None  
    atlas-tdaq-lvl1 Static   ATLAS Level-1 Trigger None  
    atlas-tdaq-lvl1-coord Static   Mailing list of the ATLAS first level trigger coordinatio... None  
    atlas-tdaq-manchester-mst Static   Manchester Medium Scale Tests None  
    atlas-tdaq-monitoring Static   ATLAS TDAQ Monitoring Working Group None  
    atlas-tdaq-muonelog Static   The list to which the entries of the Muon LogBook are sent None  
    atlas-tdaq-muonreview Static   Members of the Muon HTL Review Committee None  
    atlas-tdaq-muonreview-full-list Static   All people implicated in the Muon HLT Review Committee None  
    atlas-tdaq-muontrigsw Static   ATLAS muon trigger simulation and algorithms None  
    atlas-tdaq-networking Static   Mailing list for the ATLAS TDAQ Networking group None  
    atlas-tdaq-online-developers Static   This is the Mailing List Developers of the ATLAS Onl... None  
    atlas-tdaq-readout Static   List that contains all members of the ATLAS TDAQ Readout ... None  
    atlas-tdaq-release-testing Static   TDAQ sw release testing None  
    atlas-tdaq-release-testing-administrator Static   atlas tdaq release testing administrator None  
    atlas-tdaq-ros-robinmaint Static   List of experts skilled to do debugging and maintence of ... None  
    atlas-tdaq-speakers Static   ATLAS TDAQ Speakers Committee None  
    atlas-tdaq-sysadmin-userticket Static   Ticketing system of ATLAS TDAQ SYSADMINS None  
    atlas-tdaq-sysadmins Static   ATLAS TDAQ System Administration related discussions None  
    atlas-tdaq-tapm Static   ATLAS Trigger Algorithms, Performance and Menus None  
    atlas-tdaq-tapmcg Static   ATLAS TDAQ Trigger Algorithms, Performance and Menus Coor... None  
    atlas-testbeam Static   For atlas test beams related information None  
    atlas-tgc-daq Static   Atlas TGC DAQ None  
    atlas-tgc-dcs Static   DCS experts for Atlas TGCs None  
    atlas-tgc-elog Static   to receive message sent to E-log None  
    atlas-tgc-offline-jp Static   to exchange information about TGC offline analysis None  
    atlas-tgc-sectortest Static   to exchange status and problems of TGC operation None  
    atlas-ti-info Static   Closed mailing list for logbook messages from TI operator None  
    atlas-tier1-technical-contacts Static   ATLAS Tier-1 facility technical contacts None  
    atlas-til-dcs Static   Tile DCS Experts e-group None  
    atlas-tile Static   Tile calorimeter None  
    atlas-tile-commission Static   ATLAS TileCal commissioning working group None  
    atlas-tile-lvps Static   Low Voltage Power Supply Group None  
    atlas-tile-mg Static   ATLAS TileCal management group None  
    atlas-tile-online Static   ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Online activities: DAQ, Monitoring... None  
    atlas-tile-p1-elog Static   List to follow TileCal detector operations at Point1 None  
    atlas-tile-reconstruction Static   Forum dedicated to the Tile Calorimeter signal recons... None  
    atlas-tile-reps Static   Tile calorimeter -Representatives only None  
    atlas-tile-speakers Static   mailing list of ATLAS Tile calorimeter Speakers Committee None  
    atlas-tile-sw Static   TileCal Software None  
    atlas-tile-upgrade Static   Tile calorimeter upgrade None  
    atlas-tisg Static   Tile steering group None  
    atlas-tools-ifae Static   ATLAS IFAE tools None  
    atlas-top-cross-section Static   list of people contributing to the CSC T6 note None  
    atlas-trig-egamma Static   e/gamma trigger algorithms mailing list None  
    atlas-trig-relcoord-allowtopost Static   list of addresses who can post to atlas-trig-relcoord in ... None  
    atlas-trigger-caf-users Static   users of the CAF working for ATLAS trigger authorized to... None  
    atlas-trigger-coordinators Static   Coordinators of ATLAS Trigger area None  
    atlas-trigger-dq-review Static   List for the trigger slice review process in 2008 and 2009 None  
    atlas-trigger-dqm Static   Trigger Data Quality Monitoring and Assurance, online and... None  
