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Moire Interferometry NEW

The moire effect is utilized in experimental mechanics to measure the deformation of bodies subjected to external loads. Deformations are viewed as contour maps of displacement and are referred to as fringe patterns. In-plane and out-of-plane displacement fringe patterns can be generated using techniques of geometric moire, shadow moire, and interferometric moire.

Moire Interferometry results

Fibre Bragg Grating

Use of FBG sensors to validate the stretching system

A Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) is an intrinsic optical sensor consisting in a Bragg grating made in a short segment of optical fiber whose refractive index has been modulated. A FBG back-reflects a particular wavelength (Bragg Wavelength; actually, a very narrow bell-shaped spectrum) and transmits all others. The value of the Bragg Wavelength depends on the pitch of the grating and on the effective refractive index at the grating. Mechanical disturbances modify the pitch of the grating. A FBG can thus be used as a strain gauge, since the variation of the pitch produces a shift of the Bragg Wavelength. The sensitivity to strain (relative elongation) is about 1 microStrain (1 ppm). Thermal disturbances modify the effective refractive index at the grating. A FBG can thus be used as a temperature sensor, since the variation of temperature produce a shift of the Brag Wavelength. The sensitivity to temperature variation is about 0.1 K.

In order to validate the mechanical stretching technique used in GE1/1 assembly we installed a network of FBGs on the triple-GEM stack of a GE1/1 chamber prototype. The network of FBGs works as a distributed strain monitoring sensing system which measure the stretching of the GEM foils at multiple locations. The gage length of each sensor is 10 mm; six sensors are present on each foil; all sensors on the same foil are connected in-series on one optical fiber an plugged to one channel of the electro-optic DAQ device. The position of the sensors on the foil plane is identical on the three foils so that the stretching of the three foils can be easily compared.

FBG sensors results

Meetings, Conferencs and Reports

A poster presented in 13th PISA meeting at Elba, May 25-30, 2015, title "Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors as flatness and mechanical stretching sensors"

PISA MEETING REPORT presented and submitted by Saleh Muhmmmad

A poster presented in 4th EIROfourm School on Instrumentation (15-19 June 2015) Garching Germany, title " Material studies for gaseous muons detectors at HL-LHC"

Three months work report in INFN Frascati (March 10 to June 10, 2015) submitted by Saleh Muhammad

Posters presented in the MPGD 2015 & RD51 Collaboration meeting, October 12 to 17, 2015 at Trieste - Italy ( Oceania )

Poster presented in the EPS-HEP2017: EPS Conference on High Energy Physics, 5-12 Jul 2017, Venice (Italy)

Publications, proceedings and notes

Have been published


Paper pdf and full source file- Candidate-eco-friendly mixture fo MPGDs

Paper pdf and full source file- Characterization of GEM foil and materials

A study of mechanical properties of foil materials for the GEM detector proposed for the CMS muon system upgrade at LHC

This paper has been submitted in Journal Polymer Engineering and Science and accepted on September 28, 2017. In process of publication

* Paper_updated_version_Nov._06_2017.docx: Paper_updated_version_Nov._06_2017.docx

* Saviano_et_al-2017-Polymer_Engineering__Science1.pdf: Saviano_et_al-2017-Polymer_Engineering__Science1.pdf

Need to Submit

GEM tensile test paper with title: A study of mechanical properties of film and foil materials for the GEM detector proposed for the CMS muon system upgrade

Gaseous Electron Multiplier (GEM), foil holes deformation studies

Holes deformation paper and covering letter FINAL version Submitted to JINST on July 20, 2016* NEW


* JINST_055P_0516_July_20_2016.docx: JINST_055P_0516_July_20_2016.docx

Gaseous Electron Multiplier foil creep test performance

-- SalehMuhammad - 2015-12-02

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