This is the TWIKI page of ISOTDAQ2019 in London

2/3 April – 11/12 April 2019

The main purpose of this Twiki is to share information relevant for the organization of the school

NOTE: The school will be 1 day longer than in Vienna. We will have one additional lab and two additional lectures

Related Web sites

School home page:

SharePoint site:

Key dates

1 August (or 1 September): start of publicity
1 December: End of application period (if needed: 1 January)
1 January: Start of evaluation period
1 February: Notification of the students (at the latest)
2/3 April: Start of the school

Action items

Item target date to be done by Done Remarks
Establish a financial plan 1 July Local organizers in progress Reviewing final numbers from RHUL conferencing
Fix the final date and duration of the school 1 August Local organizers done School will be one day longer than in 2018 - RHUL conferencing have confirmed availability of rooms.
Update the new e-group "" 1 August Markus partially Vienna colleagues have been removed
Create a Web site 1 August Local organizers done Includes a tentative schedule - indico page created
Create a poster 1 August Local organizers done Copy of Vienna poster received
Look for sponsors - COC, LOC, volunteers in progress LOC investigating through UK funding agency (STFC) and RHUL physics
Open CERN conference account 1 August BvH done -
Organize Kick-Off meeting 1 July BvH done -
Collect channels for making publicity 1 August All done -
Start publicity campaign 1 August All done 1 September will also be OK
Prepare repo for labs - BvH done  
Confirm the availability of the lecturers and tutors 1 December BvH done -
Look for new tutors to fill the holes 1 December COC done -
Look for new lecturers to fill the holes 1 December COC done -
Organize training of new tutors 1 December COC ongoing -
Set up the exercises by using local material 15 December All no experienced tutors to provide help
Shipping of material to London 1 March COC no What will be shipped depends on the status of the locally set up exercises

Issues for later

  • Think about the home-work (C programming) and how to make sure that all students do it
  • Decide on policy for funding the travel of tutors and lecturers

Teachers and tutors - Availability for ISOTDAQ2019

Name Availability 2019 Arrival and departure dates Funding
Alessandro Marchioro (CERN) YES 10.4. - 11.4. CERN
Markus Joos (CERN /ATLAS) YES 31.3. - 13.4. CERN
Enrico Pasqualucci (INFN/ATLAS) YES 3.4 - 12.4 INFN
Francesca Pastore (RHUL/ ATLAS) YES 1.4 - 12.4 RHUL
Hannes Sakulin (CERN/CMS) YES 3.4. - 12.4. CERN
Andrea Negri (INFN/ATLAS) YES 2/4 to 8/4 INFN
Kostas Kordas YES 4/4 to 12/4 A.U.Thessaloniki & ISOTDAQ
Mauricio Feo YES 2/4 - 12/4 NIKHEF & ISOTDAQ
Roberto Ferrari YES 3/4 - 12/4 INFN
Manoel Barros Marin YES 2/4 - 12/4 CERN & ISOTDAQ
Gokhan Unel YES 3 - 6 April UCI
Martin Purschke YES 3-9 April ISOTDAQ & BNL
Serguei Kolos YES 8-11 April ISOTDAQ & UCI
Paolo Durante YES 3/4 - 8/4 CERN
Fabrice Le Goff YES 02/04 - 05/04 CERN
Alessandro Thea (RAL/CMS) YES 02/04 - 05/04 RAL
Barthélémy von Haller YES 2/4 to 6/4 CERN
Petr Zejdl YES 3/4 - 9/4 CERN
Tommaso Colombo YES 8/4 - 12/4 CERN
Gianluca Lamanna YES 2/4 - 12/4 INFN & ISOTDAQ
Dominique Gigi YES 7/4 to 12/4 CERN
Sophie Baron YES 7/4 to 8/4 CERN
Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler YES 5/4 to 10/4 DESY
Adam Abed Abud YES 02/04 - 12/04 CERN
Gary Boorman YES 4/4 to 12/4 CERN
Andrew Rose YES 4/4 to 4/4 Imperial College
Adriaan Rijllart YES 3/4 to 5/4 CERN
Danilo Cicalese YES 2/4 - 12/4 CERN
Wojciech Brylinski YES 2/4 - 12/4 ISOTDAQ
Marc Dobson YES 3/4 - 8/4 CERN
Cristovao Beirao YES 2/4 - 13/4 CERN & ISOTDAQ
Vincenzo Izzo (INFN/ATLAS) YES 2/4 - 12/4 INFN
Giovanna Lehmann Miotto YES 10/4 - 11/4 CERN
Johannes Martin Wuthrich YES 2/4 - 12/4 ETHZ & ISOTDAQ
Piotr Wysocki YES 10/4-12/4 INTEL

