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Practical commands and guide for using the CSC RCEs installed at P1 and SR1 test stand. For general information on CSC ROD:

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  • [CSCSR1RackInfrastructure]
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  • Set LOC =

To start a standalone run, open the DAQ panel, then

  • Enter the setup script and database file. You can also use the Browse button to navigate to the specified files. Please refer below for the configurations needed standalone.
  • Press Get Partition.
  • Select the partition from the drop down menu.
  • Press Read Info. Wait a little until information is read.
  • Once the buttons on the right of the DAQ panel become active, click on Start Partition and wait until the TDAQ IGUI appears. This may take half a minute or so.
  • You can start the run in two ways:
    1. Automatic: Press Auto Pilot, select Go to RUNNING, press Yes on the dialog that appears.
    2. Manual: Do following steps:
      • Press INITIALIZE, wait until CONFIG button enabled and state is INITIALIZED.
      • Press CONFIG, wait for partition state to become CONNECTED. This takes few minutes
      • Check the run settings, in particular run type and recording enabled/disabled. if you do not want to limit the number of events taken, put 0 in the corresponding field. For standalone runs recording should normally be disabled except instructed otherwise .
      • Press START to start the run
  • Wait until state is RUNNING, check there are triggers by looking in Counters tab.

* Stopping and exiting the Partition*: Do either of:

  • Stop the run in one of following ways:
    1. Automatic: Press Auto Pilot, select Go to NONE, press Yes in the dialog that appears. Wait until state is NONE.
    2. Manual: Do the following steps:
      • Press STOP, wait until state is CONFIGURED.
      • Press UNCONFIG, wait until state is INITIALIZED
      • Press SHUTDOWN, Wait until state is NONE
  • Click on File menu, select Close IGUI & exit partition, press Yes in the dialog that appears.

  • The will stop automatically. The Stop transition will take about a minute(it does some calculations and writes some histograms) - then press UNCONFIG and SHUTDOWN. Close IGUI and exit partition as explained above. It is important to exit the partition to free its resources for the next combined run.

    • (8) Having finished all three tests, close the TDAQ Panel and FEtest Panel. Close IGUI & exit partition as explained above

Building AthenaMT with online software

As we are in a phase of determining and implementing interfaces, there is no release with latest software. One needs to build the specific branches from different software projects

Go to your work area

Login to a lxplus, and go to a workspace where you have at least 2 GB of free space.

Building tdaq-common

Only hltiterface package from tdaq-common is modified for AthenaMT update, however the whole tdaq common release need to be built.

# Set TDAQ environment
  source /afs/ nightly
  mkdir work
  cd work

  # The environment variable CHECKOUT_AREA will be used for next steps too.
  export CHECKOUT_AREA=`pwd`
  checkout_release tdaq-common tdaq-common-99-00-00

  cd tdaq-common/tdaq-common-99-00-00

  # Remove default hltinterface, and checkout Frank's fork
  rm -rf hltinterface
  git clone -b hltinterface_phaseI

  # Build and install the release
  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake -DBINARY_TAG=x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt ..
  make -j 16 install # This will install sw in ../installed/

Building tdaq packages (HLTMPPU and pudummy)

# To have all sw in same place, I chose $CHECKOUT_AREA, but tdaq packages can be build in any
# other directory too
mkdir tdaq
cd tdaq

# checkout correct branches for HLTMPPU and dfinterface
git clone -b cyildiz/AthenaMT   # Currently in a fork. This is not final interface, but it is probably quite close to it.
git clone -b cyildiz/new-dfinterface
git clone -b cyildiz/AthenaMT # Optional, only needed to test without Athena

# Following is required to pick the local tdaq-common

# Create a top level CMakeLists.txt
printf "cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.6.0)\nfind_package(TDAQ)\ninclude(CTest)\ntdaq_work_area()\n" > CMakeLists.txt

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j 16 install # This will install sw in ../installed/

Building Athena software

# Again, the building can be done anywhere else
mkdir athena-work
cd athena-work

lsetup git
asetup Athena,master,latest
git atlas init-workdir
cd athena
git atlas addpkg TrigKernel TrigPSC TrigServices TrigByteStreamCnvSvc
git checkout athenaMT-HltEventLoopMgr

