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The main purpose of this Twiki is to share information relevant for the organization of the school

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To be discussed in the kick off meeting

  • Industrial participation (sponsors)
  • Candidate tutors
  • Candidate lecturers
  • Changes to the program (taking into account the feedback from previous schools)
  • Advertising channels

Action items

Item target date to be done by Remarks
Fix the final date and duration of the school 1 August Local organizers -
Update the new e-group "" 1 May Markus done
Create a Web site 1 August Local organizers Includes a tentative schedule (indico)
Create a poster 1 August Local organizers -
Establish a financial plan 1 July Local organizers to be refined during the year
Look for sponsors - Markus, LOC, volunteers PH, LHC experiments, NI?
Open CERN conference account 1 August Markus transfer credit from 2015 to the new code
Collect channels for making publicity 1 August All The school should be advertised in particular in the Middle East
Start publicity campaign 1 August All -
Confirm the availability of the lecturers and tutors 1 October Markus TBD
Look for new tutors to fill the holes 1 October Markus and Lorne -
Look for new lecturers to fill the holes 1 October All -
Organize training of new tutors 1 October Markus -
Set up the exercises by using local material 15 October LOC experienced tutors to provide help
Shipping of material to Rehovot 15 November Markus What will be shipped depends on the status of the locally set up exercises. According to S. Krattinger shipping (land based) takes 3 weeks

Issues for later

  • Think about the home-work (C programming) and how to make sure that all students do it

Teachers and tutors - Availability for ISOTDAQ2016

Name Lecturer 2015 Exercise tutor 2015 Availability 2016 Arrival and departure dates Funding
Ozgur Cobanoglu (CERN / PH-ESE-ME, now with iSKO Technology Development, SANKO Holding) YES NO YES TBD SANKO
Dominique Gigi (CERN/CMS) NO YES YES 24.1 - 3.2 CMS
Markus Joos (CERN /ATLAS) YES YES YES 21.1. - 4.2. CERN
Enrico Pasqualucci (INFN/ATLAS) YES YES YES 23.1 - 3.2 INFN
Francesca Pastore (RHUL/ ATLAS) YES YES YES 24.1 - 3.2 travel paid by home Institute
Hannes Sakulin (CERN/CMS) YES YES YES 28.1. - 3.2. CERN
Christophe Haen (CERN) NO YES YES 24.1 - 4.2 ISOTDAQ
Luca Galli YES YES YES 23.1 - 3.2 / Inv letter OK Travel INFN - hotel ISOTDAQ
Andrea Negri (INFN/ATLAS) YES YES YES 23.1 - 1.2 INFN
Kostas Kordas YES YES YES TBD Partially ISOTDAQ
Joschka Lingemann YES YES YES 24.1.-31.1. Group: flight
ISOTDAQ hotel & subsistence
Erkcan Ozcan NO NO YES TBD TBD, partially Bogazici
Niko Neufeld NO NO YES 30.1 - 2.2 (could arrive 29.1 if needed) CERN
Bernard Kolobara NO NO YES 24.1 - 4.2 CERN
Costin Gament NO NO YES 24.01 - 04.02 CERN
Mauricio Feo NO YES YES 23/jan - 3/feb ISOTDAQ
Roberto Ferrari NO NO YES TBD Home Institute
Grzegorz Jereczek NO NO YES 23.1 - 4.2 CERN
Manoel Barros Marin NO NO YES 22.1 - 4.2 CERN
Stefan Ritt NO NO YES 26.1. - 31.1. home institute (travel) and ISOTDAQ (accommodation)
Gokhan Unel NO NO YES 24.1. - 31.1. TBD
Martin Purschke NO NO YES TBD ISOTDAQ: flight
Home institute: subsistence
Serguei Kolos NO NO YES 28.1 - 2.2 TBD
Pawel Szostek NO NO YES 31.1/1.2-2.2 Travel CERN - hotel ?
Florian Brunbauer NO NO YES 23.1 - 3.2 ISOTDAQ
Paolo Durante NO NO YES TBD TBD

Candidate tutors

Name Background Interested in exercise financial status
Marco Venturini ISOTDAQ2015 8 unclear
Florian Brunbauer ISOTDAQ2015 7 unclear
Evgenia Voulgari ISOTDAQ2015 2 not available
Saime Sarikaya BL4S TBD unclear (perhaps partial support from Bogazici)
Marcelo Vicente ISOTDAQ2015 FPGA (ex13) UNCLEAR

