Measurement of inclusive jet nuclear modification factor in pPb collisions at sqrtsNN=5.02 TeV with CMS

This page provides a description for the jet RpA analysis.

Identity Card

Title: Measurement of inclusive jet nuclear modification factor in pPb collisions at sqrtsNN=5.02 TeV with CMS

Contact: Yaxian Mao

ARC: Chair: Olga Evdokimov; Members: Wit Busza, Wei Li,Paul Douglas Sheldon

Working group: Yaxian Mao, Hong Ni, Qiao Xu, Julia Velkovska, Sevil Salur, Raghav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli, Shengquan Tuo, Eric Appelt

Pre-Approval: 3/28/2014

AN/PAS freeze for Approval: 4/25/2014

Approval: 5/2/2014

* CADI entry:

CDS Entry

Results to be public (draft)

Preliminary figures:

Referee Comments

Final Reading

Collaboration Wide Review

ARC Reviews and Meetings

ARC comments

1st ARC meeting link: 04/11/2014

2st ARC meeting link: 04/18/2014

3rd ARC meeting link: 04/25/2014

4th ARC meeting link: 07/16/2014

5th ARC meeting link: 02/17/2015

6th ARC meeting link: 03/17/2015

Pre-Approval Comments

AN/Paper Documentation

*Latest Paper Draft[25/06/2014]: paper draft

*Latest draft PAS [21/04/2014]: HIN-14-001

*Latest draft AN note [23/04/2014]: AN-13-395

* Differ files between PAS v4 and v5: PASDiff_v4_v5

pp Reference Extrapolation

pp 7 TeV data analysis for R = 0.3 jet


CMS Charged RpPb CMS PAS

To Do/Action Items for publication

Task Name(s) Additional Details Status
AN-13-395/HIN-14-001 paper draft Sevil, Julia + everyone update results for latest results ongoing

Analysis Tools and Results

Luminosity Cross-check for PAJet Triggers:

Used --begin BEGINRUN --end ENDRUN -b stable --hltpath HLT_PAJetXX_NoJetID_v1 --amodetag PAPHYS recorded 

From Run 210676-211256 (pPb only, no misaligned runs)

HLTPath SelectedLS Recorded Effective Effective Prescale (to Jet100)
HLT_PAZeroBiasPixel_SingleTrack_v1 12313 15.784(/nb) 5.154(/ub) 3029
HLT_PAJet20_NoJetID_v1 12313 15.784(/nb) 6.975(/ub) 2238
HLT_PAJet40_NoJetID_v1 12313 15.784(/nb) 382.676(/ub) 40.8
HLT_PAJet60_NoJetID_v1 12313 15.784(/nb) 4.012(/nb) 3.89
HLT_PAJet80_NoJetID_v1 12313 15.784(/nb) 11.092(/nb) 1.41
HLT_PAJet100_NoJetID_v1 12313 15.784(/nb) 15.612(/nb) 1.00 (exact)

From Run 210498-211256 (pPb only, with misaligned runs)

HLTPath SelectedLS Recorded Effective Effective Prescale (to Jet100)
HLT_PAZeroBiasPixel_SingleTrack_v1 17697 21.144(/nb) 7.652(/ub) 2740
HLT_PAJet20_NoJetID_v1 17697 21.144(/nb) 9.845(/ub) 2130
HLT_PAJet40_NoJetID_v1 17697 21.144(/nb) 543.128(/ub) 36.6
HLT_PAJet60_NoJetID_v1 17697 21.144(/nb) 4.927(/nb) 4.26
HLT_PAJet80_NoJetID_v1 17697 21.144(/nb) 15.856(/nb) 1.32
HLT_PAJet100_NoJetID_v1 17697 21.144(/nb) 20.970(/nb) 1.00 (exact)

From Run 210498-211631 (pPb AND Pbp, all runs)

