EmbeddingTools event preselection

This page describes the event preselection in the "!HepEvt" (first) step of the EmbeddingTools procedure. The job options that run this are in share/RunHepEvt_jobOptions.py, but the actual code is in share/make_evts.py (note: it is in share despite being a PyAlgorithm!).

Event quality cuts

Muon-level cuts

  • MuonPt (default: 0): Cut on Muon::pt().
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonPt (default: 5000)
  • MuonMaxEta (default: 1e99): Cut on Muon::eta().
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonMaxEta (default: 1e99)
  • MuonAuthors (default: [6]): "Staco" throughout code actually refers to this.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonAuthors (default: [6])
  • MuonCaloRelIsolation (default: 1e99): Cut on Muon::parameter(1)/Muon::pt().
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonCaloRelIsolation (default: 1e99)
  • MuonCaloAbsIsolation (default: 1e99): Cut on Muon::parameter(1).
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonCaloAbsIsolation (default: 1e99)
  • MuonTrackAbsIsolation (default: 1e99): Cut on Muon::parameter(17)/Muon::pt().
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonTrackAbsIsolation (default: 1e99)
  • MuonTrackRelIsolation (default: 1e99): Cut on Muon::parameter(17).
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonTrackRelIsolation (default: 1e99)
  • MuonRequireVtx (default: True): Cut on Muon::track()::reconstructedVertex()==True.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonRequireVertex (default: True)

Jet-level cuts

  • JetsMinNum (default: 0): ie, one can ask for Z+jets events.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtJetsMinNum (default: 0)
  • JetsMinPt (default: 0): Cut on Jets[JetMinNum-1].pt(), ie assumes jets are pt-ordered.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtJetsMinPt (default: 0)

Event-level cuts

  • MaxEtmiss (default: 1e99): Obvious.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMaxEtmiss (default: 1e99)

The following cuts are only applied if NumMuonsToReplace is equal to 2. If NumMuonsToReplace equals 2 and more than two pairs pass all cuts, the pair with the highest pt is taken. If it equals 1, the undefined method rndChooseOneMuon is called if there is more than one muon found passing the muon cuts.

  • Hard-coded cut on q1*q2 < 0.
  • MuonRequireSameVtx (default: True): Cut on x,y,z match for Muon::track()::reconstructedVertex()::recVertex()::position() (surely a pointer check would be better?). Set to False if MuonRequireVtx is False or NumMuonsToReplace is not 2.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonRequireSameVtx (default: True)
  • MuonMinInvMass (default: 0): Obvious.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonMinInvMass (default: 0)
  • MuonMaxInvMass (default: 1e99): Obvious.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonMaxInvMass (default: 1e99)

The following cuts are applied if JetsMinNum is greater than 0.

  • JetsMinInvMass (default: 0): Cut on invariant mass of first two jets.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtJetsMinInvMass (default: 0)
  • JetsMinDEta (default: 0): Cut on abs(Jets[0].eta()-Jets[1].eta()), if there are at least 2 jets.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMinDEta (default: 0)

Flags controlling the cuts

  • useTruthMuons: Replaces muons after selection with their truth-matched counterparts (matched using Rec::TrackParticleTruth, there is also a pdg ID check).
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtUseTruthMuons (default: False)
  • applyTruthCuts, doTruth, doFDR, inputStoreGateString: Do nothing!
    • Not controlled by any EmbeddingFlags flag.
  • EventInfoContainerName, StacoContainerName, JetContainerName, METContainerName, trackParticleTruthCon: Obvious.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.EventInfoContainerName (default: "McEventInfo"), EmbeddingFlags.StacoContainerName (default: "StacoESDMuonCollection"), EmbeddingFlags.JetContainerName (default: "Cone4H1TopoJets"), EmbeddingFlags.MissingETContainerName (default: "MET_RefFinal"), and nothing! (default: "TrackParticleTruthCollection").
  • ConvertMuonsToTaus (default: False): If True, puts taus into LHEF file instead of muons, including momentum rescaling.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtConvertMuonsToTaus (default: True)
  • NumMuonsToReplace (default: 2): Reset to 2 if ZEvents is True. Exactly this many muons must pass cuts if ZEvents is True, else it is a minimum.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtNumMuonsToReplace (default: 2)
  • ZEvents (default: True): Dumps Z boson header to LHEF file, and puts restrictions on event selection.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.ZEvents (default: True)

The following flags can not be set using EmbeddingFlags: trackParticleTruthCon.

