ELisA Logbook release log

ELisA logbook is developed and maintained by the ATLAS TDAQ Controls & Configuration group. The logbook application was initially created for the ATLAS experiment operations followup, as a replacement of the elog logbook. The logbook consists of a web user interface, a REST API and a set of client libraries to access the REST API functionalities. These client libs are part of the ATLAS TDAQ sw release.

2.9.4-0 (9.03.2023)

-fix reply submit and add reply validation form

-use WebSocket to broadcast server messages to the client browser

-use badges for new entry notifications, and a message for server restart

-update to latest SpringBoot version

2.9.3-0 (2.02.2023)

-update and move the User documentation to this twiki to allow access for non-ATLAS clients.

-move SearchBuilder button to the table header to save some space

-fix html render on the threader view table

-fix AdvancedSearch reset filters

-add some styling modifications

2.9.2.-9 (16.01.2023)

-use twiki to store the release versions log

-fix drag&drop area icon click event

-adapt MySQL implementation to the latest developments with the SearchBuilder

2.9.2-7 (12.12.2022)

-new search widget on the main table view (called SearchBuilder). It allows for more flexible searches using OR/AND. First select data by time interval, further searches will be done on the data already in the table. AdvancedSearch tab will be removed in one of the next versions.

-add drag&drop area for file attachments

-update to DataTables version 1.13.1

2.8.2-6 (8.11.2022)

-add confirmation on cancel reply and close window (when open reply link from the application) or redirect to application main page (when open reply link from email)

2.8.2-3 (20.10.2022)

-improve user experience with the web interface: keep always table header visible, add collapse button in display for long entries, improve attachments display

-improve user message on Notification Configuration tab in case of error.

-bug fix on preset option SA (for example for LAr Template)

2.8.0-14 (20.05.2022)

-parametrise logbook installation and hide egroups subscription checks for remote installation (non usage of egroups)

-disable Insert button until entry is submitted (prevents multiple submission)

2.8.0-11 (12.05.2022)

-parametrise the LDAP search url and filter

2.8.0-6 (02.05.2022)

-Notification configuration tab: update egroups subscription buttons status after the action

-enable browser-spellchecker in the editor window

-Advanced search tab: add label for matching case search, fix disabling of tiem interval selectors if months radio buttons are enabled, save search selection for SA/MT

LS2 developments - version 2.*

-merging WebInterface and RestAPI in one application (REST API URL change from /elisa.api/api/* to /elisa/api/*)

-use Spring Boot and embedded Tomcat container

-deploy application as RPM with runtime customized configuration. Client configuration preserved after sw update

-adding MySQL backend in addition to Oracle backend

-use egroups web services to manage user subscription to egroups used in the logbook email notification

-store messages text as HTML in the database, thus possible to use tables in the editor and to preserve user text formatting. Messages text from API are stored as markdown (as before). Emails are sent as HTML.

-quick predefined time search added in the main tab

-table columns filters always visible on the table and header visible when scrolling the viewport

-Google and Github user authentication possible as an alternative to SSO

-add new profile for DUNE-ILASER and a generic Oracle profile. This can be overwritten in the local installation

-add case sensitive search for subject, author, user, text in Advanced search tab

-use DNS lookup to match between configuration host alias and the server ip

-fix JIRA link from outside ATLAS P1

Old and dismissed version change log

06.08.2018 (8.5.5) -change system affected "Beam Conditions" to "Lumi/Beam Conditions"

07.05.2018 (8.5.4) -fix advanced search by message type attributes -add new values eFEX,gFEX,jFEX,Hub/ROD,FOX,TopoFOX,TREX,Database to LVL1 MT: LVL1_L1Calo-Component attribute -add new value IBL to Pixel MT: Pixel_partition attribute

9.02.2018 (8.5.3) -add more LAr templates -fix getDefault multiple value for preselect option -fix advanced search add default value for textbox option

29.01.2018 (8.5.2) -finalize editor template configuration

22.01.2018 (8.5.1) -add editor template support (LAR request) -fix reply functionality for non DQSummary messages

15.01.2018 (8.5.0) -add configuration support for defining SA and MT per logbook -use logbook names for URL decoding in mail notification -rename LArg to LAr

07.07.2017 (8.4.4) -add new MT for DQlogbook, fix reply and search for textbox options