Overview of lectures

Number Duration Day Title (Vienna) confirmed or likely Lecturer (London)
1 60 TBD Introduction to data acquisition Andrea Negri
2 60 TBD Networking for data acquisition systems Fabrice Le Goff
3 60 TBD Introduction to VME bus Markus Joos
4 60 TBD Introduction to trigger Alessandro Thea
5 60 TBD Trigger hardware Andrew Rose
6 60 TBD Microcontrollers Mauricio Feo
7 60 TBD PCIexpress Paolo Durante
8 60 TBD Introduction to FPGAs Hannes Sakulin
9 60 TBD Modular electronics Markus Joos
10 60 TBD DAQ hardware Vincenzo Izzo
11 60 TBD LabVIEW Gary Boorman
12 60 TBD Introduction to detector readout Gokhan Unel
13 60 TBD Timing for DAQ Sophie Baron
14 60 TBD Programming for today's physicist and engineers Alessandro Thea
15 60 TBD TDAQ design: from test beam to medium size experiment Roberto Ferrari
16 60 TBD DAQ software Enrico Pasqualucci
17 60 TBD Optical links Paolo Durante
18 60 TBD A scalable, portable DAQ system design Martin Purschke
19 60 TBD An Introduction to medical imaging devices Martin Purschke
20 120 TBD Microelectronic technologies for HEP Instrumentation Alessandro Marchioro
21 60 TBD GPU in HEP: online high quality trigger processing Gianluca Lamanna
22 60 TBD Design and implementation of a monitoring system Serguei Kolos
23 60 TBD Intelligent triggering: pattern recognition with Associative Memories and other tools Kostas Kordas
24 60 TBD The Trigger and DAQ system of the EUDET-type beam telescopes Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler
25 60 TBD Continuous DAQ systems (DUNE, protoDUNE) Giovanna Lehmann-Miotto
26 60 TBD Advanced FPGA programming Manoel Barros Marin
27 60 TBD T/DAQ for the LHC experiments and upgrades Francesca Pastore
28 60 TBD What LHC TDAQ can learn from Facebook Manos Karpathiotakis
29 60 TBD Strategies on storage from Intel Piotr Wysocki

Candidate lectures and lecturers

Title / subject of the lecture Potential speaker Additional information
Waveform Digitizing and Signal Processing Stefan Ritt, PSI - Gary Eric Boorman also proposed to do it (2019) not available this year
TBD Jacopo Pinzino ISOTDAQ 2012
Machine learning with FPGAs Sioni Paris Summers expert FPGA, from CMS L1, Imperial College
TBD Andrew Rose (Imperial) CMS L1 (Particle Flow in FPGA)
Threaded programming and trigger/reco software Stuart Martin-Haugh (RAL) ATLAS Trigger Core Software Co-Convener
Project management Will ?  

General Information for Visitors


All attendees are advised to check if they will require a Visa to enter the United Kingdom. For official confirmation, please consult the UK government website:

If you will need a visa, and have not already done so, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can provide you with an invitation letter.

Passport Expiry

Due to the ongoing political uncertainty regarding the UK's departure from the European Union, we advise anyone travelling to the school to ensure that their passport will be valid for at least two months after arrival in the country. Should your passport expire before then, we recommend you consult with your national passport authority and renew your passport if recommended to do so.

Payment (Tutors and lecturers)

After a review of costs the accommodation fee will be 100 CHF per night for all staff.

The amount has to be transferred to the following CERN-held bank account:

  • Bank: UBS SA - GENEVE
  • IBAN: CH66 0024 0240 FP10 0541 3
  • Account holder: CERN-CONFERENCES

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to clearly indicate the name of the conference (ISOTDAQ 2019) and the budget code (34935) as the reason for the payment. Otherwise your payment may not be recognized.

Note on bank SWIFT code - it has been pointed out that the SWIFT code to be used for the payment is registered as 'UBS AG-Zurich' rather than 'UBS AG-Geneve'. This is expected and doesn't imply any problem with the transfer.