# Edit the file Projects/Workdir/CMakeLists.txt -> Add the following lines after find_package( AtlasCMake QUIET ):

set( CHECKOUT_AREA "/path/to/checkout/area") # This should point to the $CHECKOUT_AREA environment variable
set( TDAQ_COMMON_DIR "${CHECKOUT_AREA}/tdaq-common")

set( TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION "99-00-00" CACHE STRING "tdaq-common version" FORCE ) # This shold
set( DQM-COMMON_VERSION "99-00-00" CACHE STRING "dqm-common version" FORCE )
set( TDAQ_VERSION "99-00-00" CACHE STRING "tdaq version" FORCE )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
set( TDAQ_INCLUDE_DIR "${CHECKOUT_AREA}/tdaq/installed/include" "/afs/" "/afs/"  CACHE PATH "include dir" FORCE )

set( TDAQ_dynlibs_LIBRARY "/afs/" CACHE FILEPATH "dynlibs path" FORCE )
set( TDAQ_ipc_LIBRARY "/afs/" CACHE FILEPATH "ipc path" FORCE )
set( TDAQ_is_LIBRARY "/afs/" CACHE FILEPATH "is path" FORCE )
set( TDAQ_omniORB4_LIBRARY "/afs/" CACHE FILEPATH "omniORB4 path" FORCE )
set( TDAQ_omnithread_LIBRARY "/afs/" CACHE FILEPATH "omnithread path" FORCE )
set( TDAQ_owl_LIBRARY "/afs/" CACHE FILEPATH "owl path" FORCE )
set( TDAQ_LIBRARIES "dynlibs" "owl" "ipc" "omnithread" "omniORB4" )

set( TDAQ-COMMON_INCLUDE_DIR "${TDAQ_COMMON_DIR}/tdaq-common-${TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION}/installed/include/" CACHE PATH "tdaq-common include dir" FORCE )
set( TDAQ-COMMON_CTPfragment_LIBRARY "${TDAQ_COMMON_DIR}/tdaq-common-${TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION}/installed/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/lib/" CACHE FILEPATH "tdaq-common include dir" FORCE )
set( TDAQ-COMMON_eformat_LIBRARY "${TDAQ_COMMON_DIR}/tdaq-common-${TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION}/installed/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/lib/" CACHE FILEPATH "tdaq-common include dir" FORCE )
set( TDAQ-COMMON_eformat_write_LIBRARY "${TDAQ_COMMON_DIR}/tdaq-common-${TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION}/installed/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/lib/" CACHE FILEPATH "tdaq-common include dir" FORCE )
set( TDAQ-COMMON_ers_LIBRARY "${TDAQ_COMMON_DIR}/tdaq-common-${TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION}/installed/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/lib/" CACHE FILEPATH "tdaq-common include dir" FORCE )
set( TDAQ-COMMON_hltinterface_LIBRARY "${TDAQ_COMMON_DIR}/tdaq-common-${TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION}/installed/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/lib/" CACHE FILEPATH "tdaq-common include dir" FORCE )
set( TDAQ-COMMON_pyeformat_util_LIBRARY "${TDAQ_COMMON_DIR}/tdaq-common-${TDAQ-COMMON_VERSION}/installed/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/lib/" CACHE FILEPATH "tdaq-common include dir" FORCE )

cd .. && mkdir build && cd build
cmake ../athena/Projects/WorkDir
make -j 16

Running the python program

# Setup the environment
asetup Athena,master,latest
source athena-work/build/x86_64-slc6-gcc62-opt/
cm_setup nightly
source tdaq-common/tdaq-common-99-00-00/installed/
source tdaq/installed/
cd public/runHLTMPPy

# Run the script                                                                                                                                                                                            --sleep 30 -l "." -r 327265 --date "19/06/17 18:44:00" dffileds --compressionLevel 0 --compressionFormat UNCOMPRESSED --file /afs/ --outFile joboptions --SMK 2573 --l1PSK 14271 --l1BG 1397 --joFile /afs/ HLTMPPU -f 2  > log`date +%s` 2> err`date +%s` &

-- CenkYildiz - 2014-12-03

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