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The main purpose of this Twiki is to share information relevant for the organization of the school


Lab Material Status Estimated price / remarks
2 (NIM) Ortec CF8000 Octal Constant-Fraction Discriminator no material ordered yet All Ortec CFDs are not RoHS compliant and can therefore not be purchased in the EU and Switzerland. The only alternative are the N605 of CAEN that costs EUR 3730
3/4 (muon detection) new scintillator slabs to replace the yellow ones partially done ~2000 CHF
3/4 (muon detection) new PMTs no material ordered yet ~4000 CHF
6 (MicroTCA) ATCA shelf and ATCA blades no material ordered yet 2 slot shelf (with SM): EUR ~3100, PC to access the SM: EUR 600, AMC carrier blade: not yet investigated
9 (Networking) Micro PCs. E.g. HP 800 G4 3 micro-PCs purchased CHF 550-600 (CERN stores) per unit. 3 units required.
13 (SoC) PYNQ-Z2 Zynq Evaluation Boards ordered, recived and forwarded to Johannes 3x 120CHF + 100CHF (for accesories). This new board will allow for programming in Python. In addition the old hardware has been used for multiple years and becomes unreliable.
8 (ADC) SPEC (FPGA-based FMC carrier PCIe card) & FmcAdc100M14b4cha (FMC ADC) ordered, recived and forwarded to Manoel 835CHF + 980CHF (Needed as spares in case the ones we have fail)

Related Web sites

School home page:


SharePoint site:

Lab book:

Virtual labs: ISOTDAQ2022VirtualLabs

Key dates

1 March: Start of evaluation period
1 March: Start looking for new tutors and teachers (to replace people that cannot dome to the school)
1 April: Notification of the students (at the latest)
24 May: Material for the labs leaves CERN
1 June: Lab book
14 June: Start of the school

Action items

Item target date to be done by Done Remarks
Update the financial plan 1 July Local organizers TBD -
Update the new e-group "" ASAP Markus Yes colleagues from Valencia have been removed and Alessanro Di Mattia and Cristina Tuve added
Update the Web-site ASAP Local organizers TBD Includes a tentative schedule
Look for sponsors - COC, LOC, volunteers TBD -
Organize Kick-Off meeting ASAP Markus / BvH TBD -
Confirm the availability of the lecturers and tutors ASAP COC TBD -
Look for new tutors to fill the holes 1 March COC TBD -
Look for new lecturers to fill the holes 1 March COC TBD -
Organize training of new tutors 1 April COC TBD -
Set up the exercises at CERN ASAP All TBD experienced tutors to provide help
Shipping of material 24 May COC TBD -

Issues for later

  • Decide on policy for funding the travel of tutors and lecturers

Teachers and tutors - Availability for ISOTDAQ2022

Name Availability 2022 Arrival and departure dates Hotel Funding
Alessandro Marchioro (CERN) YES 17.6-19.6 Will book myself ISOTDAQ
Markus Joos (CERN /ATLAS) YES 13.6. - 23.6. needed CERN
Enrico Pasqualucci (INFN/ATLAS) YES 13.6 - 26.6(?) needed INFN
Francesca Pastore (RHUL/ ATLAS) YES 13.6 - 26.6(?) needed flight: ISOTDAQ, accommodation: own institute
Hannes Sakulin (CERN/CMS) YES ? - 17.6. needed CERN
Andrea Negri (INFN/ATLAS) YES 13.6 - 26.6(?) needed INFN
Kostas Kordas YES 20.6 - 26.6? needed flight: Home institute; rest: ISOTDAQ
Roberto Ferrari YES 13.6 - 23.6 needed INFN
Manoel Barros Marin YES ? - ? ? 50% CERN, 50% ISOTDAQ
Gokhan Unel YES ? - ? ? Home institute
Serguei Kolos YES 19.6 - 22.6 needed flight and meal UCI, hotel ISOTDAQ?
Paolo Durante YES ? - ? ? CERN
Petr Zejdl YES ? - ? ? CERN
Gianluca Lamanna YES 13.6. - 19.6 (to be confirmed) needed Travel: institute unipi. Accomodation: ISOTDAQ
Dominique Gigi YES 13.6-17.6 Will book myself CERN
Gary Boorman YES 19.6 - 24.6 needed covered
Adriaan Rijllart YES 13.6 - 24.6 needed Covered
Vincenzo Izzo (INFN/ATLAS) YES 13.6-23.6 (may slightly change) needed Home institute (would like to pay by TID)
Johannes Martin Wuthrich YES 13.6-24.6 Booked myself Travel: Institute. Accomodation: ISOTDAQ
Vesa Simola YES 13.6-24.6 Will book myself CERN
Dinyar Rabady YES ? - ? ? CERN
Sioni Summers YES ? - ? ? ISOTDAQ for 2 days
Valentina Scotti (INFN) YES 20.6-24.6 (starting date might slightly change, could extend at the end if needed) needed Home institute
Enrico Gamberini YES 13.6 - 19.6 needed CERN
Marco Ceoletta YES 13.6 - 24.6 needed CERN
Jacopo Pinzino YES 13-15 and 20-23 needed Fellini
Eduardo Brandao de Souza Mendes YES TBD Will book myself CERN
Mauricio Feo YES 13.6 - 17.6 needed CERN
Martin Schwinzerl YES ? - ? ? CERN
Satchit Chatterji YES ? - ? ? Home institute (TBC)
Martin Purschke Via ZOOM n/a n/a no cost
Barthélémy von Haller TBD ? - ? ? CERN
Tommaso Colombo YES ? - ? ? CERN
Cristovao Beirao YES 13.6. - 23.6 needed 50% Home institute, 50% ISOTDAQ

