Detector Construction Application (DCA)

Web based application that supports the process of detector construction by bookkeeping and tracking detector parts,

storing Quality Control measurements as well as runtime configuration and parameters (conditions).

!IMPORTANT. Before using DCA user must be added to e-group. Contact responsible person for concrete e-group

Detector Construction Workflow


Database Model


Construction database is used for detector construction and configuration information storage, incl. types of parts (entity Kind of Part), parts (entity
Part), logical and physical connections (entity Parts Tree), custom attributes (entity Attribute List), manufacturers, Institutions, Locations and much

Conditions database maintains custom-structured measurement data tables along with the metadata data structures, i.e. data collection session (entity
Run), dataset metadata and definition (entity Dataset), various measurements (defined by Kind of Condition) which where collected during
tests and configuration for the specific detector Part during the Run at a certain Location by the Person and so on

Manage and review detectors parts, browse parts hierarchy

Part browser

Part browser provides easy way of viewing modules data that is stored in database

  • Allows to navigate to required modules via filter
  • Display children associated with module in same view
  • Every record has Action menu where itís available to navigate to module summary page
  • Links for navigating through the part relationships. E.g. From a child to its parent and from a parent to its children

To view detector parts select in side menu Construct > Parts. Part browser consists of: 1 - Part filter, 2 - Part list, 3 - Selected part children list


Part filtering

For more detailed search toogle filter from menu and type in or select from menus criterias:

  1. Kind Of Part, Name label, Serial number, Barcode - filters parts by field naming. Type in for autocomplete. Present partial search
  2. Location - filters parts by concrete location
  3. Manufacturer - filters parts by concrete manufacturer
  4. Has children - filters parts that has children. 'Yes' for has children, 'No' doesn't have children, '----' for both
  5. Has parent - filters parts that has parent. 'Yes' for has parent, 'No' doesn't have parent, '----' for both
  6. Shipment items - filters parts that has been added to shipping cart. See 'Parts requests and shipping between institutions'
  7. Installed date is greater than, Installed date is less, Removed date is greater than, Removed date is less than - filter parts by date ranges
  8. Installed by user, Removed by user - filters parts by user that have installed partuicular parts
  9. Is deleted - filters parts that marked as deleted. By default shows only parts that are not deleted. 'Yes' filters deleted parts, 'No' filters not deleted parts, '----' shows both
  10. Attributes and Attribute values - filters parts by attached attributes. Firstly need to select category, then Attribute values will be filled with attribute category values

Module summary page

Module summary page aggregates the information from different tables (parts, attributes, conditions, history) and displays in one page.

Summary page has:

  • Module record update history view to record track changes
  • Module detailed information INSERTION_TIME and etc
  • Module hierarchy tables (Parent, Childrens)
  • If exists, conditions (Measurements, Processing, Configuration) data information with links to OMS pages part test results charts
  • If exists, attribute data information with change history
Summary page could be acessed by clicking in Part browser action column Eye Icon Screenshot_2020-02-24_13-16-54.png for particular part.

Image below shows details of concrete part. Extension table name may contain image file. If it present click on Details link to download it. To view change History if it present click on History link to open Modal.Screenshot_2020-02-24_13-19-52.png

If present, below concrete part details, module hierarchy will be shown. Image below shows part parent. Click on Eye Icon Screenshot_2020-02-24_13-16-54.png to navigate parent part details page.


If present, part children will be shown below. Click on Eye Icon Screenshot_2020-02-24_13-16-54.png to navigate to children part details page.


If present, Measurement, Processing, Configuration conditions are shown in detail page if present. Image below shows Measurement conditions table. Test results column linked with Online Monitoring System (OMS) pages.


If present, image below shows Processing conditions that consists of Grading, Irradiation, Annealing, Machining

Clicking on Grading Details link Grading list table will be shown. Cut file column contains files if present. Click on link to download one.

Clicking on Irradiation Details link Irradiation list table will be shown.