Overview of lectures

Number Duration Day Title (Rio) Lecturer (Rio) Lecturer (Rehovot)
1 60   Introduction to detector readout Rainer Schwemmer Gokhan Unel
2 60   Introduction to data acquisition Andrea Negri Andrea Negri
3 60   DAQ hardware Andrea Negri Andrea Negri
4 60 EEE Waveform Digitizing and Signal Processing - Stefan Ritt
5 60   Programming for today's physicist and engineers Joschka Lingemann Joschka Lingemann
6 60 29.1, 31.1, 1.2 Design and implementation of a monitoring system - Serguei Kolos
7 60   Introduction to trigger Francesca Pastore Francesca Pastore
8 60 EEE Introduction to VME bus Markus Joos Markus Joos
9 60 EEE Modular electronics Markus Joos Markus Joos
10 60 EEE Trigger hardware Francesca Pastore Francesca Pastore
11 90   Introduction to the Design of Full-Custom Front-End & Data Transmission ASICs Ozgur Cobanoglu Ozgur Cobanoglu
12 90   Practical aspects of computer architecture for data acquisition -- Niko Neufeld and Pawel Szostek
13 60 EEE LabView Ravi Marawar(NI) NI Israel. Speaker to be defined
14 60   CERN Scientific Program Livio Mapelli New title: PCIe. New Speaker: Paolo Durante
15 60   DAQ software Enrico Pasqualucci Enrico Pasqualucci
16 60   TDAQ design: from test beam to medium size experiment Sergio Ballestrero Roberto Ferrari
17 60   The TDAQ System of the MEG Expertiment Luca Galli Luca Galli
18 60   Threaded Programming Giuseppe Avolio Erkcan Ozcan
19 60 31.1, 1.2 or 2.2. TDAQ for the LHC experiments Giovanna Lehmann-Miotto Niko Neufeld
20 60 29.1. or later Introduction to FPGAs Hannes Sakulin Hannes Sakulin
21 60   An Introduction to Medical Imaging Devices Jean Rinkel Martin Purschke
22 60 EEE Advanced FPGA Programming Andrea Borga Manoel Barros Marin
23 60   Optical links Andrea Borga Paolo Durante
24 60 EEE Microcontrollers Dan Savu Mauricio Feo
25 60   Intelligent triggering: pattern recognition with Associative Memories and other tools Kostas Kordas Kostas Kordas
26 60   A scalable, portable DAQ system design - Martin Purschke
27 60 Evening lecture Micro-archeology - PI of the Weizmann Micro-archeology
-- ??   DAQ with SW trigger for a Dark Matter Search - March Schumann / Daniel Coderre (BERN)

Candidate lectures

Title / subject of the lecture Potential speaker supported by
C++ / threading Pawel Szostek (from OpenLab) for multi-threading architecture -
computing architectures Pawel Szostek (from OpenLab) Francesca, Enrico
Calorimeter Triggers Sridhara Dasu (CMS / Wisconsin) -
Concepts of object oriented programming Daniel Lellouch or colleague -
DAQ for a Dark Matter Search someone from Xenon expt DAQ group -
Some of: Programming / data communication / Event and Buffer management / simulation, algorithm implementation in FPGA using external math simulator, DAQ system integration Rotem Gazit ( who did work at Triumf/AAPS -
PCIe Paolo Durante Niko, Markus
Micro-archeology PI of the Weizmann Micro-archeology Markus, Niko, Enrico (nice evening lecture)

Candidate labs

  • Rogierio Iope (Rio) will propose a lab
  • Hendrik Jansen (DESY) may be able to build a lab based on a beam telescope

Status of the labs

Availability of tutors

Lab Description Tutors 2015 Confirmed Tutors 2016 Orphaned sessions (estimation)
1 VMEbus programming Joos, Galli Joos, Galli 0
2 NIM Pastore, Negri Pastore, Negri 0
3 NIM & scintillator Kordas and Gilvan Alves (CBPF) maybe Kordas 0 / 13
4 Muon DAQ Joos, Galli, Pasqualucci Joos, Galli 0
5 FPGA Gigi Gigi 0
6 MicroTCA Sakulin, Lingemann Sakulin, Lingemann 0
7 LabView Geraldo Cernichiaro (CBPF) Brunbauer 0
8 ADCs Borga Barros Marin 0
9 Network programming Batraneanu, Savu Jereczek 0
10 Micro controller Mauricio Féo (CBPF) Féo 0
11 Storage systems Haen, Schwemmer, Campora Perez Haen 0
12 Control systems Avolio, Lehmann-Miotto Kolobara, Gament 0
13 FPGA & LabView NI NI (4 sessions), Gurbuz (9 sessions) 0

Exercise experts and status

Lab Description CERN experts Rehovot experts status of the preparations
1 VMEbus programming Joos TBD -
2 NIM Pastore TBD -
3 NIM & scintillator Joos TBD -
4 Muon DAQ Joos TBD -
5 FPGA Gigi TBD -
6 MicroTCA Sakulin TBD -
7 LabView -- TBD -
8 ADCs Alt, Borga TBD -
9 Network programming Savu TBD -
10 Micro controller Feo TBD -
11 Storage systems Haen, Schwemmer TBD -
12 Control systems Lehmann Miotto TBD -
13 FPGA & LabView National instrument TBD -

Availability of equipment

The lists items for the exercises that will have to be provided is on the ISOTDAQ sharepoint:

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