Overview of lectures

Number Duration Day Title (Valencia) Lecturer 2020 confirmed or likely Lecturer 2022 (???) Time OK
1 60 TBD Introduction to data acquisition Andrea Negri Andrea Negri OK
4 60 TBD Introduction to trigger Gokhan Unel Gokhan Unel Confirmed
3 60 TBD Introduction to VME bus Markus Joos Markus Joos OK
12 60 TBD Introduction to detector readout Gokhan Unel Gokhan Unel Confirmed
9 60 TBD Modular electronics Markus Joos Markus Joos OK
8 60 TBD Introduction to FPGAs Hannes Sakulin Hannes Sakulin Confirmed
6 60 TBD Microcontrollers Mauricio Féo Mauricio Féo Confirmed
2 60 TBD Networking for data acquisition systems Vesa Simola Vesa Simola Confirmed
15 60 TBD TDAQ design: from test beam to medium size experiment Roberto Ferrari Roberto Ferrari OK
7 60 TBD PCIexpress Paolo Durante Paolo Durante Confirmed
5 60 TBD Trigger hardware Dinyar Rabady Dinyar Rabady OK
29 60 TBD Storage Adam Abud Abed Enrico Gamberini OK
17 60 TBD Optical links Paolo Durante Paolo Durante Confirmed
20 60 TBD Microelectronic technologies for HEP Instrumentation (1) Alessandro Marchioro Alessandro Marchioro Confirmed
21 60 TBD Microelectronic technologies for HEP Instrumentation (2) Alessandro Marchioro Alessandro Marchioro Confirmed
10 60 TBD DAQ hardware Vincenzo Izzo Vincenzo Izzo OK
19 60 TBD An Introduction to medical imaging devices Martin Purschke Martin Purschke - by zoom Confirmed
18 60 TBD Why you should consider machine learning was: A scalable, portable DAQ system design by Martin Purschke Satchit Chatterji Confirmed
16 60 TBD DAQ software Enrico Pasqualucci Enrico Pasqualucci OK
22 60 TBD GPU in HEP: online high quality trigger processing Gianluca Lamanna Gianluca Lamanna OK
11 60 TBD LabVIEW Gary Boorman Boorman Confirmed
13 60 TBD Timing for DAQ Filippo Costa Eduardo Brandao de Souza Mendes Confirmed
25 60 TBD Machine learning was: The Trigger and DAQ system of the EUDET-type beam telescopes by Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler Sioni Summers Confirmed
23 60 TBD Design and implementation of a monitoring system Serguei Kolos Serguei Kolos Confirmed
27 60 TBD Advanced FPGA programming Manoel Barros Marin Manoel Barros Marin Confirmed
24 60 TBD Intelligent triggering: pattern recognition with Associative Memories and other tools Kostas Kordas Kostas Kordas OK
14 60 TBD Programming for today's physicist and engineers Alessandro Thea Dinyar Rabady OK
26 60 TBD Streaming DAQ was: Continuous DAQ systems (DUNE, protoDUNE) by Alessandro Thea Catania Lecturer OK
28 60 TBD T/DAQ for the LHC experiments and upgrades Francesca Pastore Francesca Pastore OK

