Introduction and Motivation



Speaker Title Meeting Date Link
Gabe Rosenbaum Preparation for azimuthal decorrelation measurement QCD sub-group 22 July 2009 link
Michael Begel Delta Phi study QCD jet studies 12 Aug 2009 link


D0: Measurement of Dijet Azimuthal Decorrelations at Central Rapidities in pp̅ Collisions at sqrt[s]=1.96  TeV Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 221801 (2005)

ATLAS Pub Note: Preparing for measurements of dijet azimuthal decorrelations at ATLAS ATLAS-PHYS-PUB-2006-013

Useful Links

SVN browser for dijet area
SVN development wiki
Castor twiki
Publication Templates


Analysis Requirements Checklist:

  • colliding beam
  • tracker readout
  • central calorimeter readout
  • timed in detector
  • tracker alignment
  • central calorimeter calibration: phi intercalibration
  • tracker-calorimeter alignment
  • reconstruction
  • anti-kT jets with D=0.4 &/or 0.6
  • initial JES (from MC) and concept of bias
  • data quality: tracker, calorimeter, vertex, tracks, jets
  • geometric acceptance
  • jet trigger turn-ons with respect to JES -- cut at 130%
  • track jets
  • measure jet efficiency -- cut at max(130%, QCD min)
  • estimate vertex bias
    • need pT and rapidity resolution (dijets?, photon+jet?)
    • measure differential data-MC angular resolution (y, phi)
    • unfold
    • estimate JES systematic uncertainty and revisit bias
    • iterate as necessary
  • estimate remaining systematics
  • review analysis
  • write paper
  • run NLO pQCD calculations (start when cuts are finalized)
  • make publication plots
  • collaboration review
  • publish

  • MC tuning

Highly Parameterized MC For Unfolding

We use a highly parameterized Monte Carlo (generated with Herwig++) in order to develop an unfolding for detector effects.


The HPMC generation was done on Toronto's SCINET cluster DETAILS HERE. The code is available on svn in Physics/StandardModel/QCD/dijet/Code/delPhi/HPMC/gen/run Here is a list of the files in that directory.
File Description
HPMC.cc ,(.h) Source code for generating and writing ntuples
setup_and_submit.sh Main user file. Set parameters inside this file. This complies and submits job.
LHC.in.TEMPLATE Template of Herwig++ .in file used to make .in file for each run
Makefile Makefile used by setup_and_submit.sh

So far 100M events have been generated and can be found at SCINET: /scratch/gabe/HPMC/gen/output/HPMC_SCINET_v001_ROOTS10000.0_MINPT150.0_MAXETA1.5/ and on castor at /castor/cern.ch/user/r/rosenbau/delPhi/HPMC/gen/output/MC_SCINET_v001_ROOTS10000.0_MINPT150.0_MAXETA1.5

MC "Data" set

In order to develop the unfolding tools we we use fully simulated alpgen samples as the "data". A data corresponding to 1pb-1 was made using the code found on SVN at Physics/StandardModel/QCD/dijet/Code/delPhi/HPMC/selectEvents. The corresponding "data" file can be found on castor at /castor/cern.ch/user/r/rosenbau/delPhi/HPMC/selectEvents/Alpgen_v001.root

Information for Analysis Walkthrough

  • Use "SLAC" ntuple, release 15.1.0
    • Reco Jet collections: AntiKT6H1Topo + NI
    • Truth Jet collections: AntiKT6, plus AntiKT6 with muons/neutrinos
    • Track Jet collections: AntiKT4, AntiKT6
    • Trigger information

  • MC samples: Pythia @ 10 TeV; no PDF reweighting

  • "Data" sample: Alpgen

  • Jet Selection: Minimum jet pT = 100 GeV, Minimum leading jet pT = 250 GeV

  • Jet Energy Scale Uncertainties; Jet pT, angular resolution: take from MC <talked to Ariel>

  • NEED: Plateau of highest unprescaled jet threshold in H1-corrected energy <Plot from Eric; plus will follow up with Alan Watson (he's looking into it)>

  • Coordination:
    • ntuples will be available to dPhi & dijet mass groups on grid or at BNL
    • V003 adds Jet EM fraction information

  • Ntuple contents:

Base name Description
MET_E*RefFinal Missing ET RefFinal
JETANTIKT4NITOPO_* d = 0.4 H1-calibrated Anti-kT Topo jets + Numerical Inversion
JETANTIKT6NITOPO_* d = 0.6 H1-calibrated Anti-kT Topo jets + Numerical Inversion
JETANTIKT*NITOPO_raw* EM-scale quantities
JETANTIKT*NITOPO_eEM EM energy; EM fraction = eEM/e; only in V003
TRACKJETANTIKTZ* d = 0.4/0.6 Anti-kT jets made from TrackParticles
  Track Selection: min pT = 0.5 GeV, ≥ 7 Si + Pix hits
MCJETANTIKT* d = 0.4/0.6 Anti-kT jets made from stable TruthParticles (standard)
MCJETANTIKT*ALL d = 0.4/0.6 Anti-kT jets made from stable TruthParticles including muons and neutrinos
PV_* primary vertex information

Dataset Ntuple Prefix Pathena Status
mc08.105011.J2_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_s520_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV003. 90/96 Finished
mc08.105012.J3_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV003. Finished
mc08.105013.J4_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV003. Finished
mc08.105014.J5_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV003. Finished
mc08.105015.J6_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_s520_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV003. Finished
mc08.105016.J7_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV003. 56/66 Finished
mc08.105017.J8_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV003. Finished

mc08.105012.J3_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.105013.J4_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.105014.J5_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.105015.J6_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_s520_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.105016.J7_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.105017.J8_pythia_jetjet.recon.ESD.e344_s479_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished

mc08.108352.AlpgenQcdJ2Np2_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108353.AlpgenQcdJ2Np3_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_s520_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108354.AlpgenQcdJ2Np4_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108355.AlpgenQcdJ2Np5_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108357.AlpgenQcdJ3Np2_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108358.AlpgenQcdJ3Np3_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108359.AlpgenQcdJ3Np4_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108360.AlpgenQcdJ3Np5_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108362.AlpgenQcdJ4Np2_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108363.AlpgenQcdJ4Np3_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108364.AlpgenQcdJ4Np4_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108365.AlpgenQcdJ4Np5_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108366.AlpgenQcdJ4Np6_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108367.AlpgenQcdJ5PlusNp2_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108368.AlpgenQcdJ5PlusNp3_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108369.AlpgenQcdJ5PlusNp4_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108370.AlpgenQcdJ5PlusNp5_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r696 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished
mc08.108371.AlpgenQcdJ5PlusNp6_pt20.recon.ESD.e389_s462_r635 user09.StephanieMajewski.walkthroughV002. Finished

-- GabeRosenbaum - 06 Jul 2009

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