Some banks have requested the address of the payment recipient in order to process payment of the school fee. Should this be needed, the address to use is that of CERN itself:

  • CERN
  • Esplanade des Particules 1
  • 1217 Meyrin
  • Switzerland

Should it prove useful, it is also possible to pay the conference fee with a CERN inter-departmental transfer (i.e. a TID). To do this please:

  • use the same budget code as before, 34935
  • indicate 'ISOTDAQ 2019’ as a reference in the transfer
  • add Barthelemy Von Haller as creditor

Arrival Times on Campus

Please note, the on-campus accommodation at RHUL will be available for you to check in to from 4pm (UK time) on the day of your arrival. Check-in will be open until 10pm. If you need to arrive outside of this time window please let us know as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Accessibility and Medical Requirements

In order to ensure that we provide any necessary support, please let us know if you have any disability which requires accessibility assistance or adaptation to lecture or teaching areas. Please also inform us if you have any medical requirements (e.g. storage of medication) where we can provide assistance.

Special Dietary Requirements

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements (including if you are vegetarian of vegan) or if you have any allergies or food intolerance.

Status of the labs

Availability of tutors and equipment

Lab CERN responsible Description Confirmed / Likely Tutors 2017 Orphaned sessions Equipment to be provided by RHUL Lab Book
1 Joos VMEbus programming Joos 0 1 monitor (with DVI-I cable), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB) TBD
2 Joos NIM Pastore, Negri, Izzo 0 One digital oscilloscope and one function generator. One voltmeter and a tiny screw driver TBD
3 Joos NIM & scintillator Ferrari, Kordas 0 One digital oscilloscope, one voltmeter, one tiny screw driver TBD
4 Joos Muon DAQ Pasqualucci, Beirao 0 1 monitor (with DVI-I cable), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB) TBD
5 Sakulin FPGA Gigi / Zejdl 0 1 monitor (VGA), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB) TBD
6 Sakulin MicroTCA Sakulin / Dobson 0 1 monitor (VGA), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB) TBD
7 Durante LabView Boorman, Rijllart 0 1 monitor (VGA or HDMI (not yet defined)), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB), 1 Power Cable TBD
8 Durante ADCs Barros Marin 0 One digital oscilloscope (possibly high-end),1 monitor (VGA or HDMI (not yet defined)), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB) TBD
9 von Haller Networking Le Goff, Abed Abud 0 1 monitor with VGA cable (and power), 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, 4 power chords (for our computers and switch) Done (Gitlab)
10 Sakulin Microcontroller Feo, von Haller 0 1 PC with internet access (+FullHD screen, keyboard, mouse), 1 generic power supply with banana plugs (up to 12V/3A), 1 support stand + 2 clamps similar to the attached image. TBD
11 Durante Storage systems Durante, Colombo 0 1 monitor (VGA), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB) for the server we'll ship, plus one desktop so more than one student can do the exercise in parallel TBD
12 von Haller Control systems Brylinski, Cicalese 0 2 Desktop PCs running CC7 connected to the network, 2 monitors (with DVI cable), 2 keyboards (USB) and two mouse (USB) TBD
13 Durante SoC FPGA Wuthrich 0 2 monitors (VGA), 2 keyboards (USB), 2 mouses (USB) TBD
14 von Haller GPU Lamanna 0 mouse, keyboard and a large monitor TBD
Secret Joos Beam Telescopes Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler 0 1 scope (4 channels); lab PSUs for 2 (6V@<1A, 8V@<2A); 1 function generator TBD
General: 20-30 power cords

GitLab repository for the labs

Candidate labs

Title / subject of the lap Proposed by Additional information
beam telescope Hendrik Jansen (DESY) proposal from 2015. Was not in the program of Vienna

Candidate tutors

Name Background Interested in exercise financial status
Evgenia Voulgari ISOTDAQ2015 2 UNCLEAR
Marcelo Vicente ISOTDAQ2015 FPGA (ex13) UNCLEAR
Ioannis Xiotidis ISOTDAQ2016 2 (or 5) UNCLEAR
Wes Gohn Tutor in Budapest 1,2,3 and 6 TBD
Suerfu Burkhant<> ISOTDAQ 2017 5, 10 and others unclear
Mandakini Ravindra Patil ISOTDAQ 2011 TBD Travel: institute. Hotel and Subsistence: ISOTDAQ
Jacopo Pinzino ISOTDAQ 2012 5, 14 (or others) had volunteered in 2019 for the SoC lab but came too late. Contact him for the 2020 edition
Sioni Paris Summers CMS L1, FPGA expert any, interest in FPGA and MC no travel (London)

Checklist for the local organizers

This is based on the feedback collected in 2018.

  • Check lab book before printing
  • WIFI in hotel is important
  • Dinner should be on the last day or the day before the free day
  • Bigger screens for the labs
  • Bigger room for labs
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