Candidate lectures and lecturers

Title / subject of the lecture Potential speaker Additional information
DAQling (<a href= TBD Proposed by Giovanna
CLOUD is a facility at CERN, which hosts many “measurements campaigns” being largely independent, but with a set of common tools, policies, facilitating collaboration and data exchanges TBD Proposed by Giovanna
"Introduction to FPGA" or "FPGA101, basics of VHDL" or "TDAQ DUNE" Kunal Kothekar ISOTDAQ 2019 student
Waveform Digitizing and Signal Processing Stefan Ritt (PSI) or Gary Boorman -
CMS L1 (Particle Flow in FPGA) Andrew Rose (Imperial) -
Threaded programming and trigger/reco software Stuart Martin-Haugh (RAL) ATLAS Trigger Core Software Co-Convener
Internet of things idea proposed by Sandro -
DAQ of KM3Net contact: Peter Jansweijer proposed by Jos Vermeulen
DAQ of Virgo / Einstein telescope contact: Niels van Bakel (, Detector R&D at NIKHEF proposed by Jos Vermeulen. INFN is also involved in the Einstein telescope

Status of the labs

Availability of tutors and equipment

Lab CERN responsible Description Confirmed / Likely Tutors 2022 Orphaned sessions Equipment to be provided by Catania
1 Joos VMEbus programming Joos 0 1 monitor (with DVI-I cable), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB)
2 Joos NIM Pastore, Negri, Izzo, Scotti 0 One digital oscilloscope. One voltmeter
3 Joos NIM & scintillator Ferrari, Pastore, Kordas 0 One digital oscilloscope, one voltmeter
4 Joos Muon DAQ Pasqualucci, Schwinzerl 0 1 monitor (with DVI-I cable), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB)
5 Sakulin FPGA Gigi / Zejdl 0 2 monitors (VGA), 2 keyboard (USB) and 2 mouse (USB)
6 Sakulin MicroTCA Sakulin / Rabady 0 1 monitor (VGA), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB)
7 Durante LabView Rijllart 0 1 monitor (HDMI), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB), 1 Lab Power Supply 5V 1A with banana sockets
8 Durante ADCs Barros Marin 0 1 digital oscilloscope (2 channels)(with FFT if possible), 1 analogue function generator (2 channels), 1 monitor (VGA), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB)
9 von Haller Networking Simola 0 1 power adapter CH->EU
10 Sakulin Microcontroller Beirao, von Haller (as backup/help if needed) 0 1 PC with internet access (+FullHD screen, keyboard, mouse), 1 generic power supply with banana plugs (up to 12V/3A), 1 support stand + 2 clamps similar to the image from this link.
11 Durante Storage systems Colombo, Durante 0 1 monitor (VGA), 1 keyboard (USB) and one mouse (USB)
12 von Haller Control systems Gamberini, Ceoletta 0 2 Desktop PCs running CS8 connected to the network, 2 monitors, 2 keyboards (USB) and two mouses (USB)
13 Durante SoC FPGA Wüthrich 0 2 monitors (VGA), 2 keyboards (USB), 2 mouses (USB), if possible 1 (64bit) computer running virtualbox
14 von Haller GPU Pinzino 0 mouse (USB), keyboard (USB) and a large monitor

General: 20-30 power cords

GitLab repository for the labs

Candidate labs

Title / subject of the lap Proposed by Additional information
beam telescope Hendrik Jansen (DESY) proposal from 2015. Was not in the program of Vienna
Chip design Sandro As an evening activity
unclear Jubin MITRA  

Candidate tutors

Name Background Interested in exercise financial status
Kunal Kothekar ISOTDAQ2019 FPGA Basics (5) or ADC Basics for TDAQ (8) UNCLEAR
Marcelo Vicente ISOTDAQ2015 FPGA (ex13) UNCLEAR
Ioannis Xiotidis ISOTDAQ2016 2 (or 5) UNCLEAR
Suerfu Burkhant<> ISOTDAQ 2017 5, 10 and others unclear
Jacopo Pinzino ISOTDAQ 2012 5, 14 (or others) had volunteered in 2019 for the SoC lab but came too late. Contact him for the 2020 edition
Sioni Paris Summers CMS L1, FPGA expert any, interest in FPGA and MC no travel (London)
Simone Bologna ISOTDAQ 2019 student Microcontroller (10), Mauricio knows him unclear
George Gimas ISOTDAQ 2019 student SoC (13) unclear
Christos Bakalis ISOTDAQ 2019 student FPGA (also as lecturer) unclear
Vesa Simola recommneded by Eukeni networking unclear

Checklist for the local organizers

This is based on the feedback collected in 2020.

  • Check lab book before printing
  • WIFI in hotel is important
  • The free day should be in the middle of the school
  • Bigger screens for the labs
  • Bigger room for labs
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