If present, image below shows Configuration conditions


if present, image below shows Attributes associated with particular part. Change history could be accessed in History column by clicking View link


Parts requests and shipping between institutions

Part request and shipping application allows to track module transfering between institutions:

  1. Fill in part Request to institutions
  2. Manage shipments to and from institution by Request or KindOfPart

Chain of Request/Shipment process



Request consists of Request details:

  1. Name - request indentification string
  2. Location - requesting institution location
  3. Person - person who requests
  4. Status - request status (OPEN - request open for editing, CLOSED - request completed, CANCELED - request rejected)
  5. Paid by institution - payment information
  6. Date - when items are being requested
To Request could be assigned Request Items. Request Items details:
  1. KindOfPart - type of part
  2. Quantity - number of items

For accessing Request menu select Tracking > Requests in side menu. You will be redirected to Requests main view.

Requests menu consists of: 1 - Request filter, 2 - Request list, 3 - Request items, see screenshot below.

Request items has quantity status fields which shows how many Kind Of Parts are in which state:

  1. Requested
  2. Packaging
  3. Shipped
  4. Received
  5. Canceled

Requesting components

  1. To Create new request in Request menu click button Screenshot_2020-02-25_16-26-08.png. You will be redirected to Request form.
  2. Provide input data for Request (Fields that marked with * are mandatory).
  3. To add more Request items click Screenshot_2020-02-25_16-26-08.png. To remove Request Items click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-19-53.png
  4. To submit Request click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-22-05.png button.


To Edit Request in Request menu from action column click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-20-02.png button. If request status is CLOSED or CANCELED Status field would be disabled.

To view Request details click Screenshot_2020-02-24_13-16-54.png button.


  1. Tracking number - shipment company indentification parcel tracking number
  2. Carrier - shimpment company
  3. Date -
  4. Location from, To location - Initial institution and Destination institution names
  5. Status - shipment status (PACKAGING, SHIPPED, RECEIVED, CANCELED)
  6. Person - person who created shipment
  7. Paid by institution, Edh link - payment information

For accessing Shipment menu select Tracking > Shipment in side menu. You will be redirected to Shipments main view. Shipment menu consists of: 1 - Shipment filter, 2 - Shipment list, 3 - Shipment items, see screenshot below.


Packaging components

To package components you need to create new Shipment where components will be packaged:

  1. To Create new Shipment menu click button Screenshot_2020-02-25_16-26-08.png. You will be redirected to Shipment form.
  2. Provide input data for Shipment (Fields that marked with * are mandatory). STATUS > PACKAGING (default)
  3. To add more Shipment items click Screenshot_2020-02-25_16-26-08.png. To remove Shipment Items click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-19-53.png.
  4. To submit Shipment click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-22-05.png button.

To Edit Shipment in Shipment menu from action column click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-20-02.png button.

To view Request details click Screenshot_2020-02-24_13-16-54.png button.

- IMPORTANT. Some parts could have childern attached. To detach children click Screenshot_2020-02-27_15-07-07.png check box children which you would like to detach and click Submit. If children won't be detached they location will be changed as parent location.


Shipping Components

  1. From Shipment list Action column select Shipment for editing
  2. Edit shipment fields: STATUS > SHIPPED (Marking Shipment as Shipped requested components location turns > IN_TRANSIT)
  3. To submit Shipment changes click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-22-05.png button

Receiving Components

  1. From Shipment list Action column select Shipment for editing
  2. Edit shipment fields: STATUS > RECEIVED (Marking Shipment as RECEIVED Associated Requests will be auto closed, components location will be auto set to destination)
  3. To submit Shipment changes click Screenshot_2020-02-26_17-22-05.png button

Shipment items cart

Shipment items cart allows to have an easy way to select the components to be shipped from location A to location B. Part browser is used to navigate between items

Shipment items cart allows:

  • Select items which you would like add to shipment
  • Manage cart items (select, remove, etc. )
  • Use prepared prepared shipment items while creating Shipment
  • From part browser 'CHECKBOX' or 'UNCHECKBOX' shipment items by clicking.
  • Select create new Shipment in Tracking application
  • Fill shipment details e.g tracking #, company name, location
  • Expose shipment items by clicking
  • Save shipment. Shipment items that were exposed will be removed from cart

Shipment states

  1. PACKAGING - cart items can't be exposed. On cart items exposes all or adds not exposed (allows to refill cart)
  2. SHIPPED, RECEIVED, CANCELED - cart items can't be exposed

-- ArtiomPoluden - 2020-02-19

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  • Select items which you would like add to shipment

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