Flags to be added for W selection

  • WEvents (default: False): Dump W boson header to LHEF file, put restrictions on event selection. To do this, a neutrino solution needs to be chosen - how? ZEvents takes precedence if both are set.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.WEvents (default: False)
  • MinEtmiss (default: 0): Obvious.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMinEtMiss (default: 0)
  • VertexContainerName (default: ): Obvious.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.VertexContainerName (default: "VxPrimaryCandidate")
  • MuonMinMT (default: 0), MuonMaxMT (default: 1e99): Minimum/maximum transverse mass, only used if WEvents is True.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonMinMT (default: 0) and EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonMaxMT (default: 1e99)
  • EventVertexMinNTracks (default: 0): Event must have a vertex with at least that many tracks. If 0, no vertex selection is made at the event level.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtVertexMinNTracks (default: 3)
  • EventVertexMaxZzero (default: 1e99): Cut on |z| of primary vertex, in addition to the n tracks cut above.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtVertexMaxZzero (default: 1e99)
  • MuonCaloIsoCone, MuonTrackIsoCone (defaults: both 20): 100*!DeltaR cone used for isolation cuts
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonCaloIsoCone and EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonTrackIsoCone (defaults: both 20)
  • EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtTrigger (default: ""), EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtGRL (default: []): Passed into LumiCalc tools, to apply GRL and/or trigger selections.
    • EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtGRLName (default: "MyLBCollection"): Auxiliary information needed to process the GRL.

  • HepEvtApplySMAnalysis (default: False): Controls whether the MuonSelectorTool and special MET calculation are used or not. The remaining flags in this list only apply if this flag is True. It also controls whether or not the jet quality criteria are applied or not.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtApplySMAnalysis (default: False)
  • MuonMSPt (default: 0): Minimum pT in the Muon Spectrometer.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonMSPt (default: 0)
  • MuonDeltaPt (default: 1e99): Maximum value of abs(MS pt - ID pt + 2.9 GeV).
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtMuonDeltaPt (default: 1e99)
  • JetsMaxEta (default: 1e99): Maximum eta for jet selection.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtJetsMaxEta (default: 1e99)
  • PseudoJetsMinNum (default: 0): Minimum number of jets+muons passing pseudo-jet selection.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtPseudoJetsMinNum (default: 0)
  • PseudoJetsMinPt (default: 0): Minimum pseudo-jet pT.
    • Controlled by EmbeddingFlags.HepEvtPseudoJetsMinPt (default: 0)

W/Z muon selection

See the MuonCombinedSelectorTools twiki for details. In, you need to check out these packages:

cmt co -r MuonCombinedToolInterfaces-00-01-02 Reconstruction/MuonIdentification/MuonCombinedToolInterfaces
cmt co -r MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-00-07 Reconstruction/MuonIdentification/MuonCombinedEvaluationTools
cmt co -r MuonCombinedSelectorTools-00-00-02 Reconstruction/MuonIdentification/MuonCombinedSelectorTools

MuonRecToolInterfaces is not necessary, as the release already has the correct version. Important: the MuonCombinedToolInterfaces package needs python bindings to be added for the IMuonCombinedSelectorTool class, as described in ReflexMiniTutorial.

Jet cleaning

See the JetCaloQuality for the details of packages and functions, and WZObservationWithMuons for the cuts. Release already has Reconstruction/Jet/JetUtils-01-01-27, so this should not need to be checked out.

-- MichaelFlowerdew - 15-Jul-2010

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