HLTPath SelectedLS Recorded Effective Effective Prescale (to Jet100)
HLT_PAZeroBiasPixel_SingleTrack_v1 29275 35.400(/nb) 17.186(/ub) 2041
HLT_PAJet20_NoJetID_v1 29275 35.400(/nb) 30.747(/ub) (?!) 1141 ??
HLT_PAJet40_NoJetID_v1 29275 35.400(/nb) 856.400(/ub) 41.46
HLT_PAJet60_NoJetID_v1 29275 35.400(/nb) 7.840(/nb) 4.47
HLT_PAJet80_NoJetID_v1 29275 35.400(/nb) 24.507(/nb) 1.43
HLT_PAJet100_NoJetID_v1 29275 35.400(/nb) 35.092(/nb) 1.00 (exact)

Event Cleaning and Vertex Selection

pHBHENoiseFilter && pprimaryvertexFilter && pPAcollisionEventSelectionPA && pVertexFilterCutGplus for pPb data
HLT_PAZeroBiasPixel_SingleTrack_v1, HLT_PAJet20_NoJetID_v1, HLT_PAJet40_NoJetID_v1, HLT_PAJet60_NoJetID_v1, HLT_PAJet80_NoJetID_v1, HLT_PAJet100_NoJetID_v1;
Vertex Selection
 * |vertex.z| < 15 cm

Jet Selection

Using the QCD-10-011 (pp 7 TeV paper) binning for the generator level study, with the pt binning listed here: [[][ptBins]]

akPFJets with R= 0.3 as main results, other cone size used for cross checks R=0.4, 0.5 (Calo and PF)
Residual jet energy corrections from Doga
Bayesian unfolding with iteration 4
Unfolding matrix pt binning and eta binning are used as following for pPb case: 
jet pt binning: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18,21,24,28,32,37,43,49,56,64,74,84,97,114,133,153,174,196,220,245,272,300,330,362,395,430,468,507,548,592,638,686,1000}
jet eta_CM binning: {-1, 1}, {-2.5, -2.0, -1.5, -1.0, -0.5, 0.5, 1.0,1.5,2.0}

Note: the low pt binning is just to build up complete matrix in case we want to study the edge effect, and high pt we are running out of statistics so it is not important for both side binning at the end for our final results since we cut these bins off. 

Vertex and centrality reweighting for MC samples

Since the vertex and centrality distribution between data and MC are different, the MC sample is reweighted to match the data distribution before using MC sample for any corrections. The parameterized reweighting factors are as follows:

     TF1 * fVz = new TF1("fVx","[0]+[1]*x+[2]*TMath::Power(x,2)+[3]*TMath::Power(x,3)+[4]*TMath::Power(x,4)", -15., 15.);
         else   if(coll=="PbP")
           fVz->SetParameters(1.54398e+00, -8.56155e-03, -1.40026e-02, 4.01020e-05, 3.47683e-05); //latest parameterization
          fVz->SetParameters(1.,0,0,0,0);  //the above parameters should only apply for pPb or Pbp samples

      TF1 * fCen = new TF1("fCen","[0]*exp([1]+[2]*x+[3]*x*x+[4]*x*x*x+[5]*x*x*x*x+[6]*x*x*x*x*x)", 0., 100.);
          fCen->SetParameters(8.68073e-03, 5.09356e+00, -1.33053e-02, 1.46904e-03, -6.99681e-05, 1.06721e-06, -5.21398e-09);
       else if(coll=="PbP")
         fCen->SetParameters(1.05408e-02, 5.27477e+00, -8.03382e-02, 3.51669e-03, -8.85332e-05, 1.08917e-06, -4.90091e-09);
                fCen->SetParameters(1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0); //the above parameters should only apply for pPb or Pbp samples

Analysis Results

* Updates between PAS v4 and v5: slides

Meeting Reports














Data samples

Preliminary results sample for QM2014 MB: /store/caf/user/ymao/mergedMB_pPb_SingleTrack_Full_UsingKKForest_v1.root () Jet20: /store/caf/user/ymao/mergedJet20_pPb_Jet20_Full_UsingKKForest_v1.root () Jet40Jet60: /store/caf/user/ymao/mergedJet40Jet60_pPb_Jet40Jet60_Full_UsingKKForest_v1.root () Jet80Jet100:

Un-merged forests in Purdue : access through xrootd

pPb (10310 files) - HighPt prod with JSON, no filter, pPb v8 JECs used, pPb ONLY, used reprocessed first 7 runs - fixed misalignment issues file list: /net/hidsk0001/d00/scratch/kjung/dropbox/PAHighPtPurdueForest_4th.txt path: root://*

Pbp+pPb (14496 files) - HighPt production with JSON, no filter, pPb v8 JECs used for pPb and Pbp data, first 7 runs are misaligned file list: /net/hidsk0001/d00/scratch/kjung/dropbox/PAHighPtPurdueForest_3rd.txt path: root://*

Accessing these forests from MIT is made possible through the following condor scripts, (please go through them and make the appropriate changes as mentioned in the scripts)

the macro merge_kurt_files.C is just an example which details the procedure of reading in the multiple files and creating the TChain from which we can continue our preferred analysis. the output in this case is written to hadoop to your preferred directory.

To Run: $ voms-proxy-init -voms cms take the location of your proxy through $ voms-proxy-info -all and write that location in $ ./ NJobs filesPerJob

Paper draft results sample after QM2014

MC Samples



SVN instructions

AN-13-395 (AN note)

  • AN:
svn co -N svn+ssh://  AN-13-395 
cd  AN-13-395
svn update utils
svn update -N notes
svn update notes/AN-13-395
eval `./notes/tdr runtime -csh` # for tcsh. use -sh for bash.
cd notes/AN-13-395/trunk
# (edit the template, then to build the document)
tdr --style=an b  AN-13-395
svn add filename
svn commit -m "commit message"

* If you want to svn checkout to your laptop and be independent of logging in to lxplus change the first line to:

svn co -N svn+ssh://  AN-13-395

  • If for some reason the above compile/build fails, you can use this command from within the trunk directory:
../../tdr --style=an b  AN-13-395
  • Always check that you have gotten the latest files: svn update
  • Always check to see if you have checked in your work: svn status
  • Commit changes:
svn ci -m "added file for description of jet finding" jet_finding.tex
  • Check the difference between your local copy and the repository: svn diff jet_finding.tex

HIN-14-001 (PAS/paper)

* PAS:

svn co -N svn+ssh:// HIN-14-001
cd HIN-14-001
svn update utils
svn update -N notes
svn update notes/HIN-14-001
eval `./notes/tdr runtime -csh` # for tcsh. use -sh for bash.
cd notes/HIN-14-001/trunk
# (edit the template, then to build the document)
../../tdr --style=pas b HIN-14-001
svn add filename
svn commit -m "commit message"

* Paper:

svn co -N svn+ssh:// HIN-14-001
cd HIN-14-001
svn update utils
svn update -N papers
svn update papers/HIN-14-001
eval `./papers/tdr runtime -csh`
cd papers/HIN-14-001/trunk
tdr --style=paper b HIN-14-001

For the PRC version compile with

tdr --style paper --aps="prc,twocolumn" b HIN-14-001

Bonus hints for (Mac) Laptop svn editing
Get a CERN kinit so you don't have to keep putting in your password:

kinit -Af username@CERN.CH 

If this command fails, you may need to update your krb5.conf, follow these instructions: CERN Linux and Mac kerberos change

Make sure TeX is in your Path (instructions here assume you are running MacTeX. Figure out your shell with echo $0 bash (can add this to your .bashrc):

export PATH="$PATH:/usr/texbin" 

csh/tcsh (can add this to your .cshrc):

 set path = ( $path /usr/texbin ) 

You should be able to use the commands above as normal to get the note, compile, commit, etc. Always make sure to svn update before committing to avoid collisions.

Note: If you upgraded to Lion (OSX 10.7), kerberos doesn't appear to play well with svn. Resolve it with this fix:

  • Edit your /etc/ssh_config (use sudo):
   GSSAPITrustDNS yes
  • Note, I already had the following in that same file (for compatibility with FNAL LPC):
   GSSAPIAuthentication yes
   GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes
  • Also make sure your path settings (above) weren't lost, for some reason mine had been dropped and I had to add them back into my .cshrc

-- YaxianMao - 2015-05-08

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