16.12.2016 (8.4.3) -add new SA=Central DAQ, new egroup used for notification

14.11.2016 (8.4.2) -add new SA in DQ/ATLR, change email notification for DQ/ATLR logbook

7.11.2016 (8.4.1) -fix mailing issue for Central DCS

10.10.2016 (8.4.0) -build dynamically the list of available logbooks defined in the db configuration -throw specific exception when wrong logbook is accessed

06.10.2016 (8.3.0) -add DQshift standalone logbook configuration

19.09.2016 (8.2.0) -merge stand-alone version

18.07.2016 (8.1.3) -fix notificationConfiguration tab in Safari and Chrome

21.06.2016 (8.1.2) -new SA='Central DCS' -switch to debug mode and increase size of log files

09.06.2016 (8.1.1) -fix hitting reply multiple times does not insert multiple entries

27.05.2016 (8.1.0) -add NotificationConfiguration new tab to check email notification depending on SA, MT and options.

02.05.2016 -fix for blank subject field -fix submit reply in case of errors -remove multiple RE to subject when replying

26.02.2016 (8.0.27) -add new System Affected = AFP

25.02.2016 (8.0.26) -one can not create a new entry with messageType = "DCS" anymore. But it is possible to search for existing entries with messageType="DCS"

26.11.2015 (8.0.25) -fix search query with no time filter

05.11.2015 (8.0.24) -bug fix in the email notification recipients list creation

15.09.2015 (8.0.23) -simplify the display of the URLs in mails

15.05.2015 (8.0.22) -fix bug when calculating lists of recipients for concatenated preset option values

14.04.2015 (tag 8.0.21) -add DQ_Type option value to the email notification subject.

23.02.2015 (tag 8.0.20) -add new values for L1Calo option -change ShiftSummary-Calo title -reduce the output to INFO

29.01.2015 (tag 8.0.19) -add new SystemAffected=MMG -add new option value DBM for Pixel_partition

08.01.2015 (tag 8.0.17) -add check before entry submit for maximum upload file size (max 5MB)

08.12.2014 (tag 8.0.15) -add check for text limit (50KB) -do not allow drag&drop images into the text field (to be included as attachments) -set default status to closed for Shift Summary and Online entries

28.11.2014 (8.0.14) -use different log files

25.09.2014 (tag 8.0.13) -change email text to allow replies by mail client

18.08.2014 (tag 8.0.12) -bug fix at reply: text truncation after '<0' up to the end of line

30.04.2014 (tag 8.0.11) -add message options to the email notification text.

08.04.2014 -change DB connection strings -add warnings when user choose Online or Checklist as message type

11.03.2014 (tag 8.0.10) -Improve entry readability in table 'expand'. -Keep visible table header row of individual column-filter if there are any filters set (saved configuration values) -Improve visibility of Help button.

21.02.2014 (tag 8.0.9) -Bug fix on replyTo message in case of message options removal. -Remove email notification for Online (inserted from IGUI) and Checklist message types.

19.11.2013 (tag 8.0.8) -bug fix for retrieval of multiple options having the same value (insertion of Slimos-TI message type and option Other)

26.09.2013 (v 8.0.7) -Improve new message validation checks. -Fix retrieval of additional options with the same name but not the same parent

09.09.2013 (v 8.0.5) -Add new SystemAffected=FTK

16.07.2013 (v 8.0.4) -Fix AdvancedSearch by message type

04.07.2013 -use Jira IssueCollector instead of CreateIssue to report bugs

02.07.2013 (v 8.0.3) -deployment on production server

11.03.2013 (v 8.0.1) - deployment on test server -Usage on *_w database accounts only instead of owner accounts to avoid pwd renewal -Dynamic configuration depending on deployment environment -Update to Spring 3.2.1 -Use restful URLs. -User has possibility to add attachments when editing an entry -Fix bug: when replying to an entry the status is propagated to the whole thread. -For the advanced search form, set a default time interval to one month. -When user wants to add an attachment, window automatically scrolls to the input text field. -Force refresh of cached files -Some more optimization on screen usage -When scrolling the entries keep the table header visible -Use extended buttons for table navigation instead of the two arrows buttons -Use image buttons instead of text buttons -Updates to DataTable-1.9.4, jquery-1.8.2,jquery-ui-1.8.24 -Internals: refactor configuration db tables -More data validation

8.11.2012 -Fix bug on link containing '&' (link displayed correctly, but its href part was incorrect) -Fix bug related with the editor (while composing a new entry if user was navigating between tabs, text was lost) -Switch off debug.