    atlas-trigger-elog Static   List to distribute the submission of Trigger Elog Entries None  
    atlas-trigger-mgmt Static   ATLAS trigger management group None  
    atlas-trigger-operation Static   Mailing list for ATLAS Trigger Operation Communication None  
    atlas-triggertool-dev Static   Forum to post questions and answers from triggertool deve... None  
    atlas-trt Static   Transition radiation tracker group None  
    atlas-trt-barrel Static   This is the Mailing List: Barrel TRT mailing list - None  
    atlas-trt-bbq Static   Weekly TRT barbecue None  
    atlas-trt-daq Static   TRT DAQ project None  
    atlas-trt-dcs Static   Developers and service for Atlas TRT DCS None  
    atlas-trt-dcs-developers Static   TRT DCS Developers None  
    atlas-trt-ec-integration Static   people involved in TRT End-cap Integration and Installati... None  
    atlas-trt-elog Static   Email list for elog entries None  
    atlas-trt-endcap-prod Static   This list is for people involved in the TRT end-cap assmbly None  
    atlas-trt-institutes Static   Official mailing list for the ATLAS TRT Institutional Board None  
    atlas-trt-rc Static   Atlas TRT Run Coordinators None  
    atlas-trt-rod Static   List for discussion of ATLAS TRT ROD issues None  
    atlas-trt-running Static   Advancing TRT running endurance None  
    atlas-trt-sw Static   Mailing list for TRT software effort None  
    atlas-trt-sw-monitoring Static   Mailing list for TRT SW used for monitoring. None  
    atlas-trt-testbeam-offline Static   ATLAS TRT offline software for combined testbeam None  
    atlas-trt-ttp Static   Email list for ATLAS TRT Training Personnel. None  
    atlas-trt-upenn Static   UPenn Atlas Group None  
    atlas-trts-chiefs Static   This is the Mailing List: TRT Steering group (Chiefs o... None  
    atlas-tz-atlast0 Static ATLAS CERN e-group replacing atlast0 mailbox None  
    atlas-tz-atltzcaf Static ATLAS CERN e-group to replace atltzcaf mailbox None  
    atlas-tz-dev Static   all developers of ATLAS Tier-0 code suite None  
    atlas-tz-guests Static   list of people allowed to post to atlas-tz-ops None  
    atlas-tz-integration Static   list for ATLAS T0 integration meetings None  
    atlas-tz-monitoring Static ATLAS Tier0 shifters Alarms sent by ATLAS Tier-0 monitoring jobs None  
    atlas-tz-online-elog Static   Tier-0 contacts for online e-log None  
    atlas-tz-ops Static   T0 operations None  
    atlas-uat-contacts Static ATLAS User Analysis Test Cloud contacts (UAT exercise - October 2009) None  
    atlas-uat-participants Static   UAT users None  
    atlas-upgrade-abcn Static   ABCN development for ATLAS Tracker upgrade None  
    atlas-upgrade-id-cooling Static   Evaporative cooling for the ATLAS ID phase II upgrade None  
    atlas-upgrade-physics Static   group for upgrade physics studies primarily for LoI None  
    atlas-us-slac-sysadmin Static ATLAS Institutes SLAC ATLAS Computing System Administration at CERN None  
    atlas-UTOPIA Static   Upgrade Taskforce on Possible Innerdetector lAyout None  
    atlas-vbf-uk Static   VBF Higgs to Tau Tau UK group mailing list None  
    atlas-vc-guides Static   ATLAS Guides for the Visitor Center None  
    atlas-vo-contact Static   VO-Contact for Atlas None  
    atic   ATLAS VOBox Support Active None  
    atlas-zdc Static   ATLAS Zero Degree Calorimeter None  
    atlas-zdc-dcs Static   DCS matters affecting ZDC None  
    atlas-zdc-elog Static   notification of e-log entries affecting ZDC None  
    atlas-Ztautau-PUBNote Static   Mailing list for the Z-tau.tau PUB Note 10 TeV None  
    atlas.publications Static ATLAS PubComm Contact point for ATLAS publications None  
    atlas.twiki Static   ATLAS Support for Twiki Activities None  
    am-background-simulations Static   Simulation of beam-induced backgrounds in ATLAS CMS None  
    atic   list of Radio Protection Expert for ATLAS Active None  

-- AtlasIpo - 17-Mar-2011

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