29.10.2012 -Access to Jira project from inside P1 is not possible and will not be according to Sysadmins. Access it only from GPN. -Switch to debug messages.

16.10.2012 (v 7.0.3) -Fix select SA on reply

October 2012 -Improve main query to get as well the entry body; Display the entry text as separate column. -Change page layout to use tabs -New version for threaded view. -Display thread ID in the dedicated tab if clicking on a row in the threaded view tab. -If clicking on the link on the DateTime column, a separate page is opened with the display thread ID. -Advanced search: add field for Subject and for Text Body. -Add online documentation -IExplorer 9 compatibility fixes

16.07.2012 -Fix wrong interpretation of '<' as an html tag -Fix quote interpretation as left and right side quotes -Limit size of displayed text in columns. Add tooltip to view all text.

13.07.2012 -Fix concurrency issue when getting next entry id

5.07.2012 -Remove additional new-lines between paragraphs. -Fix attachment viewer keep ratio-size -Fix insertion message bug (Slimos-TI/Other message type) -Fix automatic render of url containing '-' char

29.06.2012 -Fix for extra newlines in the email text. -Fix edit message with chars not escaped correctly.

25.06.2012 -Re-implement message body formatting. New editor TinyMCE is integrated into the ELisA interface. -Copy-paste operation will paste as text only - further formatting is user dependent. -Filter to add username in log4j

12.06.2012 -Fix usage of predefined email recipients (ShiftSumary for SLIMOS case)

29.05.2012 -Add another SystemAffected=DataQuality (RC request). It is selected by default for Data Quality message type and Shift summary for DQ desk. -When replying: add new line in front of the quoted text -Add ChangeLog link -Fix wrapping on checkboxes and their labels.

22.05.2012 -Display & Edit & Expand entry: replace url with hyperlinks -Increase session timeout to 9h

21.05.2012 -Fix for correct detection of mimetype in case of attachment file without extension.

18.05.2012 -Update to DataTables-1.9.1

14.05.2012 -Fix Edit entry launched from Display entry tab.

11.05.2012 -Fix edit entry when updating with large text. -Keep displaying columns filters on focus on the input text box (the filters were saved). -Remove initial text in search cols -When query db between 2 dates, include the max boundary.

8.05.2012 -Send notifications emails in plain text only -At page reload/refresh display individual columns filters -Search panel: better checks on time interval specifications

4.05.2012 -Save user state -internals: replace list.htm call with defaultList.htm -internals: some cleanup on unused js files

27.04.2012 -Use monospace font-family in the editor window. -Add info on the replied text (timestamp and author) -Handle correctly attachment type .eps or .ps -Multiple attributes choices: move label after checkbox, add some spacing -Fix bug in reply if userSubj is not defined

22.04.2012 -Use favicon.ico

13.04.2012 -Session timeout management: forward to login page containing error message. -At user logout, forward to login page instead of cern sign-out page -Preserve subject provided by the user if any while changing options for a new entry

12.04.2012 -Add entry link in the table to be used for references in emails for example.

11.04.2012 -Use attributes different controls type as specified in the configuration database -Remove email notification button for new entry and reply. Keep it for edit entry. -Add Home button in display and reply window to easy navigate when windows are opened from email.

29.03.2012 -Import CONFIG table from INTR to ATONR database. New account was created on both INTR and ATONR: ATLAS_ATLOG_CONF -Fix error page reporting exception message.

23.03.2012 -Revert email notification to send only html text. Buggy behavior: emails sent with content_type=html/text but have only html formatted with content=text/plain -Fix some email text formatting. -Fix for quota's in author field.

20.03.2012 -Add link to the attachments in the email body. -Fix line breaks not respected in reply.

15.03.2012 -Fix insert failing if reply body > 4K. -Use predefined subject if there is one defined in the configuration.

12.03.2012 -Fix attachment problem. Savannah bug: http://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?92305 -Fix escaping single quota in subject field. Savannah bug: https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?92429 -Send emails in both plain text and html text

06.03.2012 -Installed into production web server (pc-atlas-www, visible from atlasop)

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